October roller coaster

October update and plansHow is it already the middle of October?? 😮 I actually wanted to upload a blogpost last week after I went away for a wellness weekend in Italy with my best friend. But unfortunately I got super sick and spent most time last week with sleeping, cleaning my nose and drinking tea.

This month is all over the place. So here are the things I’ve been up to till now and what I’m going to do later this month. And yup it’s quite a bit!

Wellness-Weekend in Livigno, Italy

As I already mentioned on my Instagram I’ve been away for four days spending my time at a wellness hotel in beautiful Livigno. We were quite lucky with the weather. Except for the last full day it was sunny and warm outside, but we spent most time at the Hamam or in the whirpool and swimming pool 😀

Oh and I'm an idiot I forgot my bikini at home haha
Oh and I’m an idiot I forgot my bikini at home haha

The food was also quite delicious but a bit much oil and cheese for my taste (and I actually LOVE cheese). The bed was also rather hard which would be better for your back but since I’m used to softer mattresses I had quite the back pain after the 2nd day.

That dessert tho mhhh
That dessert tho mhhh
Our adventure in a nut shell haha
Our adventure in a nut shell 😀

Since it was rather foggy and cold on Saturday we decided to stay in and have a Harry Potter marathon! I haven’t seen the last film and could hardly remember the 2nd last one haha So I’m all informed now and for anyone who wants to know I’m a Slytherin mehehehehe

Trying to recover from my cold as quick as possible

On Saturday and especially on Sunday during our weekend trip I already noticed that I’m starting to get sick and having a sore throat. On Monday I was pretty sure I was sick cause now my nose also started constantly running and I had quite the annoying cough.

Sorry for the blurry picture but at least it suits the feeling in my head at that time
Sorry for the blurry picture but at least it suits the feeling in my head at that time

I thought I’m still able to work but on Wednesday I felt like I’ve been run over by a car and went home after an hour at the office.
The next few days I tried to sleep enough, drink tea, eat soup and take hot baths.

The only thing I was looking forward to when I felt like dying
The only thing I was looking forward to when I felt like dying

On Friday I was already able to go to work again, I was determined to recover as fast as possible!

Visiting the Star Wars Identities exhibition in Munich

And that’s because I had to be fit enough to drive to Munich on Saturday; We went to the Star Wars Identities exhibition in Munich! 😀

It was a birthday gift from me to my best friend who is a huge fan and since I finally watched episode 4-7 last year I was also quite enjoying it. There was so much to look at and you were given a bracelet and a headset to discover your Star Wars Identity in 10 steps. There were stops you could log in your data and create your own character, that was pretty cool!

Unfortunately there were soo many people, so sometimes you had to stand in line to get to the stops and you weren’t able to hear the stories with your bluetooth headset (there were little areas where you could stand and a video played but the audio was coming through the wireless headset :D).

The merch store was a bit disappointing and there were no food stands which was the worst because we both hadn’t eaten much that day! But all in all it was pretty cool 🙂

Last training with BerryKiss for our big performance!

On Sunday we had to get up early (again) because it was the day of our last official training with our dance group BerryKiss before our big perfomance this weekend 😀
We managed to repeat the dance routines as often as possible, tried to be exact and in sync. Also our outfits have been revealed, yay!

Aww look at them I love these girls
Aww look at them I love these girls

Everything so far is planned and we’re ready for this weekend!

Btw there will be a live stream over on our Facebook page of our perfomance for everyone who couldn’t get their hands on some tickets! The convention is sold out omg 😀

Getting my wisdom teeth removed

On Monday right after this very eventful weekend I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed, all three of them. I’m not looking forward to my swollen face, the pain and not being able to eat solid food, but oh well at least I can finally check this point on my to-do list.

I hope I will be able to go to work on Tuesday or at least on Wednesday after the surgery, keep your fingers crossed for me guys!

One weekend unplanned heeyooo

Yup there’s actually a weekend I haven’t planned anything. I hope I won’t be in pain or anything, so I will be finally able to rest a day and just relax for once aaaaaaah

Halloween party …. maybe?

And it’s Halloween soon, I’m super excited for that! As already mentioned in one of my previous posts I love to dress up for Halloween or attend Halloween parties so I might go to one depending on my mood 😀

Unfortunately October 31st is on a Monday this year what a pity! But maybe I will dress up at home and take pictures ;D Or just watch horror movies and series and eat loads of candy yeeeeeeeeah

Going to EuropaPark’s Horror Nights *__*

Before Halloween is over I’ll be heading to the Europa Park with some friends. Obviously  we bought tickets for the notorious Horror Nights at Europa Park! It’s soooo coool *___*
I’ve been there twice already and haven’t been disappointed yet. The horror houses are actually very well made and the actors are amazing!

But one tip: You NEED to buy a express ticket so you can skip the long lines otherwise you will only be able to make 1-2 (of 5) horror houses imo :-/ Definitely will try to make pictures there ;D

And then it’s November already, yee-haaw! There will be a couple of gigs I will be going to and it’s also my birthday month. Plus I have to prepare presents for Christmas or actually only the christmas presents for my lovely boyfriend. It’s my way of saying thank you for keeping up with my shit all year long in form of a really awesome self-made advent calendar 😀

What have you been up to in October? Are you already looking forward to Halloween or maybe even Christmas? 😮

Warm hugs


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