Update: Where have I been? (April to May)

I’m finally back from my little blogging-break and I hope you guys are still with me! Some of you may wonder what I’ve been up to the last two months so here you go:

April – Back from Japan, back to every day life

After my bestie and I have returned from our Tokyo trip both of us got really sick because all the trees and bushes start blooming around Spring time in Switzerland and we suffer from pretty bad hay fever.
I was also dealing with personal stuff such as an unexpected break up after almost six years (I’m fine you guys, I’m way happier now and we’re still friends 🙂 ) plus there was so much to do at work and with my dance group that I couldn’t concentrate on writing proper blog posts.

The first weekend after our vacation we actually wanted to go to Europa Park in full Lolita outfits but since we didn’t feel that well we decided to stay at home but join the BerryKiss picnic at the Zurich Lake in Lolita instead:

BerryKiss picnic was super fun with the cuties ❤

A couple days later the long Easter weekend started and I managed to see most of my friends which I haven’t seen since going to Japan. I was handing out SO MANY TOKYO GOODIE BAGS but the reaction and the look on everyone’s faces was absolutely worth the money and effort we spent on these presents!
It also was the time when so many people celebrated their birthday!

I also attended a couple events in April such as the “Shibataku Ball” in Zofingen, a little event where loads of animes fans were able to show up in their nicest ball gowns or Cosplays!
I went there with my bestie and the lovely group leader of my dance group BerryKiss, it was pretty cool but we were too tired to stay till the end.

The weekend of Fantasy Basel was just around the corner and guess what: Your girl got her hands on 2 festival passes FOR FREE!!
I’m such a lucky bastard, I won them in a prize draw hahaha There was a little bit of drama because we thought the tickets got lost in the mail but the letter ended up being wrapped around in a newspaper that we already tossed into the wastepaper THANK YOU POST MAN BUT PLEASE DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!
Anyways, everything worked out in the end.
So we headed to Fantasy Basel on Saturday and Sunday and I really enjoyed it!

We met a couple friends there, visited some artists booths, checked out the Cosplay Contest on the second day and took a look at basically everything there!

Obviously we went there in Cosplay so check out our costumes:

May – Seeing friends and generally enjoying life

The next couple weeks were rather chill: I saw loads of friends again, did all the paperwork I had to do (e.g. taxes and the moving papers since we’re moving into a bigger appartment soon, woohooo!), celebrated a couple birthdays and Mother’s Day, visited some gigs and I was focusing more on the dance group since we have a couple exciting projects coming up 🙂

Oh and if you haven’t noticed I kind of gave up the blonde, I guess?

This weekend I will attend the JapAniManga-Night or JAN 2017 for short in Davos as volunteer, next week I will be in Düsseldorf at Dokomi (there will be Cosplay pictures!) and a week later I will already be at my all-time-favourite openair the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken.

Although it’s festival and convention season and Summer’s literally just around the corner I will try to get back to writing more blog posts at least once a month!

I hope you guys are all doing well and I really appreciate if you’re still with me although I haven’t been as active as I used to be on my blog!

See you very soon,



Tokyo adventures part III

And here’s the third and final part of my little Tokyo adventures series! If you haven’t checked out part 1 and part 2 yet, you definitely should ;D

So for the last few days left in Japan we decided to revisit the places we’ve been before a last time but also do more “touristy” things. Starting with

Day 7 – Shibuya 109 and Yoyogi Park

We went to Shibuya again to get some more make up from that cute store and check out the Lush store we couldn’t find last time, maybe they have different things than Lush in Europe.

So grabbing something to eat in Shibuya after going to that make up store again, some random dude took a picture of me, since apparently I looked “cool”?

Our next goal was checking out the Lush store in Shibuya which was a bit of a disappointment to be honest; They had almost the exact same things like we have in Switzerland and nothing I have never seen in another store before.
But I still got a couple things from the Spring collection and a shower gel with a Japanese Lush-employee on it (yeah, I’m weird and thought it was cute, okay?)

The last stop in Shibuya was the huge shopping mall called “109” where we hoped to find one of these cute photo booths.
Unfortunately even after going through all 6 stories (!!) of this mall and a quick detour at the Etude house store our search was still unsuccessful and we decided to head back to Harajuku again, yes, I know you’re probably already judging us but SORRYNOTSORRY.

This time we wanted to get the more expensive Lolita dresses from the store “Too Alice” (shoutout to the absolutely lovely sales assistant there!) we absolutely fell in love with the first time. Lucky enough both of the dresses I wanted were still there one of them was even the last of its style!

Since it slowly got darker we decided to look for the Sakura spots at Yoyogi Park which was right behind the Harajuku train station.



Of course we didn’t go straight to bed but rather watched tons of animes on my laptop ;D

Day 8 – Hamamatsuchō and Sushi in the evening

The last day in Tokyo was coming closer so we went all out on doing as many tourist things as possible! First stop was to finally go and see some cherry blossoms close to the Tokyo Tower in Hamamatsuchō!
Japanese people are literally going nuts over “sakura”. Obviously it’s quite an event since the cherry blossom trees will only bloom once every year in Spring!
I think we were almost a bit to early for the cherry blossoms but we kind of got lucky!

Although me being terribly afraid of heights I agreed on going on to the Tokyo Tower which basically looks like the Eiffel Tower of Tokyo. On the way there we had to go through the Zōjō-ji Temple were loads of cherry blossom trees were blooming! It was so beautiful!!

I’m just gonna skip the part with the Tokyo Tower since I was basically feeling like crap since I really wanted to come over my fear but miserably failed at it, welp!

After getting off the tower (finally!) we went to the 7Eleven at Hamamatsuchō and headed back to our hotel.

I felt like having sushi for dinner so I checked the nearest high rated sushi restaurant at our location. After we got up to look for that restaurant and finally found it there were already people waiting outside to get their turn, arghh.
Kind of annoyed we decided to return to the pizza place we went to a couple days ago just to find out they were COMPLETELY BOOKED OUT for the evening, great.

We couldn’t find anything else to eat so we returned to the overfilled sushi place, took a ticket and waited for 47 MINUTES!! You might wonder why the hell this sushi place was so popular, well guess what; The sushi there is so cheap that one regular plate with 2-4 sushi rolls was  only ¥100 which is about, what, 1 franc? That’s almost for free you guys!

Anyways after 6 or 7 plates each we were full and exhausted and ready to head home, happy but tired.

Day 9 – Meiji Garden and Purikura at Harajuku

Time literally flew by so we’re already at our last full day in Tokyo! Since it was our last chance we had to return to Harajuku ONE LAST TIME.
Not (only) to go shopping there but we wanted to properly check out the Yoyogi Park (which was right behind the train station opposite Takeshita Street) and we were still eager to find a Purikura booth to take cute pictures!

Learning from our mistake last time when we were strolling around at Yoyogi Park packed with all of our shopping bags, we wanted to start off going through the park with only our backpacks first!

We wanted to find out if there are any Sakura trees in the park itself, so we paid an entrance fee to see the inside of the Yoyogi Park: The Meiji Shrine Inner Garden!

Although there was a really strong scent of rotting trees in the forest it was so peaceful over all and extremely beautiful to look at! Unfortunately we were a bit to early to see the blooming cherry blossom trees 😦

After enjoying the weather, walking through the whole garden and taking plenty of pictures we headed back to our favourite place in Japan: Takeshita Street (for the very last time though!)

The first thing we were heading to was the kind of obvious but also hidden Purikura spot right at the beginning of the shopping street:

After being a bit confused and overchallenged with all the people or actually only teenage girls in there we were able to take two sets of cute pictures of us!
Unfortunately we couldn’t really edit one of the two sets because the editing booth was nowhere near the photo booth (yes, there were always two booths per set).

Next stop was the overfilled accessories store called “Paris Kids” which also sold cute things for older people and not only kids haha
We made it through the store, had a quick stop again the dollar-store “Daiso” and returned to one last shop where they sold loads of anime goodies!
We actually wanted to revisit another cute accessories store as well  but I just couldn’t handle all these people around me anymore so we headed back to our hotel!

My last Harajuku haaaul 😥

Since it was our last day we decided to “celebrate” with having our dinner at TGIF’s and it was awesome!

We had the friendliest waiter EVER who even complimented us on our looks and was ALWAYS smiling! After that we headed back to our hotel to pack our suitcases 😦

We went to bed quite early because we had a long journey ahead of us the next day!

Day 10- Heading hooooooomeee

Well I guess there’s not much to tell here anymore but we got up quite early and went straight to Narita Airport to check in our luggage and then fly back to Switzerland; I was sitting behind a guy for twelve hours who was laying back so hard and also pressing the chair down with his table that I was basically trapped in my chair *rollingeyes*.

As always I wasn’t able to fall asleep in a vertical position so absolutely exhausted we arrived in Zurich in the afternoon, bought loads of food and went straight home where I was already falling asleep on the couch!

So last but not least here are my

Tips for going to Japan (that we would have been glad to know before!):

– Get a pocket wifi if possible (you’ll be glad to look up things on your way!)
– Get a map
– Get a good translator or learn the basic stuff in Japanese if you don’t know any words
– Don’t talk (loudly) in public transport
– Dress weather appropriate (because a lot of people  there don’t!)
– Drink enough (even if people there apparently don’t; you’re a tourist anyway so..)
– Always say sorry and thank you and bow if you want –> do it with a smile as well!
– Don’t try to confuse the people there, keep it simple with your questions!
– Do as your told so the system works
– Don’t clean your nose in public, sniffling is okay tho
– Also wear a mask if you’re feeling ill or want to prevent getting ill;  No one will judge you
– Apparently you don’t have to offer your seat in public transport to elderly or sick people only if the it’s an assigned seat
– Try to avoid rush hour (around 9 am in the morning an 5 pm in the evening) or you will get smushed
– Don’t just randomly smoke cigarettes on the street there are smoker spots for that
– Don’t just leave your garbage somewhere or throw it on the ground –> take it home with you and throw it away there
– NEVER TIP ANYONE they really won’t accept it and feel uncomfortable if you insist on it..

So I guess that’s it 😀 Now you know how it was in Japan for us ;D We definitely want to return there one day but also explore other places besides Tokyo!

I also want to include a little announcement or information for you here:

There’s been quite a lot going on in my personal life with work, my dance group, Cosplays, music gigs/festivals and other stuff and I noticed I couldn’t get myself to sit down and write a post, since I’ve been always super distracted. I need to clear my mind for a bit but I will still keep you updated on my life over on my Instagram 🙂

I hope you guys understand but I need to take more time for myself and just relax since there is a lot going on right now 😮

Thank you so much for understanding that there won’t be any new posts in the next weeks but I’ll try to come back as soon as possible!

Hugs and kisses,


P.S. If you want any links to stores or places we went to hit me up in the comments ;D

Tokyo adventures Part II

Hope you guys enjoyed reading part one of our Tokyo adventures over on my last post ;D

Now I’m going to reveal why we “had” to go back to Harajuku and get some cute dresses and that’s because we went to…

Day 4 – Disneyland Tokyo!!

Before you’re asking why we wanted to go to Disneyland in Tokyo if Disneyland Paris would be way closer to us here in Switzerland; Well first of all both of us haven’t been in a Disneyland before, secondly why shouldn’t we go if we get the chance we won’t be back in Japan anytime soon unfortunately and thirdly BECAUSE IT WAS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO GO THERE IN LOLITA
and take pictures 😀

Probably looks the same in every Disneyland ;D

So getting up earlier than usual we got dressed, packed our stuff and headed to the train station. And I kid you not: We didn’t even get ONE funny look but without trying to sound conceited  there was also no one complimenting us either: Apparently Japanese people are just too reserved to show any reaction at all! Or maybe it’s just because we were tourists? Idk. Continue reading

Tokyo adventures Part I

As you guys already know from me talking about it for months and months and posting it on my Instagram; I’m currently in Japan with my bestie, in Tokyo to be exact and so far it’s been awesome!!

Obviously I had to document our trip here and since it’s been quite a lot I will split it in two, maybe three parts so the posts won’t be too overwhelming!

Jumping right into:

Day 0 – From Zurich to Tokyo

After packing the last things in the morning we headed to Zurich airport on time and checked in our luggage where the first confusion occured: There was no Ana airlines check in counter nor was the airline listed on the self check-in machine. Continue reading

Join my ride into the world of Cosplay

IMG_4690You might have noticed in a couple posts (here, here, here , here and the most recent one to list up a few) that I mentioned the term “Cosplay” every once in while.
For you guys who are rather unfamiliar with this subject let me try to give you a little introduction to what this is all about (from a newbie perspective because I am faaaar away from being a pro):

“Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character…”

.. and that’s how Wikipedia describes the word “Cosplay”. So basically it’s the hobby of dressing up as your favourite characters from movies, games, comics, Animes etc.
But it’s not just dressing up; In my opinion it’s much more than that and I finally decided to give it a go! Continue reading

First anniversary of my blog!

It’s  already been a year since I started this blog (originally in German and under the URL vanvermillion@wordpress.com) and so far I’m pretty content with how regularly I posted and that I didn’t just drop the idea of running a blog!

So let’s see what my milestones were on this blog during its first year:

Starting with my content I had quite the struggle of finding my niche. I wanted to run a lifestyle and fashion blog but it kind of turned into a beauty, lifestyle and random thoughts blog and I won’t even complain about that 🙂

I also reduced the post count from two a week to about one every week. Plus I try not to ramble too much since shorter blog posts seem to obviously keep the attention of my readers.
But since I love to read some long posts every now and then myself, I kept my diary-writing-style in most posts.

What I’ve been thinking about a lot a long time already (after about 3 months or so) is if I want to buy my “own” URL and host my blog.
Since there have been a couple technical and financial difficulties for me in the past I didn’t have time to properly overthink this until now. BUT I’m still planning on moving this blog to a new page preferably without all the annoying ads that pop up under my posts.
That’s definitely a big goal I set myself for my blog this year so let’s see how this goes 😉

Since running my blog I was able to work with a lot of awesome photographers! I can’t promise you that this will be a regular thing on my blog since I kind of just go with the flow.
Sometimes I get asked if I’m interested in a shooting and sometimes I take the opportunity to sign up for a shooting depending on my mood and motivation. But next to my low-quality content pictures (which are totally okay in my opinion) I’m more than happy to feature a couple high quality photos on my blog every now and then.

Here are some pictures of shootings I was able to do until now,  I’m still so thankful for all of them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to my blog I wasn’t only able to work with all these awesome photographers but I also met a lot of cool new people and made new friends. Some of them are bloggers (or became blogger) as well and some are just people I met or started talking again because they read some of my posts!

I started writing down all my thoughts and documented what I’ve been up to so this blog stays what its purpose was actually for: a diary.

So if all of a sudden I can’t or wont do anymore shoots or meet up with people this blog will probably turn into more of a diary again.

Because of blogging I discovered a lot of other cool blogs and although I was a bit worried writing in English  will put my German-speaking readers off or my friends that read some posts will lose interest, I actually got more international readers which I think is soooo coool!! Thanks you guys from over the German speaking border for tuning in every now and then ;D

OBVIOUSLY a biiiiig thank you goes to all my loyal readers and friends who keep checking my blog out every now and then. Seriously, it means so much to me! I wasn’t expecting anyone I know to read it nor that more than 10 people would actually subscribe to my blog, so I’m so happy some of you people care *almostfuckingcrieshappytears*.

I know my blog isn’t perfect and my writing skillz aren’t phenomenal but I’m happy to share my experience, tips&tricks and thoughts with you guys and be able to look back of what I achieved so far.

If any of you had the idea of starting an own blog for a long time or maybe got inspired by me please,  JUST DO IT!
Be it for showing awesome pictures, recipes, poems, hauls, deep thoughts or as your personal (public) diary, why not start today? 😀 I’d be your first reader if you link me to your blog! Or if you already run a blog comment down below (or hit me up on Facebook/Insta) I will definitly check it out 🙂
I’m a newbie myself but I’m more than happy to help and support you guys too!

Thankful happy greetings,