30 Days of Make Up Challenge September – looking back

30 Days Make Up Challenge

Exactly 30 days ago I started my “30 Days Make up Challenge” for the month of September where I posted a picture of my make up (almost) every day over on my Instagram.

I can’t believe how fast September went by and that I didn’t give up on this challenge. The real challenge wasn’t actually to put on make up everyday (since that’s what I would do anyway) but rather to take a good picture even with bad lighting (only using my iPhone camera), remember to upload it and trying create different looks every day.

So anyway how did I experience the 30-days challenge and would I do it again?

Besides struggling with the quality of the pictures on some days I would only put on make up after 3 pm or even only 8 pm because I’m a lazy homebuddy on some days.
What I found out about myself is that I don’t like to use foundation on a regular basis and despite my past-self apparently eye brows are super important to me! I also love my good old eye liner (you will hardly see me not wearing it), I mostly used red eye shadow shades (that’s why I absolutely love the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills UGH)  and I still love liquid lipsticks more than “regular” lipsticks. I also started using and also falling in love with highlighter and definitely want to get one of the ABH ones (still eyeing with the Moonchild glow kit omg).

This look got the most likes from all 30 make up posts on my Instagram 😮

Besides desperately needing a new eye brow pencil (I’m still using a black eyeshadow for my brows but that’s not the best solution for me) I want to improve my looks by trying to use more colorful highlights on my eyes. There are three looks where I actually did it buuut thanks to my great camera and my even better skillz you can’t even see it .___. (btw I’m talking about Day 1Day 21 and Day 29)

Also I want to use more glitter which I didn’t to do this month but I would like to do it for parties or special events 🙂 Next to glitter I want to try my luck and patience again with the false eye lashes. I failed so many times and never kept on practising. Oh and I actually already thought of getting my lashes done but I kind of feel like that’s too much commitment and I’m way to hyper so that most lashes would probably fall out after a week or so haha

Another thing that I try to do more often is taking care of my face and my skin. I’m only 22 but if I don’t look after my skin enough I will feel sorry for the way I look when I’m 30. So if you guys have any good skin care products you can recommend hit me up!

Apparently you guys also liked these three looks a lot 😀


So would I do this challenge again? I think so but it must be a month like September where there’s not too much going on. I will try to post make up looks of special occasions or if I feel like I actually slayed a look 😀

The most important thing I learned from this challenge is that I shouldn’t make myself crazy about what other’s think of me uploading pictures of my face everyday. If they think that I’m arrogant, vain or feeling better than them, that’s not my problem!

I’m proud of myself pulling through the end and not slacking off a day  but I’m also glad that I’m finally able to take breaks in between posting my face now, especially if it seems like I’m doing my make up almost the same every day. But I definitely want to continue posting more often on my Instagram because I enjoy posting stuff 😀 Don’t worry it won’t always be my face :p

Obviously I have to thank you guys as well (especially my friends I wuuuv youuu) for supporting me and my posts by liking them almost every day yehey 😀 You guys should know by now that I’m addicted to make up ;D

Just to be clear: It’s not about how many likes you get on one picture or post, just do it for yourself! It does make me happy though seeing people like and comment because that’s how I know how you feel about them and this way more people get to see my posts 🙂

I encourage you guys to challenge yourself. Be it 10 days, 30 days, 100 days or even 365 days and it doesn’t have to be on make up of course 😉 Besides being able to reach out to more people because of posting content several days in a row it takes a lot of work and determination and that’s something you can look back and say: Hey look I made it and that’s awesome!

Btw all of my make up looks are also on my Facebook page in a public photo album. Go check it out! ;D

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment and are just as excited as me to FINALLY welcome probably the coolest month of the year: OCTOBER !!

Lipstick kisses



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