Tokyo adventures Part II

Hope you guys enjoyed reading part one of our Tokyo adventures over on my last post ;D

Now I’m going to reveal why we “had” to go back to Harajuku and get some cute dresses and that’s because we went to…

Day 4 – Disneyland Tokyo!!

Before you’re asking why we wanted to go to Disneyland in Tokyo if Disneyland Paris would be way closer to us here in Switzerland; Well first of all both of us haven’t been in a Disneyland before, secondly why shouldn’t we go if we get the chance we won’t be back in Japan anytime soon unfortunately and thirdly BECAUSE IT WAS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO GO THERE IN LOLITA
and take pictures 😀

Probably looks the same in every Disneyland ;D

So getting up earlier than usual we got dressed, packed our stuff and headed to the train station. And I kid you not: We didn’t even get ONE funny look but without trying to sound conceited  there was also no one complimenting us either: Apparently Japanese people are just too reserved to show any reaction at all! Or maybe it’s just because we were tourists? Idk.

Finally arriving at our stop, getting through the park’s security check and buying our tickets we got in to the entrance hall and it was beautiful!

Obviously we know Disneyland from all the pictures and vlogs out there but it’s still something else if you go there in person! First off we grabbed some fastpass tickets which are NOT available for sale and you are only able to pick up one ticket every two hours or so and they’re gone pretty quickly depending on how many people are in the resort.

Since it was Saturday and really nice weather, there were loads of people!

those fastpass tickets saved our lifes to be honest! And we got some green Star Wars Churros!

After grabbing our fastpass ticket for the Star Wars ride Star Tours we looked for something to eat and after realising that everything had meat in it I eventually found a place where I could eat vegetable Japanese curry. It wasn’t only super cute but also sooooo delicious!

Sneaky pic of the cutie and my delicious veggie Disney meal!

Fully energized we still had about an hour until we could stand in the fastpass line for the Star Tours ride so we figured why not explore all the different themed “worlds” there.

It looks huge at first but we walked through it pretty quickly ;D

After starting at the more futuristic “Tomorrowland” we walked through the princess themed “Fantasyland” but didn’t feel like standing in line for any rides or attractions.
So we were looking around and didn’t even notice that we already walked past “Critter Country” (where you could go on one of the main rides called Splash Mountain) and stood in the middle of “Westernland” where we decided to take some cute pictures!

After our first of many little “photo shoots” we went back to Tomorrowland for the Star Wars ride.

While waiting for our turn to stand in line we spotted LOADS of people were walking around in twin or even group looks.
After thinking that it must be a coincidence  at first we figured that this has to be something common in Japan or at least in theme parks; Which is rather clever considering you could lose your friends and find them just by looking around for people who are dressed the same as you!

It was finally our turn to stand in line for the Star Tours ride which was basically a simulated 3D ride where you are inside a StarSpeeder 1000 led by a very confused C3PO. And although everything was in Japanese we still had a blast!

Next we returned to the Fantasyland to get our hands on some fastpass tickets for the Haunted Mansion. But now we had to wait almost 4 hours until we were able to stand in the fastpass line. So we decided to explore the rest of the map and headed towards “Adventureland” which kind of reminded us of a tropical themed world where Lilo & Stich would live!
After checking out the Disney merch shop (we were on the look for some cute Disney ears obviously and maybe some other cute souvenirs) we were surprised to find something that reminded us of home:

So much Swissness in one photo! :p

Why the hell is there a Swiss Family Treehouse in the middle of that “tropical” themed world? Since we wanted to take a picture of this whimsical situation a nice Japanese Disney worker offered to take this beautiful picture of us in front of the sign without even knowing where we’re from haha

We also visited the small section of “Critter Country” but there was no chance on earth we would stand in line for 150 minutes to go on Splash Mountain in Lolita! So we just took a couple more pictures there

Heading back to Fantasyland to get to Toontown we decided to stand in line for about 45 minutes to get on the ride Snow White’s Adventures which was absolutely adorable!

Since there was still plenty of time left for the Haunted Mansion we checked out Toontown with all its cute houses!
We even visited Minnie’s house:

Grabbing tea at Minnie’s, what else?

Actually we wanted to go back and get some Churros back at Tomorrowland (they sold green Star Wars “Lightsaber” Churros with melon flavour!) but we were stopped by the huuuge Disney parade that literally came out of nowhere!
If you’ve ever been to Disneyland before: I’ve been told that the parade in Tokyo is exactly the same as in Paris!

It was starting to get colder and colder (Disneyland Tokyo lies next to the sea so it was very windy!) so after getting our Churros we decided to look for that comfy Disney poncho everyone was wearing. My bestie wanted to get it from the beginning because it looked so warm and fluffy but it wasn’t cheap!
We had to gave in though since we couldn’t risk getting sick after not even a week of being in Tokyo!

Totally exhausted from walking back and forth all the time, we took a short break before going on the Haunted Mansion ride: Which was actually really well made but more of a slow ride and unfortunately we didn’t understand a word of this scary story because it was ALL IN JAPANESE, UGH.

A bit disappointed of this ride we decided to go on one last ride before heading home.
We went back to “Toontown” and on to the Gadget’s Go Coaster which looked like a really fast ride where people were screaming and closing their eyes!
So after about 30 minutes of standing in line we went on it aaaaand … welp it was a cute ride to say the least but these people must never been on any extreme rides!
We’d imagine how they’d react when going on one of the rides they have in Europa Park, Germany would they pass out on them?

Extremely exhausted we finally wanted to go home: So we grabbed some last things from the souvenir shop, took the train home, went back to our hotel and called it a night!

FullSizeRender 8
Here’s my little Disney “haul”:  I got some cute Minnie ears, snacks a pin, a mask and that notorious poncho!

Day 5 – The Ghibli museum disappointment and the Good Smile Cafe (Akihabara)

After getting up early and knowing the weather will get worse after Saturday, we slept in as long as possible on Sunday and were planning to get tickets for the Ghibli museum.

Because fun fact there are NO TICKETS available in the museum itself ??
So either you had to get them online if you’re not in Japan at the moment or if you’re already in Japan you had to go in to a convenient store called “Lawson”.
Luckily there was a Lawson about 15 minutes away from out hotel. We finally got there aaaand there were no tickets until the end of April, great.

No Ghibli museum for us then 😦

Our reaction when we found out we couldn’t go to the Ghibli museum 😦

Totally disappointed we made our way to Akihabara to give it a second chance: I saw that there were many cafes we didn’t check out and bookstores we could have gone. There were even cool cafes right next to the train station!

BUT I was eager to find the “Good Smile Cafe” in Akihabara because I heard that they were currently having a Little Witch Academia (there are two movies from that series which my bestie loved so I also started watching it) theme going on there.

We finally found it inside a huge building and got up all 5 floors until we were finally in the cafe! Before you got in to the cafe there was a store which sold wigs and cosplays and apparently you were only able to get into the cafe at certain times.
We were lucky enough to be able to get in after waiting for about 5 minutes!

It’s all in Japanese here but look at the cute menu!

The cafe was absolutely adorable! The staff was super friendly and tried to explain everything to us in English as good as possible but they also had everything translated in English on a sheet for their foreign costumers!
Each of us had to order at least one drink and one meal and we were able to stay there for about an hour.
We ordered the cutest Little Witch Academia drinks and food and after we were finished they were even doing some kind of lottery and you also had some time to buy some merch.

After that we basically just looked around each floor until we reached the bottom with the exit again. Each floor was filled with SO MANY figures, posters and all sorts of merch of all kinds of Animes and Mangas, it was insane and almost too much for us.

After that we wanted to head back to our hotel and grab something to eat.
In the evening we were relaxing, watching some Animes on my laptop and were basically just lazy staying in our hotel while it was raining and cold outside. Call us boring but we we’re still on vacation, okay? We needed to relax a bit as well ;D

Day 6 – Cute crepes and Anime boys at Ikebukuro and finally some Pizza (again)!

Our plan was to revisit Ikebukoro again first because I coincidentally saw that there was going to be a Ditto special from March 25th onwards at the Pokemon center and I really wanted to grab a Yuri on Ice-Makkachin crepe because it looked so cute and delicious!

So getting up at a casual time again (the weather was still pretty gross so the motivation to get up wasn’t too big) we headed to Ikebukuro since not only did we want to revisit the Yuri on Ice-Special at Namja Town and the Pokemon center but I also read that there was another cute Anime cafe right next to the Sunshine- shopping center!

Almost getting lost because of a detour we found the cafe again in a huuge building called “animate” which was again filled with Cosplays, merch and also another cute themed cafe! This time luckily the cafe was on the bottom floor.

But since we were hungry and they only sold drinks plus I wasn’t too keen on their theme (which was the sports-anime Kuroko no Basket) we only took some pictures and tried our luck at the keychain machines and decided to get the crepe first before returning here to see the other floors!

Since it was a rather rainy day, the shopping center was filled with loads of people this time!
Determined to get on with this quickly  I got my crepe and although there were so many other options to eat we just got the crepe, ate it and left again, because we were already getting a bit of a headache from all the people, the loud music and the screaming children! But hey, look how successful I was:


Afterwards we went straight to the Pokemon Center which again was filled with way more people than last time! We got our hands on some more Pokemon stuff but especially the cute Ditto goodies!

We then went back to the animate building to take a look at every floor (maybe they’re not filled with only figurines and books, right?).
It was way more organised than the one at Akihabara and they were more specialised in Cosplays and Cosplay utensils, wigs, make up and so on. I also got some things for Cosplay make up and wig cutting/styling 😀

They even had two separate closed floors which were for Cosplay photo shootings! Unfortunately we couldn’t get a look because it was only for booked shootings and not public. While I was on the toilet my bestie was able to sneak through the curtains after someone went in and she said that there was a little swimming pool filled with balls and that it looked really fun! *sigh* maybe next time ;D

The weather made us feel extremely tired and hungry so we decided to get something to eat and then go back tot our hotel.

We were craving pizza again so we obviously got some!

We will definitely check out Disneyland here in Paris sometime soon to also go on the more thrilling rides in a more casual outfit ;D And if you watch Animes I definitely recommend you to check out one of these cute cafes!!

So since the day at Disneyland  was already a lot to write I decided to make one final post about our adventures in Tokyo which I will post soon!

Japanese hugs (no idea if these really exist)


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  1. Sounds like your having a great time over there. I’d like to get there someday myself, but, alas, i don’t think it is going to be any day soon.


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