10 reasons why autumn is my favourite season

While there are many people right now moaning about how they already miss summer  there are also people – just like myself – that are looking forward to finally welcome the best season of the year:  AUTUMN.

Obviously summer is great because of all the music festivals and the sun tends to cheer most people up BUT I dislike the heat, staying in direct sun light and people’s deodorant seems to fail miserably in summer. So you NEED to take a shower almost everyday but you’re hardly able to take a hot bath 😦

Spring is also pretty nice because weather-wise it’s similar to autumn (more reverse tho since flowers are blooming and it gets rather warm) BUT for a lot of people it’s one of the most stressful time during the year because of all the final exams and a lot of people tend to move houses in spring 😮
Oh and I almost forgot, two words: HAY FEVER. If you suffer from it just like me you pretty much dislike spring only because of this reason 😦

Winter is my 2nd favourite season and as long as we have snow for at least 2 weeks and it doesn’t get tooo cold (I’m talking not feeling your feet, nose or hands -cold), I like the weather and the mood it gives you. No one gets mad if you rather want to stay in instead of going out and next to Christmas most people celebrate New Years which is also pretty fun (and sometimes scary at the same time).
But unfortunately during this season a lot of people get really depressed due to the cold weather, not getting enough sun light and especially for people who don’t have their family or friends to celebrate the holidays with 😦 Plus there are looads of accidents caused by  the snow and ice on the streets and people apparently loosing their ability to drive during winter.

So anyways why is autumn my favourite season? Here are my 10 reasons why ;D

1. It finally cools down
As I already mentioned I really dislike the sun and the heat. And believe me; I’m the last person that will moan about the heat and then complain again about the cold weather. Gimme that 15-22 degrees C° and I’m all happy. Finally I’m not melting while standing outside for 10 minutes and being in public transport doesn’t feel like sitting in a sauna with complete strangers anymore.

2. Layering clothes and wearing mostly black isn’t a problem anymore
During summer you’re able to wear shorts or a skirt a shirt and you’re done. Sometimes I don’t even change from my pyjamas because who cares, right? But where’s the fun in that? Accessories and cute cardigans and even some boots are a torture if you try to stay cool *geezenopunintendedhere*.

But in autumn I can finally wear my favourite clothes and layer the hell out of my outfits. I love to wear jeans, a shirt, a sweater or a cardigan and a light jacket or hoodie maybe a scarf and a beanie on top. And I can finally wear boots again without sweating 😀 Plus putting as much make up on my face as I want isn’t a problem either and I finally wont get any pimples from sweating on my face y’all.

A Crop top, highwaisted jeans, a long cardigan and some jewelry –> that’s one “autumn” outfit I like 😀
Also a light jacket and a scarf? Hell yeah!
Finally boots-season is baaaack

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte – do I need to say more?
As soon as Starbucks starts selling PSL again autumn has officially started in my eyes 😀
Pumpkin spice in general screams autmn for me: Pumpkin soup, pumpkin bake, steamed pumpkin and even pumpkin desserts mhhhh. I love what autumn has to offer when it comes to fruits and vegetables for example plums, berries, cherries, quince, pears, savoy and sweet corn.

4. Autumn weather
A lot of people find rain, fog, hail and cold weather in general rather depressing but for me it has something soothing. In comparison to summer autumn is rather calm and quiet instead of loud and bright. It’s the best to stay inside and watch the rain fall down while your drinking a hot chocolate, tea or coffee aaaah I love it.  The sound of rain also helps me sleep better.
Anyone else has the same feeling like me? 😀

Amsterdam last year in October *__*

5. Bubble baths and hot chocolate
Ah yes drinking hot beverages in summer is like eating ice cream in winter – it’s not that pleasant. So being able to have a hot chocolate whenever you want without feeling like you’re burning on the inside AND outside is awesome!
PLUS I can finallly take hot baths again and your girl needs her bubble baths every now and then. During autumn Lush brings out the most awesome autumn and halloween specials it’s my favourite time to go shopping there (christimas is also pretty cool but HALLOWEEN GUYS HALLOWEEN)

I mean look at thaaat
And here while watching the Walking Dead hehehe

6. Everyone finally “awakens” from the summer break
Summer break is finally over and a lot of people start a new school, apprenticeship, college or just came back from their summer vacation. While New Years basically only marks a new number on the calendar and you’re still the same person you’ve been 24 hours ago the rather cold autumn weather makes you realise that the summer “dream” is over so you have to face reality again. That‘s more of a new start to me.
What also finally returns of its summebreak are all the clubs and stores. A lot of bands go back on tour after the summer festivals,  publish new songs or albums and a lot of new games and movies come out in fall 😀

7. HALLOWEEN, clothing, decoration and horror movies
October must be my favourite month of the year (next to Novemher of course) because October screams HALLOWEEN I love halloween decorations, parties, costumes and even halloween themed movies. When I was younger I went trick or treating once or twice although it wasn’t as known here in Switzerland 12 years ago than it is today. So imagine all the confused people opening their doors to about 5 weirdly looking kids that wanted candy!
But yes I still try to dress up as something creepy every year. Here are a couple outfits or looks that I wore for Halloween events 😀

Can’t really see the outfit but I was a creepy maid and my bf was the creepy butler haha
I think that was my last years look 😀
This has to be halloween 2 years ago, DAMN look at that hair! I tried kind of a reptile make up look haha

I also tend to dress in darker colours or black more often and a add a lot of jewelry or accessories to my outfits. Oh and I love “autumn” scented candles mhhh
Obviously we can’t forget all the great horror movies that air around october or autumn-time! I’m obsessed with horror movies! Totally looking forward to the new “the Ring” movie called “Rings” *___*

8. My birthday
Yup your girl’s birthday is in November and compared to a lot of other people after the age of 21 I’m still heckin excited for my birthday EVERY YEAR. I even started to take at least one day off for my birthday because I love to sleep in and surround myself with people I like instead of being “stuck” at work with my co-workers where I “need” to bring a cake haha uuh this year I might bring some creepy pastry along to work hmmmm
Btw rather than partying on my birthday I love to invite close friends and just stay at home, eat, talk, play some video games or watch a movie together. It’s also cheaper and not as loud as going out :p


9. The beautiful scenery that is autumn
The leaves changing colours, fog and rain is just beautiful to look at! While it’s the blooming flowers and trees in spring, the fresh green of grass in summer and the all the ice and snow in winter in my opinion autumn is the most beautiful and diverse season when it comes to the look of your surroundings. It’s either perfect if it’s pleasantly cold and there’s a ray of sunlight peaking through the clouds every now and then or if you’re at home and just watch the wind swirl up all the fallen leaves aaaaah

10. Cuddling up

Cuddling with your significant other or just making yourself comfy in your bed in summer? Uhm not when it’s still over 25 degrees C° at night while running all of your fans and you’re sweating like crazy!

I love wearing comfy warm clothes, fluffy socks or a onesie when I’m at home or cuddling up with a blanket on the sofa while binge-watching series. But I tend to fall asleep and have too many naps a day sometimes. Sleep is good tho so napping can’t be too bad, right? ;D

How bout you? Do you wish it’s spring already or are you looking forward to autumn just like me? 😀

Autumnal greetings


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