31 Days Make-Up Challenge July (+ little OOTD Challenge) – My experience

It’s already (almost mid-)August so it’s definitely time for my 31 Days Make-Up Challenge July wrap-up!

So first of all I need to answer the question: Did I succeed the task of posting a makeup look every day in the month of July? YES, I did!

Did I also succeed to post at least four or one OOTD a week in the month of July? ALMOST, I posted three but there were enough sneaky outfits I posted on my Instagram story (that’ll do, right? 😉 )

So before getting into my whole experience and what I learned from it I want to show you the most liked looks according to the likes I got on Instagram:


There isn’t one but TWO looks that got the exact same amount of love as of today (this might change in the future):

I actually love both of these looks although they’re quite the opposite of each other. The one thing they got in common is that I apparently wanted to look extra pretty for my boyfriend (I mean, I don’t see him every day sooo why not haha)

These two looks came in second and third:

I was surprised that these two looks got so many likes because I must admit I wasn’t happy with how both of the pictures turned out. Apparently that didn’t bother anyone else though!

My personal favourites from last month were the following:

Aaaand I really loved my makeup on Day 1 as well! So apparently I dig the nude lip and “colourful” eye combo a lot. Must be because I tend to go for a darker lip in Autumn rather than in Summer.

Your favourite Outfit of the Day and also mine from the three I posted was:



OOTD from Day 14: The outfit for one of the most liked makeup looks this month ;D

If I remember correctly it was pretty hot this day (like almost every other day in July) so I chose to wear something light but took along a flannel just in case. I also made the effort of wearing a bit more accessories than usual which to me perfectly completed the look!

Totally missed out on my challenge or want to check out all the looks without scrolling through my Instagram Feed? No problem! You can find all pictures of my July challenge over on my Facebook page in this folder 😀

My feedback after the 31 Days of Make-Up Challenge July

To be honest although I loved doing my makeup rather than coming up with a new look every day the real challenge for me was to take good pictures especially if I was running out of time in the morning or when the weather was cloudy and editing/posting them was a real pain sometimes.

Not only was I annoyed that I wasn’t always able to do the makeup justice on pictures but creating a post took me at least 20 to 40 minutes incl. interruptions every time ! Which was especially nerve-racking when I was surrounded by friends or my boyfriend who had to “wait” until I was finished.
Now I still love doing my makeup don’t get me wrong but I probably won’t jump on the “MUA waggon” since this is just a hobby for me and there are sooo many talented and way more ambitious makeup artists out there.

Fashion on the other hand is something that I loved ever since I was 14 and discovered lookbook.nu where I got loads of inspiration and came across the first few fashion and lifestyle blogs.
I had quite a couple different fashion phases from Indie Hipster to Metalhead to Brandy Melville girl to modern Grunge and Goth style.
An outfit of someone always catches my attention more than a makeup look because they’re mostly more unique and if someone has an insane sense of fashion it’s basically a form of art for me!
Of course makeup is an art form as well but lately the looks I’ve seen have kind of been repetetive and just a few really blew me away.

So although I didn’t complete my OOTD-mini challenge it still motivated me to focus more on outfit looks in the future which I will also post over on my own Lookbook page.

What I also learned from this challenge is that I really have to get off my phone or at least Social Media a bit more which is hard for me because I try to keep up with answering all of my friends everywhere plus I’m kind of addicted to my phone

Now this might sound silly but it actually helps if I watch series or videos in a foreign language where I’m forced to read all the subtitles and not check my phone all the time (e.g. whil watching animes, k-dramas etc.)!
I have a really bad problem with staying focused on ONE thing lately so I try to handle this better in the future. If you guys got any suggestions (e.g. creating a list, closing all tabs you don’t need, turn off notifications or put your phone on “Don’t disturb” mode) HIT ME UP!

All in all although the challenge made me realise how I don’t want to be online all the time and concentrate more on fashion/writing more blog posts again I still really enjoyed it and am proud of myself for making it through a whole month again!

Will I do it again? Probably not anytime soon but I will try to post a makeup look every now and then 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my challenge and my little blog post didn’t expect it to get so personal tbh. I will try to get back into blogging more because I really missed it 😦

See yaa soon,
Ya gurl Vanessa


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