Friends, Cons and festivals – My June Highlights

Whaat, how is it already July now?! I was so extremely busy the last couple weeks that I had absolutely no chance in updating you or post a non-weekend-lookback-post, aaaah, I’m so sorry about that!

BUT! I decided to still post another monthly lookback of last month because although I have the memories I would like to write down a couple highlights for myself and you guys! As always most of the things I have posted on my Instagram but I will go a little more in depth here.

OH and there will be a little announcement at the end of this post ;D Edit: If you haven’t already seen.

Without further ado LET’S GO:

JAN, Davos Switzerland 2017

The first busy weekend started with me attending the JapAniMangaNight convention in Davos where I volunteered together with a good friend of mine!
I’ve never been there before but since I was almost working all day I didn’t experience everything from a “usual” visitor’s view instead we got to see a lot of behind-the-scenes-stuff which was pretty cool and we checked out every corner of the convention as good as possible.
There were also so many of our friends there that we got to hang out with!

The BerryKiss Version of our LoveLive Sunshine! Group ❤

My job at JAN was to help out at the so called Maid Café. If you’ve never heard of a Maid Café before let me explain it to you real quick:

The concept of a Maid Café is originally from Japan where cute girls dressed in short maid dresses will serve their costumers or “masters” with drinks, food and entertainment. They will sit at your table  chat with you, play games and an decorate your food but there are always rules that come with this (e.g. not touching the maids, not asking for their private information, not taking pictures without their consent and so on).

We didn’t work there as maids though but as helping hands in the background; We prepared the dishes and hot drinks for them so that they only had to serve the order and do their thing!

The other volunteers and also the work there were pretty cool and we absolutely loved the Maids from Lucky Chocolate Maid Café. These adorable guurls (and guys) from Germany were so cute in and outside of their “character”.

I even made friends with a few of them and saw some of them a week later at:

Dokomi, Düsseldorf Germany 2017

Leaving work on Friday noon I met up with my bestie at the Zurich airport where we then headed to Düsseldorf to the Dokomi Convention.
Three of our lovely friends and BerryKiss members where already there and welcomed us to our absolutely amazing Air BnB! It was already evening when we arrived so we decided to make ourself a home and ordered some Sushi, Noodles and more!

The next morning on Day 1 of Dokomi my roomie and me wore our Magical Girls Raising Project Cosplays while our friends either went there casual or in their own Cosplays!

We had to stand in line quite a bit but I must admit it was worth it! Dokomi is huuuuuge in comparison to the few conventions I’ve been to in Switzerland. There were 3 or 4 exhibition halls filled with so many things to look at and buy. If I remember correctly the first thing we were looking for was something to eat since we were starving! Afterwards we grabbed some yummy bubble tea and strolled around the convention area.

Although the whole area was HUGE we coincidentally ran into EVERYONE we knew from Switzerland that were also there.
So while some of us were looking at merch my bestie and me registered for the Maid Café since I got a little extra reservation because of knowing them personally from the work at JAN (otherwise you would have needed to get reservations beforehand and normally their booked out pretty quickly since their maid café is very well done and pretty popular at  Dokomi!)

We took a couple pictures of other cosplayers there and we also got recognised for our cosplays!

We spent a couple hours at the Maid Café with our absolute lovely maid (I think her name was Leila!) and then headed back home since we were absolutely exhausted of walking around all day, seeing so many people and wearing our Cosplay while doing so.

Before heading to bed my bestie and me finally decided to create a little Cosplay Instagram page so please go check it out if you’re interested! ;D

Follow us on our new cosplay page @parasytesinwonderland!

On Day 2 of Dokomi we wore our Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Cosplay which I was so excited to finally wear since I waited almost 2 months for my outfit to arrive!
So many people either recognised my cosplay or just wanted to take a picture of me  because they thought I looked cute in it. For me other people wanting to take pictures or even just recognising the cosplay is the biggest compliment!

Another thing we wanted to do on day 2 was to check out the sell and buy area and then buy everything in the artists hall because we didn’t have time on Day 1.
We basically spent half the day there walking through all the aisles talking to the artists and buying their stuff OMG!!

After at least 3 hours of checking out the artist’s hall and buying waaaay tooo much stuff from them (you can’t blame us, there were so many talented artists there!) we got our luggage at the exit and changed into some comfier clothes. We then made our way back home were we landed late in the evening.

Let’s have a short cute kitten break, shall we?

A day after Dokomi I finally had time to meet a dear friend of mine whom I haven’t seen for almost a year.
If you didn’t know already I’m an absolute dog person but even I get weak when seeing these furry babies she had at her home!!

Greenfield Festival 2017

Since it was a bank holiday on Monday I only had to work on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then already headed to Interlaken for my 9th Greenfield Festival in a row!

Too keep it short and simple: Sadly this year’s line up didn’t blow my mind but I was super excited for seeing my childhood heroes Green Day who had an amazing show! They even played an 2.5 hours (!!) set and involved so many fans it was absolutely adorable! I’m so bummed that I left about 1.5 hours in because I didn’t expect them to play this long and I wanted to see another band too (that wasn’t even that good, ugh!).

This absolute beautiful scenery is already a reason to visit the Greenfield Festival

It was super hot but  generally nice weather, I was hanging out at the camping area with loads of awesome people, I saw ALL my friends that went there and even met some cool new people and there was zero drama!

This is actually everything I want for having a good time at a festival!

After coming home on late Sunday afternoon we were absolutely exhausted but happy 🙂

Birthdays, Justin Bieber and new look!

On Monday after the Greenfield weekend I visited my friend after work who celebrated her birthday at her place. We ate some selfmade pizza and just chatted until it got really late haha But we still had a good time although we were almost melting because of the heat!

And since I won some front row tickets for the Justin Bieber show (Yes, I do enjoy his music, I’m serious #sorrynotsorry #justhisnewalbumthough) I only worked until Thursday morning and headed to Berne in the afternoon.

The concert was actually pretty amazing! He did a very good job at singing, dancing, playing the guitar and the drums and just entertaining the audience in general.
But OH MY GOD it was so loud! Everytime a song ended these gurls were screaming their lungs out, I actually had to cover my ears not to go deaf.

After that I finally enjoyed a relaxing weekend and topped everything off by finally getting my damaged hair chopped off:

Tadaaa! Yes it’s shorter and I dyed it black too, what do you guys think?

Aaand we finally moved houses! I’m so glad we got to move away from this noisy place and have more space so my roomie and me are able to just retire to our rooms without getting in each others way all the time (I really needed a bit more space and rest because that noisy appartment building was driving me insane!). We’re still in the midst of putting everything where it should be BUT it’s starting to look and definitely feel like home ❤

So that was my June! As you can see it was VERY busy.
That’s why I reeeeaally want to take it easy the next few weeks at least until September because there will be a lot going on with my dance group and loads of birthday celebrations again.

That doesn’t mean that I will not post anything on Social Media just staying at home and sleep I actually planned something exciting again for July as already announced on Instagram I will be doing the


JULY MAKE UP CHALLENGE *whoop* (currently on Day 5)

I already did this back in September but this time I want to include an outfit of the day at least once a week! I used to post ootd’s regularly because it kind of inspired me to put more effort into my outfits. Hope you look forward to seeing more of these kind of pictures in the future haha

So I guess that’s it! Sorry if it seemed rushed or half-hearted but the heat wave and constant weather changes make it really hard for me to focus 😦

Hope to speak to you guys soon!!

Summer hugs,


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