Are you still blogging?

Yes, I’m still alive! Here you see me standing next to a giant ant in Stockholm back in July.

The answer to this question is: Yes, I am!

As you probably seen I already announced my blogging break back in February and to be honest I didn’t expect to be gone for so long. But as you could already figure  (if you know me in person or read my last couple posts): I’m constantly super busy and it has turned into a bit of a bad habit of mine.

May to August has been quite a ride for me, I was on the brink of exhaustion again. 
So many things happened Continue reading


Taking a break

It’s already the last day of February and you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new blog post from me yet.

Even though the last few weeks I was super busy with work and my other hobbies I really wanted to publish a post but I had somewhat of a block. Not neccessary because I didn’t know what to write but rather on what to publish.

I tried to continue writing on some of the drafts I had, I even wanted to start something new but somehow I wasn’t a 100% convinced. I don’t want to post something only for the sake of ticking it of my monthly to-do list but rather because I thought it was important or creative enough to be posted. Plus I don’t want my posts to come of rushed since it takes a couple hours for me to write and review them until I’m finally content with the final result.

I even missed my two year blog anniversary two weeks ago although I’m quite content with what I achieved in 2017 blog-wise. It wasn’t as intense as 2016 but I had a couple posts in 2017 I am extremely proud of. Still I didn’t feel like I had to highlight my year.

As I mentioned before in previous posts, blogging isn’t my only hobby and at the moment it’s not my first priority. I also don’t think my day to day life would be really interesting for you especially if you’re not into Cosplay and KPop.
At the moment I’m focusing more on me and my goals instead of trying to do 10 things at once. Without the additional pressure I am finally more focused at work, I picked up on things again I neglected the last couple months and I couldn’t be more happy right now. Restraining myself and doing one thing after another works really well and makes it easier for me to spread positivity.

Anyways long story short: I love my blog and I don’t see a reason to delete it since I’m actually proud of what I posted so far. But I will be taking a break from blogging until I feel a 100% motivated again.  It could be that I’m returning with new content in a month already or maybe even only in fall. But I will stay active on my Social Media accounts, especially on Instagram since this is still my favourite platform of all (even with the new confusing algorithm!)

So don’t be sad, I won’t be gone for good and I don’t want my blog to be forgotten. Just give me some time and I will maybe return sooner than you think!

See you soon,


When jealousy takes over: A toxic friendship – my story

I can’t remember when I started getting suspicious about meeting new people but when I was a teenager I hardly opened up straight away. However, when someone gained my trust there was no coming back for me.
Mostly I’m happy with taking my guards down since some of these random acquaintances have developed into great friendships.

Unfortunately I’ve also run into some individuals who either changed from the person they were in the beginning or were hiding something from me over a long period of time. They dragged me down, led me into things I shouldn’t have done and were general a bad influence to me.
So during my teenage years I came across several toxic friendships but there’s one in particular I want to talk about today. Continue reading

From dying in heat to the first snow: Life update August to November

I’ve noticed that my Instapage didn’t really show what I was up to in the last couple months so if  you haven’t seen my Insta-Stories every now and then or met/talked to me in real life there’s a high chance that you wouldn’t know what was going on in my life since August!

As this blog is still my diary and I like these little up-date-posts from other bloggers too I want to give you the highlights of the last few months in a (hopefully rather short) recap:


After all the conventions and festivals in May, June and July (as you can read here and here) August was mostly filled with my besties surprise party preparation, practising with my dance group and a spontaneous shooting I didn’t expect having so soon.

If you haven’t seen the photos of this shooting here you go: Continue reading

Self discipline 

Even though you won’t necessarily think that of me if you only see my pictures on Instagram and here on my blog  but  I’m actually quite a lively, silly person and sometimes I’m all over the place.
Especially if I’m nervous I get super confused and my clumsiness gets at its worst.

I mean I’m pretty sure I was the kind of kid you would consider “hyperactive” nowadays Continue reading

Know your limits

Funny how I started writing this blogpost back in December (still blonde!)  when I finally didn’t feel like almost suffocating anymore due to stress. And now 8 months later I’m in a similar situation.
At least it’s not as bad this time because I realized how stressed out I was and tried to relax more.

There were way too many things I wanted to do at once because I just couldn’t say no and tried to squeeze in as many things into my free time as possible.
Being stressed out all the time made me extremely sensitive to noise. I heard EVERYTHING in the old apartment and couldn’t enjoy a bit of silence without earplugs in or my headphones on. I’m also having trouble sleeping next to someone who snores or talks during sleep I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as bad in the past, so that kind of sucks.

Me not being able to relax after work and feeling mentally exhausted all the time almost made it unbearable for me being at home in my bedroom. Continue reading