When jealousy takes over: A toxic friendship – my story

I can’t remember when I started getting suspicious about meeting new people but when I was a teenager I hardly opened up straight away. However, when someone gained my trust there was no coming back for me.
Mostly I’m happy with taking my guards down since some of these random acquaintances have developed into great friendships.

Unfortunately I’ve also run into some individuals who either changed from the person they were in the beginning or were hiding something from me over a long period of time. They dragged me down, led me into things I shouldn’t have done and were general a bad influence to me.
So during my teenage years I came across several toxic friendships but there’s one in particular I want to talk about today. Continue reading


From dying in heat to the first snow: Life update August to November

I’ve noticed that my Instapage didn’t really show what I was up to in the last couple months so if  you haven’t seen my Insta-Stories every now and then or met/talked to me in real life there’s a high chance that you wouldn’t know what was going on in my life since August!

As this blog is still my diary and I like these little up-date-posts from other bloggers too I want to give you the highlights of the last few months in a (hopefully rather short) recap:


After all the conventions and festivals in May, June and July (as you can read here and here) August was mostly filled with my besties surprise party preparation, practising with my dance group and a spontaneous shooting I didn’t expect having so soon.

If you haven’t seen the photos of this shooting here you go:

It’s called Shibari and since I’m not that well informed I’d suggest you to google it ;D just don’t check the images if you’re at work hahaha

So I prepared a Suprise Birthday Party for my bestie and invited her most favourite people. Oh did I mention it was a LUSH Party?

There aren’t that many pictures so that’s all I’ve got:

Her birthday cake, absolutely dope, right? ;D

By coincidence I also happen to book for London twice! I booked a weekend in November and one in December which were both super spontaneous decisions.


Besides still preparing for the performance of my dance group every Sunday I finally had the chance of shooting again with beautiful Natasha from Kvntergrau Photography ❤ You’ve already seen the results of the  Flower Shooting in this post. Hope you liked them 🙂

It was also my boyfriend’s birthday in September. I surprised him with a tattoo money jar which I filled with some cash and some of his friends supported my idea,  so he was able to continue his tattoo journey!

He’s got quite the generous friends and girlfriend B-)


After stressful weeks of practising the performance at Aki no Matsuri (a small convention in the german-speaking part Switzerland) my group BerryKiss was able to enter the stage. The convention itself was also pretty cool despite last year we were able to check out the stands and not just stress around before our show time.

We even had a huge Halloween Cosplay group! You’ll find the video of our performance and the photos of the shooting on our Social Media pages 🙂

Our Halloween Cosplay Group: We were 16 people! Can you spot me? ;D

Although the performance was a success and it was really fun finally showing what we’ve prepared for months it was such a relief when it was over since there was no stressing out anymore! It was so much work preparing everything! We had to change songs, look for back up people, had a problem with the shipping of our outfits and there were even show time changes shortly before the convention started.

I love these derps ❤ ❤

So a week later some of us took the opportunity and treated ourselves with a weekend trip at Europa Park during their Horror Nights.

We booked  a hotel close by for a night so we were able to stay long enough for the Horror Nights without getting home the same night. Obviously we had fast passes which were only available in limited number. This way we were able to make it through all the horror houses without standing in line for too long.

The Horror Nights but also the rides at Europa Park were pretty awesome and I even tried to battle my fear of heights by going on higher rides haha Only with covered eyes tho bcuz nah man I don’t want a panic attack at Europa Park.

You can check out some pictures of us being there on my besties and I’s Cosplay page:

As always in October  I “celebrated” Halloween by watching scary movies, eating candy and obviously dressing up. I look forward to Halloween even more so than Christmas because I’m more into the creepy fun stuff! November was just around the corner which meant it was soon time for my first London trip and my birthday party I was planning for almost half a year!

But first check out me being spoopy in Cosplay ;D


So as mentioned before I went to a “couples” trip to London. It was my boyfriend and me, my bestie and her boyfriend and our friend with her boyfriend. It happened that we were the “besties” couple circle because my besties boyfriend is the best friend of my boy friend’s best friend. Confusing? Here you go, I made a thing!

Apparently I was unable to make proper pictures of our group, sorry folks!

We went shopping together at Oxford Street and Camden Town, ordered pizza at our super nice Air BnB and went to the Harry Potter Hogwarts studios which was absolutely amazing!

We even had a short trip to Brighton which although being in London for the 5th time I’ve never been there before.

It was such a nice trip with loads of lovely people. ❤


Almost immediately after coming back from London I had to prepare the last few things for my meme-themed birthday party! Thats’s right I organised a fun little meme party 😀

I rented a huge room made a little “living room”-corner with my TV and all my consoles, organised a little “Rockband”- live show, created a troll playlist on Spotify and decorated everything with memes and photos of my dearest friends. This together with one of my closest friends who’s birthday is a couple days before mine (Hii, Melati ;D).

The party was super fun, I showed up in a self made doge outfit and some crafted “Deal with it”-sunnies. It was super nice that so many people showed up to my party and loads of them made the effort to come as a meme ❤  I was basically spending the night talking to everyone, opening presents and playing video games, so I didn’t really had the time to take pictures.

My party would have been perfect if my lovely boyfriend who organised the cutest gifts for me would have been there too but unfortunately it was the same weekend as his school trip to Spain. Oh, welp can’t have everything, right?

Oh that’s the only photo I got from my make up and the outfit on my birthday!

I was super content with my party but it was also a huge weight falling off my shoulders again, phew!

You thought I was finally able to chill out? Well, wrong! My lovely best friend surprised me with a weekend trip to Disneyland Paris for my birthday present WHAT THE HELL?!
Although visiting Disney World Florida ages ago as a kid and going to Disney Land Tokyo in March I’ve never been to Disney Land Paris before even tho France is literally 3 hours away by train!

She booked a night in a hotel on the Resort Area which was super convenient and our hotel was absolutely breath-taking (we were staying in the sailor themed area and there was even a swimming pool!)
First we visited the Walt Disney Studios which is the smaller park right next to Disneyland that is accessible with an extra entry pass were we checked out all the attractions and went ona a couple crazy rides!

Since we were only there for one night we tried to see as many things before it got dark and went on all the roller coasters that looked cool. The food there was amazing too and the atmosphere in general was super magical! I felt like a little kid again and was eager to re-watch some old disney movies and finally see all the classics I haven’t seen before (can you believe I’ve never watched Lion King or Bambi? Yeah I know HOW?!).

You can see a couple more highlights over on my cosplay Insta account 😀

Inumi🐶: Well well well what to we got here?🐭🌝 That‘s right casual Eli and Nozomi at Disneyland Paris!! ✨ Swipe through the gallery to see us being super tourists and how I survived the Terror Tower (I‘m terribly afraid of heights and only looked up what kind of ride that is while we were already standing in front of the elevator 😅 Good job, Inumi, I know 👏🏻👏🏻) Anyways we had a really lovely time there and this was definitely not our last visit 🙈💗 Thanks again to Saria the absolute babe for giving me this absolute generous birthday gift 😭😳👌🏼❤️❤️ Btw more content coming soon, hopefully!! • • #disneyland #disneylandparis #waltdisney #waltdisneystudios #disneycastle #cosplay #swisscosplayer #lovelive #lovelivecosplayer #eliayase #eliayasecosplay #nozomitojo #nozomitojocosplay #tourists #themepark #travel #fun #friends #besties

A post shared by Saria and Inumi ❤️ (@parasytesinwonderland) on

Back from my amazing weekend although exhausted I didn’t really get the chance to relax on my Monday off. I had to write a job application and a CV from scratch for my mom which I had to get done by Monday evening (she told me to do it on Friday knowing I won’t be home until Sunday, yeeaah), got my nails done, had a sneaky spontaneous shooting with an old childhood friend I haven’t seen since I was 8 or 10 years old (blogpost hopefully coming soon ;D) and met up with another friend  afterwards. PHEW!

Also in that week the day I’ve been waiting and saving up for months, since I told you in my post about knowing my limits, that I won’t spend any money for “unneccessary” things until the end of November because I always try to make some good deals on BLACK FRIDAY!!

I just received most of the goods last week so I wasn’t able so far to take a proper “layout” picture. So here’s a little sneak peek:

Well guess what your gurl will have ONE LAST TRIP this year! As already mentioned above I booked London TWICE so depending on when I upload this post I will already be there (edit: I didn’t have time to upload my post there, sorry!).
I’m super excited to go with all these people I’ve never been on vacation before!

So what are my plans for the next couple weeks? Well, I’m determined to save more money, I’ll probably be spending loads of time with myself or my boyfriend, celebrating Christmas/New Years Eve and eventually I’ll finally start working on some Cosplays again. I also want to start practicising dances at home again and try to chill out more in general.

It’s been a super fun and eventful year but I noticed that I really need to take care of myself and not raise my stress level to a max. It also interfered with my work which I really don’t want to happend this bad anymore.
Instead of planning thousands trips and seeing my friends 5 times a week I want to minimize the amount of planning and money spending, be more sponatenous so I won’t be thinking of an event months before it happens and look after myself more 🙂

It already helped me out a lot that I’ve decided to take a step back from the tasks in my dance group and that I turned off a lot of notifications on my phone. I’m less stress out or at least I hope so, the only thing I have to do more is eat regularly again and go to sleep earlier. But these are two things I’ve been struggling with for years, but also I’M WORKING ON IT!

Writing blog posts also helps me seeing how I changed and writing down how I feel or what really bothers me. On this note I want to say a big thank you to everyone that reached out to me after reading my last blog post I really appreciated it :-*

See you sooon guys,

Self discipline 

Even though you won’t necessarily think that of me if you only see my pictures on Instagram and here on my blog  but  I’m actually quite a lively, silly person and sometimes I’m all over the place.
Especially if I’m nervous I get super confused and my clumsiness gets at its worst.

I mean I’m pretty sure I was the kind of kid you would consider “hyperactive” nowadays  and try to calm down using tranquilizers: I spoke super fast and a lot, I was always running around and into things, was constantly giggling and got distracted easily.

As I got older especially after I started working I got calmer and more relaxed. Still,  sometimes I struggle with staying focused and doing one thing after another.

As an addition to that I started living the “treat yourself”- lifestyle meaning I’ll do everything I want that makes me happy plus I say “YES” to loads of thing e.g. seeing friends here, going on trips there, helping out others and if there’s a sale on my fave products or something that is limited I will probably treat myself with that.

I’m living an extremely content and fulfilling life in my opinion but of course there’s also a downside to that.

There were a couple times where always treating myself almost made me go completely broke. Since I obligated myself to many things I got quite stressed out (as you can read in my previous post) and my head couldn’t stay focused on just one thing because I always try to make as many things at once as possible.

I struggle to do one thing after another especially at work where I constantly get interrupted by something more important or unexpected (e.g. phone calls, mails etc.).
There was even a time (sometimes still happens) where I couldn’t watch a series or especially Animes (with subs) because I was always doing something else instead of just paying attention to watching TV.
I constantly want to reply to my friends’ messages, look something up or editing posts/photos on my phone.

I’m at the point where I have to restrain myself and repress the urge of doing something else while I should focus on one thing.

It sounds ridiculous I know but that’s what it’s like if you struggle with concentration and yes I’ve already considered getting myself checked if I actually got ADHD but I dropped the idea temporarily because therapists are hella expensive here in Switzerland..

As if this isn’t enough already I struggle with estimating time so I’m constantly in a hurry and/or late which is pretty damn annoying considering the fact that I used to be super punctual (I still am for extremely important events tho!).

But I finally got myself together again and started to get rid of any kind of distraction; I turned off a lot of notifications on my phone, try not to open Social Media pages while I have to stay focus on something and I even started doing to-do lists.
I try not to stress myself out over replying to friends especially while I’m at work where I shouldn’t answer private messages anyway.

I also gave myself a “shopping break” until the end of November and will rather save some more money now. Because guys, this is getting out of hand and being broke while there are still bills to pay is not cool. 
(Speaking of this subject you should totally go check out my blog post I did a while ago for saving loads of money if you haven’t already it’s in German tho! ;D)

With that said I also try to actively stay away from my phone more because (while writing some of this post on my phone, how ironic) it’s probably the thing that distracts and stressed me out the most lately.

I always have the urge to check on it and answer all the texts I receive right away, I still catch myself zoning out, interrupting the task I’m doing to start something new or even trying to do three things at once.
But at least I am finally aware of that;  I take a moment, gather my thoughts and continue what I was supposed to be doing.

It’s not easy because I’m used to being all over the place now but I’m determined to get my act together and finally being an organised less stressed person again!

Speaking of getting easily distracted: Here’s my reaction caught on camera spotting a dog while getting my pictures taken hahaha

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you have any problems with staying focused? If so do you got any other tips for me?

Thank you so much for reading this rather short blog post! I had a hard time sitting down and just focus on finally writing this post – wow, who would have guessed, right? 

But I’m confident that I’ll be able to keep posting at least once a month!

All the best and – ooh woah, a doggo.. – nah just kidding ;D


Know your limits

Funny how I started writing this blogpost back in December (still blonde!)  when I finally didn’t feel like almost suffocating anymore due to stress. And now 8 months later I’m in a similar situation.
At least it’s not as bad this time because I realized how stressed out I was and tried to relax more.

There were way too many things I wanted to do at once because I just couldn’t say no and tried to squeeze in as many things into my free time as possible.
Being stressed out all the time made me extremely sensitive to noise. I heard EVERYTHING in the old apartment and couldn’t enjoy a bit of silence without earplugs in or my headphones on. I’m also having trouble sleeping next to someone who snores or talks during sleep I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as bad in the past, so that kind of sucks.

Me not being able to relax after work and feeling mentally exhausted all the time almost made it unbearable for me being at home in my bedroom.
I didn’t feel well being surrounded by screaming children, barking dogs, arguing people and even the annoying sound of the ventilation in someone’s bathroom, all thanks to these thin walls in this apartment building. Constantly hearing my room mates TV as if it was in my room and hearing the door slamming on a regular basis made it kind of a nightmare for me. It caused a lot of tension and even almost made us withdraw from our lease to look for separate apartments.

I didn’t even realise how stressed out and unhappy I was. I mean, it was as always I just felt easily annoyed and not being able to relax isn’t too bad as long as I’m doing something useful (for others) instead, right?

There were a lot of times where I wanted to be at several places at once or tried to do as many things myself in a group project because I probably just underestimated the others in my group.
The result: I half-assed a lot of things or couldn’t enjoy the time I was spending with my friends because I constantly had to check the time for my next “appointment”.

I’m glad these things have gotten better. I never really had the Fear of Missing Out (check out FOMO that’s actually a thing!) and would mostly rather cancel plans instead of piling up meetings after meetings.

But how did this even happen and what helped me accept that I was only one person and I couldn’t do 100 things at the same time?

You probably heard or said the sentence “No matter what, I will always be here to listen and help if you need it!” before. Now imagine you used to be a horrible person so you made it your duty helping as much people and friends as possible. So because you’re a nice person a lot people want to be friends with you. All of a sudden there are so many people you want to give your attention to because you want to help or brighten their day.
I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t really easy. I get extremely emotionally involved if someone I care about feels down or struggles with something. In my case most of the struggles contain mental health, money and relationship problems. Not really something that you can quickly talk about and everything’s fine again. But I love doing that and normally it’s not even a problem for me wouldn’t there be the amount of hobbies I have now..

I used to be really active back when I was in my apprenticeship. I went to at least 3 gigs a week, went out every weekend and even visited the gym 2-3 times a week for 3 months straight, this while still going to school and work.
Since I had this horrible job at a support hotline I didn’t really had time time or energy for a hobby. After getting a new job I struggled with financial problems and since most hobbies are expensive I mostly stayed at home.

Last year I finally got over myself and instead of just staying at home and trying to save money I decided I should invest my free time and start my blog. Next to blogging, I still met friends (who are all spread around the German-speaking part of Switzerland), went to shows every now and then, had really fun photo shootings and a boyfriend I only saw on weekends.
I even started taking Japanese lessons once a week for 3 months and joined my lovely dance group which was and still is quite time consuming.
On top of that I started watching more series and animes, wanted to get back into gaming and reading and also started doing Cosplay. Oh, and your gurl loves to take spontaneous weekend trips as well ahahaha

In the meantime I also entered the K-Pop hell if you know about that you know how time consuming this can get (finding new artists, learning dances, going to meet ups, start watching K-Dramas etc.)

Normally I start losing interest in a hobby after a certain time but it seems these days I’m just piling them up and some things are being more neglected than others. For example I kind of neglected blogging a bit and after October I’ll maybe try to take a step back from the dance group.

Anyways, after noticing how I was struggling at work because I tried to plan and organise several things, meeting as many friends in a short time as possible and having at least 3 reminders a day I noticed that I couldn’t continue this way since I started mixing up dates, constantly asking people the same thing and even almost forgetting important stuff. But I really didn’t know how to handle it so I just dropped the thought again and tried to manage it somehow.

As always someone else had to step in and tell me that there’s something wrong and I need to fix it.

All pictures have been taken and edited by the cutie Natasha from Kvntergrau Photography who I will see again veery soon ❤ (Guurl, how has it almost been a year tho? Hahaha)

My room mate who has been my best friend and sister-from-another-mother for almost half my life wanted to talk to me. She noticed I wasn’t honest with her and held back a lot of things I was supposed to say because they were bothering me.
She asked me why I was so stressed out and if I was able to actively live and have some proper me-time. I thought about it and realised it must have been months since the last time and I freaked out.
How did this happen? Why didn’t I notice myself? Even my body showed signs e.g. I had weird stomach aches for almost two weeks, I was constantly tired, had headaches and was extremely impatient and anxious.

But it helped.

After being extremely busy in June I decided to take it down a notch. We finally moved out of this horrible apartment and although we’ve got way more neighbours than before you can hardly hear anything. It’s next to the forest so you can just go on the balcony and enjoy almost absolute silence and the sound of nature.
I’m still super active when it comes to seeing my friends or doing something I love (e.g. blogging, dancing, listening to music etc.). I’m always replying to messages on all platforms but I’m taking my time now.
I try to stay focused at work and doing one thing after another which is still super hard for me but I’m working on my concentration problem. I’m trying to enjoy more me-time and even get over my phone “addiction”.

It’s not easy and there will probably be times where I need to check on myself again but I’m determined that this will not go overboard again.

So here are a few tipps for all the control freaks and people who overestimate themselves:

  •  If you always feel stressed out and got the feeling you’re being extremely forgetful, you need to change something.
  •  If you’re on the edge of a burn out: Talk to your boss or teacher and tell them you can’t do everything and you need to reduce your work.
  •  If you constantly cancel on friends or meetings: Try not to plan too many things for a day or even a week, seriously me-time is way more important sometimes.
  • Ask yourself: Is it really that bad if you’re missing out on an event or did you just wanted to go because you didn’t want to feel left out?
  • If you made yourself too much work: Is there someone who could help you that you can rely on?
  • Make a to-do and a priority list; Try to do one thing after another.
  • Give yourself breaks in between
  • Try to get rid of anything that could distract you (e.g. open tabs like Facebook and Instagram on your computer or your phone/the notifications on your phone, set it to the “Don’t Disturb” mode if you need to stay focused)

(Reading my own tips again after almost a year feels super weird. Past me would probably be like: YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS WHY DID YOU STILL MANAGE TO FALL FOR THIS AGAIN?! UGH!!”)

Sometimes there has to be someone that gets you back and calms you down. Understands your situation and is there for you when you need help or even if you just need to vent.
There’s a reason I don’t just give up on my friends. No matter how time and energy consuming it can get while still having hobbies, I will always be the friend being there for them especially if it’s appreciated.

Because they don’t just give me their gratefulness in form of a hug, a cute text or a simple “Thank you for being here for me” but also they will help me in return.

So in conclusion I learned that it is good to have goals and plans, trying to help people and enjoying life but you shouldn’t overdo it.

Guys, please take care of yourselfs.


31 Days Make-Up Challenge July (+ little OOTD Challenge) – My experience

It’s already (almost mid-)August so it’s definitely time for my 31 Days Make-Up Challenge July wrap-up!

So first of all I need to answer the question: Did I succeed the task of posting a makeup look every day in the month of July? YES, I did!

Did I also succeed to post at least four or one OOTD a week in the month of July? ALMOST, I posted three but there were enough sneaky outfits I posted on my Instagram story (that’ll do, right? 😉 )

So before getting into my whole experience and what I learned from it I want to show you the most liked looks according to the likes I got on Instagram:


There isn’t one but TWO looks that got the exact same amount of love as of today (this might change in the future):

I actually love both of these looks although they’re quite the opposite of each other. The one thing they got in common is that I apparently wanted to look extra pretty for my boyfriend (I mean, I don’t see him every day sooo why not haha)

These two looks came in second and third:

I was surprised that these two looks got so many likes because I must admit I wasn’t happy with how both of the pictures turned out. Apparently that didn’t bother anyone else though!

My personal favourites from last month were the following:

Aaaand I really loved my makeup on Day 1 as well! So apparently I dig the nude lip and “colourful” eye combo a lot. Must be because I tend to go for a darker lip in Autumn rather than in Summer.

Your favourite Outfit of the Day and also mine from the three I posted was:



OOTD from Day 14: The outfit for one of the most liked makeup looks this month ;D

If I remember correctly it was pretty hot this day (like almost every other day in July) so I chose to wear something light but took along a flannel just in case. I also made the effort of wearing a bit more accessories than usual which to me perfectly completed the look!

Totally missed out on my challenge or want to check out all the looks without scrolling through my Instagram Feed? No problem! You can find all pictures of my July challenge over on my Facebook page in this folder 😀

My feedback after the 31 Days of Make-Up Challenge July

To be honest although I loved doing my makeup rather than coming up with a new look every day the real challenge for me was to take good pictures especially if I was running out of time in the morning or when the weather was cloudy and editing/posting them was a real pain sometimes.

Not only was I annoyed that I wasn’t always able to do the makeup justice on pictures but creating a post took me at least 20 to 40 minutes incl. interruptions every time ! Which was especially nerve-racking when I was surrounded by friends or my boyfriend who had to “wait” until I was finished.
Now I still love doing my makeup don’t get me wrong but I probably won’t jump on the “MUA waggon” since this is just a hobby for me and there are sooo many talented and way more ambitious makeup artists out there.

Fashion on the other hand is something that I loved ever since I was 14 and discovered lookbook.nu where I got loads of inspiration and came across the first few fashion and lifestyle blogs.
I had quite a couple different fashion phases from Indie Hipster to Metalhead to Brandy Melville girl to modern Grunge and Goth style.
An outfit of someone always catches my attention more than a makeup look because they’re mostly more unique and if someone has an insane sense of fashion it’s basically a form of art for me!
Of course makeup is an art form as well but lately the looks I’ve seen have kind of been repetetive and just a few really blew me away.

So although I didn’t complete my OOTD-mini challenge it still motivated me to focus more on outfit looks in the future which I will also post over on my own Lookbook page.

What I also learned from this challenge is that I really have to get off my phone or at least Social Media a bit more which is hard for me because I try to keep up with answering all of my friends everywhere plus I’m kind of addicted to my phone

Now this might sound silly but it actually helps if I watch series or videos in a foreign language where I’m forced to read all the subtitles and not check my phone all the time (e.g. whil watching animes, k-dramas etc.)!
I have a really bad problem with staying focused on ONE thing lately so I try to handle this better in the future. If you guys got any suggestions (e.g. creating a list, closing all tabs you don’t need, turn off notifications or put your phone on “Don’t disturb” mode) HIT ME UP!

All in all although the challenge made me realise how I don’t want to be online all the time and concentrate more on fashion/writing more blog posts again I still really enjoyed it and am proud of myself for making it through a whole month again!

Will I do it again? Probably not anytime soon but I will try to post a makeup look every now and then 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my challenge and my little blog post didn’t expect it to get so personal tbh. I will try to get back into blogging more because I really missed it 😦

See yaa soon,
Ya gurl Vanessa

Friends, Cons and festivals – My June Highlights

Whaat, how is it already July now?! I was so extremely busy the last couple weeks that I had absolutely no chance in updating you or post a non-weekend-lookback-post, aaaah, I’m so sorry about that!

BUT! I decided to still post another monthly lookback of last month because although I have the memories I would like to write down a couple highlights for myself and you guys! As always most of the things I have posted on my Instagram but I will go a little more in depth here.

OH and there will be a little announcement at the end of this post ;D Edit: If you haven’t already seen.

Without further ado LET’S GO:

JAN, Davos Switzerland 2017

The first busy weekend started with me attending the JapAniMangaNight convention in Davos where I volunteered together with a good friend of mine!
I’ve never been there before but since I was almost working all day I didn’t experience everything from a “usual” visitor’s view instead we got to see a lot of behind-the-scenes-stuff which was pretty cool and we checked out every corner of the convention as good as possible.
There were also so many of our friends there that we got to hang out with!

The BerryKiss Version of our LoveLive Sunshine! Group ❤

My job at JAN was to help out at the so called Maid Café. If you’ve never heard of a Maid Café before let me explain it to you real quick:

The concept of a Maid Café is originally from Japan where cute girls dressed in short maid dresses will serve their costumers or “masters” with drinks, food and entertainment. They will sit at your table  chat with you, play games and an decorate your food but there are always rules that come with this (e.g. not touching the maids, not asking for their private information, not taking pictures without their consent and so on).

We didn’t work there as maids though but as helping hands in the background; We prepared the dishes and hot drinks for them so that they only had to serve the order and do their thing!

The other volunteers and also the work there were pretty cool and we absolutely loved the Maids from Lucky Chocolate Maid Café. These adorable guurls (and guys) from Germany were so cute in and outside of their “character”.

I even made friends with a few of them and saw some of them a week later at:

Dokomi, Düsseldorf Germany 2017

Leaving work on Friday noon I met up with my bestie at the Zurich airport where we then headed to Düsseldorf to the Dokomi Convention.
Three of our lovely friends and BerryKiss members where already there and welcomed us to our absolutely amazing Air BnB! It was already evening when we arrived so we decided to make ourself a home and ordered some Sushi, Noodles and more!

The next morning on Day 1 of Dokomi my roomie and me wore our Magical Girls Raising Project Cosplays while our friends either went there casual or in their own Cosplays!

We had to stand in line quite a bit but I must admit it was worth it! Dokomi is huuuuuge in comparison to the few conventions I’ve been to in Switzerland. There were 3 or 4 exhibition halls filled with so many things to look at and buy. If I remember correctly the first thing we were looking for was something to eat since we were starving! Afterwards we grabbed some yummy bubble tea and strolled around the convention area.

Although the whole area was HUGE we coincidentally ran into EVERYONE we knew from Switzerland that were also there.
So while some of us were looking at merch my bestie and me registered for the Maid Café since I got a little extra reservation because of knowing them personally from the work at JAN (otherwise you would have needed to get reservations beforehand and normally their booked out pretty quickly since their maid café is very well done and pretty popular at  Dokomi!)

We took a couple pictures of other cosplayers there and we also got recognised for our cosplays!

We spent a couple hours at the Maid Café with our absolute lovely maid (I think her name was Leila!) and then headed back home since we were absolutely exhausted of walking around all day, seeing so many people and wearing our Cosplay while doing so.

Before heading to bed my bestie and me finally decided to create a little Cosplay Instagram page so please go check it out if you’re interested! ;D

Follow us on our new cosplay page @parasytesinwonderland!

On Day 2 of Dokomi we wore our Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Cosplay which I was so excited to finally wear since I waited almost 2 months for my outfit to arrive!
So many people either recognised my cosplay or just wanted to take a picture of me  because they thought I looked cute in it. For me other people wanting to take pictures or even just recognising the cosplay is the biggest compliment!

Another thing we wanted to do on day 2 was to check out the sell and buy area and then buy everything in the artists hall because we didn’t have time on Day 1.
We basically spent half the day there walking through all the aisles talking to the artists and buying their stuff OMG!!

After at least 3 hours of checking out the artist’s hall and buying waaaay tooo much stuff from them (you can’t blame us, there were so many talented artists there!) we got our luggage at the exit and changed into some comfier clothes. We then made our way back home were we landed late in the evening.

Let’s have a short cute kitten break, shall we?

A day after Dokomi I finally had time to meet a dear friend of mine whom I haven’t seen for almost a year.
If you didn’t know already I’m an absolute dog person but even I get weak when seeing these furry babies she had at her home!!

Greenfield Festival 2017

Since it was a bank holiday on Monday I only had to work on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then already headed to Interlaken for my 9th Greenfield Festival in a row!

Too keep it short and simple: Sadly this year’s line up didn’t blow my mind but I was super excited for seeing my childhood heroes Green Day who had an amazing show! They even played an 2.5 hours (!!) set and involved so many fans it was absolutely adorable! I’m so bummed that I left about 1.5 hours in because I didn’t expect them to play this long and I wanted to see another band too (that wasn’t even that good, ugh!).

This absolute beautiful scenery is already a reason to visit the Greenfield Festival

It was super hot but  generally nice weather, I was hanging out at the camping area with loads of awesome people, I saw ALL my friends that went there and even met some cool new people and there was zero drama!

This is actually everything I want for having a good time at a festival!

After coming home on late Sunday afternoon we were absolutely exhausted but happy 🙂

Birthdays, Justin Bieber and new look!

On Monday after the Greenfield weekend I visited my friend after work who celebrated her birthday at her place. We ate some selfmade pizza and just chatted until it got really late haha But we still had a good time although we were almost melting because of the heat!

And since I won some front row tickets for the Justin Bieber show (Yes, I do enjoy his music, I’m serious #sorrynotsorry #justhisnewalbumthough) I only worked until Thursday morning and headed to Berne in the afternoon.

The concert was actually pretty amazing! He did a very good job at singing, dancing, playing the guitar and the drums and just entertaining the audience in general.
But OH MY GOD it was so loud! Everytime a song ended these gurls were screaming their lungs out, I actually had to cover my ears not to go deaf.

After that I finally enjoyed a relaxing weekend and topped everything off by finally getting my damaged hair chopped off:

Tadaaa! Yes it’s shorter and I dyed it black too, what do you guys think?

Aaand we finally moved houses! I’m so glad we got to move away from this noisy place and have more space so my roomie and me are able to just retire to our rooms without getting in each others way all the time (I really needed a bit more space and rest because that noisy appartment building was driving me insane!). We’re still in the midst of putting everything where it should be BUT it’s starting to look and definitely feel like home ❤

So that was my June! As you can see it was VERY busy.
That’s why I reeeeaally want to take it easy the next few weeks at least until September because there will be a lot going on with my dance group and loads of birthday celebrations again.

That doesn’t mean that I will not post anything on Social Media just staying at home and sleep I actually planned something exciting again for July as already announced on Instagram I will be doing the


JULY MAKE UP CHALLENGE *whoop* (currently on Day 5)

The last few months flew by so quickly! There was sooo much going on that I didn’t even had time to just relax 😵 This weekend will be the last of many that have been overly planned and I’m so happy about it! 😅 The next couple months should be rather chill, I’m really looking forward to it 💝 If you sat through this sobby af text congrats! Now to the actual announcement you guys: I know I’m slacking off the blogging game but I will get better I promise! So since July should be rather relaxed I decided to try another 30 days of make up including one OOTD once every week since I’m really digging my outfit and make up again! I really want to try out new things and even change up my style a bit. I hope your looking forward to my #31daysofmakeupchallenge next month! Whoop 🎉 #makeup #makeupaddict #challenge #31daysofmakeup #julychallenge #motd #face #toofaced #limecrime #ootd #colorpopcosmetics #katvondcosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills #everydaymakeup #cosplaymakeup #cosplay

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I already did this back in September but this time I want to include an outfit of the day at least once a week! I used to post ootd’s regularly because it kind of inspired me to put more effort into my outfits. Hope you look forward to seeing more of these kind of pictures in the future haha

So I guess that’s it! Sorry if it seemed rushed or half-hearted but the heat wave and constant weather changes make it really hard for me to focus 😦

Hope to speak to you guys soon!!

Summer hugs,

Update: Where have I been? (April to May)

I’m finally back from my little blogging-break and I hope you guys are still with me! Some of you may wonder what I’ve been up to the last two months so here you go:

April – Back from Japan, back to every day life

After my bestie and I have returned from our Tokyo trip both of us got really sick because all the trees and bushes start blooming around Spring time in Switzerland and we suffer from pretty bad hay fever.
I was also dealing with personal stuff such as an unexpected break up after almost six years (I’m fine you guys, I’m way happier now and we’re still friends 🙂 ) plus there was so much to do at work and with my dance group that I couldn’t concentrate on writing proper blog posts.

The first weekend after our vacation we actually wanted to go to Europa Park in full Lolita outfits but since we didn’t feel that well we decided to stay at home but join the BerryKiss picnic at the Zurich Lake in Lolita instead:

BerryKiss picnic was super fun with the cuties ❤

A couple days later the long Easter weekend started and I managed to see most of my friends which I haven’t seen since going to Japan. I was handing out SO MANY TOKYO GOODIE BAGS but the reaction and the look on everyone’s faces was absolutely worth the money and effort we spent on these presents!
It also was the time when so many people celebrated their birthday!

I also attended a couple events in April such as the “Shibataku Ball” in Zofingen, a little event where loads of animes fans were able to show up in their nicest ball gowns or Cosplays!
I went there with my bestie and the lovely group leader of my dance group BerryKiss, it was pretty cool but we were too tired to stay till the end.

The weekend of Fantasy Basel was just around the corner and guess what: Your girl got her hands on 2 festival passes FOR FREE!!
I’m such a lucky bastard, I won them in a prize draw hahaha There was a little bit of drama because we thought the tickets got lost in the mail but the letter ended up being wrapped around in a newspaper that we already tossed into the wastepaper THANK YOU POST MAN BUT PLEASE DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!
Anyways, everything worked out in the end.
So we headed to Fantasy Basel on Saturday and Sunday and I really enjoyed it!

We met a couple friends there, visited some artists booths, checked out the Cosplay Contest on the second day and took a look at basically everything there!

Obviously we went there in Cosplay so check out our costumes:

May – Seeing friends and generally enjoying life

The next couple weeks were rather chill: I saw loads of friends again, did all the paperwork I had to do (e.g. taxes and the moving papers since we’re moving into a bigger appartment soon, woohooo!), celebrated a couple birthdays and Mother’s Day, visited some gigs and I was focusing more on the dance group since we have a couple exciting projects coming up 🙂

Oh and if you haven’t noticed I kind of gave up the blonde, I guess?

This weekend I will attend the JapAniManga-Night or JAN 2017 for short in Davos as volunteer, next week I will be in Düsseldorf at Dokomi (there will be Cosplay pictures!) and a week later I will already be at my all-time-favourite openair the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken.

Although it’s festival and convention season and Summer’s literally just around the corner I will try to get back to writing more blog posts at least once a month!

I hope you guys are all doing well and I really appreciate if you’re still with me although I haven’t been as active as I used to be on my blog!

See you very soon,



Tokyo adventures part III

And here’s the third and final part of my little Tokyo adventures series! If you haven’t checked out part 1 and part 2 yet, you definitely should ;D

So for the last few days left in Japan we decided to revisit the places we’ve been before a last time but also do more “touristy” things. Starting with

Day 7 – Shibuya 109 and Yoyogi Park

We went to Shibuya again to get some more make up from that cute store and check out the Lush store we couldn’t find last time, maybe they have different things than Lush in Europe.

So grabbing something to eat in Shibuya after going to that make up store again, some random dude took a picture of me, since apparently I looked “cool”?

Our next goal was checking out the Lush store in Shibuya which was a bit of a disappointment to be honest; They had almost the exact same things like we have in Switzerland and nothing I have never seen in another store before.
But I still got a couple things from the Spring collection and a shower gel with a Japanese Lush-employee on it (yeah, I’m weird and thought it was cute, okay?)

The last stop in Shibuya was the huge shopping mall called “109” where we hoped to find one of these cute photo booths.
Unfortunately even after going through all 6 stories (!!) of this mall and a quick detour at the Etude house store our search was still unsuccessful and we decided to head back to Harajuku again, yes, I know you’re probably already judging us but SORRYNOTSORRY.

This time we wanted to get the more expensive Lolita dresses from the store “Too Alice” (shoutout to the absolutely lovely sales assistant there!) we absolutely fell in love with the first time. Lucky enough both of the dresses I wanted were still there one of them was even the last of its style!

Since it slowly got darker we decided to look for the Sakura spots at Yoyogi Park which was right behind the Harajuku train station.



Of course we didn’t go straight to bed but rather watched tons of animes on my laptop ;D

Day 8 – Hamamatsuchō and Sushi in the evening

The last day in Tokyo was coming closer so we went all out on doing as many tourist things as possible! First stop was to finally go and see some cherry blossoms close to the Tokyo Tower in Hamamatsuchō!
Japanese people are literally going nuts over “sakura”. Obviously it’s quite an event since the cherry blossom trees will only bloom once every year in Spring!
I think we were almost a bit to early for the cherry blossoms but we kind of got lucky!

Although me being terribly afraid of heights I agreed on going on to the Tokyo Tower which basically looks like the Eiffel Tower of Tokyo. On the way there we had to go through the Zōjō-ji Temple were loads of cherry blossom trees were blooming! It was so beautiful!!

I’m just gonna skip the part with the Tokyo Tower since I was basically feeling like crap since I really wanted to come over my fear but miserably failed at it, welp!

After getting off the tower (finally!) we went to the 7Eleven at Hamamatsuchō and headed back to our hotel.

I felt like having sushi for dinner so I checked the nearest high rated sushi restaurant at our location. After we got up to look for that restaurant and finally found it there were already people waiting outside to get their turn, arghh.
Kind of annoyed we decided to return to the pizza place we went to a couple days ago just to find out they were COMPLETELY BOOKED OUT for the evening, great.

We couldn’t find anything else to eat so we returned to the overfilled sushi place, took a ticket and waited for 47 MINUTES!! You might wonder why the hell this sushi place was so popular, well guess what; The sushi there is so cheap that one regular plate with 2-4 sushi rolls was  only ¥100 which is about, what, 1 franc? That’s almost for free you guys!

Anyways after 6 or 7 plates each we were full and exhausted and ready to head home, happy but tired.

Day 9 – Meiji Garden and Purikura at Harajuku

Time literally flew by so we’re already at our last full day in Tokyo! Since it was our last chance we had to return to Harajuku ONE LAST TIME.
Not (only) to go shopping there but we wanted to properly check out the Yoyogi Park (which was right behind the train station opposite Takeshita Street) and we were still eager to find a Purikura booth to take cute pictures!

Learning from our mistake last time when we were strolling around at Yoyogi Park packed with all of our shopping bags, we wanted to start off going through the park with only our backpacks first!

We wanted to find out if there are any Sakura trees in the park itself, so we paid an entrance fee to see the inside of the Yoyogi Park: The Meiji Shrine Inner Garden!

Although there was a really strong scent of rotting trees in the forest it was so peaceful over all and extremely beautiful to look at! Unfortunately we were a bit to early to see the blooming cherry blossom trees 😦

After enjoying the weather, walking through the whole garden and taking plenty of pictures we headed back to our favourite place in Japan: Takeshita Street (for the very last time though!)

The first thing we were heading to was the kind of obvious but also hidden Purikura spot right at the beginning of the shopping street:

After being a bit confused and overchallenged with all the people or actually only teenage girls in there we were able to take two sets of cute pictures of us!
Unfortunately we couldn’t really edit one of the two sets because the editing booth was nowhere near the photo booth (yes, there were always two booths per set).

Next stop was the overfilled accessories store called “Paris Kids” which also sold cute things for older people and not only kids haha
We made it through the store, had a quick stop again the dollar-store “Daiso” and returned to one last shop where they sold loads of anime goodies!
We actually wanted to revisit another cute accessories store as well  but I just couldn’t handle all these people around me anymore so we headed back to our hotel!

My last Harajuku haaaul 😥

Since it was our last day we decided to “celebrate” with having our dinner at TGIF’s and it was awesome!

We had the friendliest waiter EVER who even complimented us on our looks and was ALWAYS smiling! After that we headed back to our hotel to pack our suitcases 😦

We went to bed quite early because we had a long journey ahead of us the next day!

Day 10- Heading hooooooomeee

Well I guess there’s not much to tell here anymore but we got up quite early and went straight to Narita Airport to check in our luggage and then fly back to Switzerland; I was sitting behind a guy for twelve hours who was laying back so hard and also pressing the chair down with his table that I was basically trapped in my chair *rollingeyes*.

As always I wasn’t able to fall asleep in a vertical position so absolutely exhausted we arrived in Zurich in the afternoon, bought loads of food and went straight home where I was already falling asleep on the couch!

So last but not least here are my

Tips for going to Japan (that we would have been glad to know before!):

– Get a pocket wifi if possible (you’ll be glad to look up things on your way!)
– Get a map
– Get a good translator or learn the basic stuff in Japanese if you don’t know any words
– Don’t talk (loudly) in public transport
– Dress weather appropriate (because a lot of people  there don’t!)
– Drink enough (even if people there apparently don’t; you’re a tourist anyway so..)
– Always say sorry and thank you and bow if you want –> do it with a smile as well!
– Don’t try to confuse the people there, keep it simple with your questions!
– Do as your told so the system works
– Don’t clean your nose in public, sniffling is okay tho
– Also wear a mask if you’re feeling ill or want to prevent getting ill;  No one will judge you
– Apparently you don’t have to offer your seat in public transport to elderly or sick people only if the it’s an assigned seat
– Try to avoid rush hour (around 9 am in the morning an 5 pm in the evening) or you will get smushed
– Don’t just randomly smoke cigarettes on the street there are smoker spots for that
– Don’t just leave your garbage somewhere or throw it on the ground –> take it home with you and throw it away there
– NEVER TIP ANYONE they really won’t accept it and feel uncomfortable if you insist on it..

So I guess that’s it 😀 Now you know how it was in Japan for us ;D We definitely want to return there one day but also explore other places besides Tokyo!

I also want to include a little announcement or information for you here:

There’s been quite a lot going on in my personal life with work, my dance group, Cosplays, music gigs/festivals and other stuff and I noticed I couldn’t get myself to sit down and write a post, since I’ve been always super distracted. I need to clear my mind for a bit but I will still keep you updated on my life over on my Instagram 🙂

I hope you guys understand but I need to take more time for myself and just relax since there is a lot going on right now 😮

Thank you so much for understanding that there won’t be any new posts in the next weeks but I’ll try to come back as soon as possible!

Hugs and kisses,


P.S. If you want any links to stores or places we went to hit me up in the comments ;D