Tokyo adventures Part I

As you guys already know from me talking about it for months and months and posting it on my Instagram; I’m currently in Japan with my bestie, in Tokyo to be exact and so far it’s been awesome!!

Obviously I had to document our trip here and since it’s been quite a lot I will split it in two, maybe three parts so the posts won’t be too overwhelming!

Jumping right into:

Day 0 – From Zurich to Tokyo

After packing the last things in the morning we headed to Zurich airport on time and checked in our luggage where the first confusion occured: There was no Ana airlines check in counter nor was the airline listed on the self check-in machine.
Feeling bad we went to the check in counter for the Swiss airlines just to be told off by the lady who worked there “that we could have actually check in ourselves” because although it wasn’t written anywhere we were apparently flying with Swiss. Obviously with this information we could have gone to the machine but the lady already checked us in.

Two poops after about 4 hours of waiting at the Zurich Airport

After checking in we looked up our flight which was in about 2 hours only to see that they updated the status to “Delayed”. The flight was only due at 5 pm, it was 10 am..
We grabbed something to eat and somehow managed to kill 4 hours of time without realising. 3 hours before our flight we went through security and then to our gate.
When we coincidentally checked our seats we found out that one of us was sitting next to the window and the other one was sitting somewhere in the mid section 2 rows away from each other!
Because of technical difficulties there was no chance to reserve the seat before the flight and thanks to the “nice” check in lady we didn’t have a clue that the whole flight was fully booked and there was no chance we could swap seats.

Luckily the guy sitting next to my bestie was nice enough to take my window seat, so I could sit next to her – wohoo for friendly Japanese people!
Because of not having anything to lean on I couldn’t sleep at all during the 12 hour- flight to Japan and my back and neck were KILLING ME.

Finally in Japan we hopped on the train to Tokyo and after an hour and almost getting lost at the train station (while it was heavily raining) we finally found our hotel, checked in and immediately fell asleep for at least 3 hours.  We woke up, grabbed some food at the food vending machine and then went back to sleep.

The holy vending machine in our hotel! (Was a life saver tbh)

What a start to our vacation, right?

Day 1- Akihabara and Harajuku

On our first full day in Tokyo we bought a rechargeable train ticket for the whole railway network in Tokyo. Originally our first destination was Harajuku but thanks to Jetlag and loads of confusion we went the wrong direction an spontaneously decided to go to Akihabara:

There were SO. MANY. AMUSEMENT ARCADES. with claw cranes and music was playing from everywhere, sometimes even three different things in ONE STORE and sooo louuud. But it was definitely something we’ve never seen before!

So after spending way to much money on one of the many teddy pickers where we both managed to grab something (my bestie was lucky with one try and I was probably spending about 2000 yen, approx. 19-20 swiss francs, for a LoveLive keychain and a pack of bubblegum) we started to feel hungry and where looking for something to eat.

Just to make two things clear: Except for cup noodle ramen, vegetarian sushi and some Japanese desserts I really don’t like the Japanese cuisine at all. :-/ Plus as a vegetarian it’s even harder to find something I liked that doesn’t have fish or meat in it because apparently Japanese people love their fish and meat. They also like to put egg yolk (which I despise the taste of,  I only like egg white if I’m eating eggs at all) OVER EVERYTHiNG next to that notorious fish sauce they adore.
So we ended up going to McDonalds where I was only able to eat some french fries, YAY.

I also heard that Japanese people don’t drink anything in public except if they’re in a restaurant since it could be considered rude (btw there are loooads of other rules here in Japan which I will go in depth with in the second or third post) so I wasn’t drinking enough either..

After being a bit disappointed of Akihabara we headed to Harajuku and right into Takeshita Street:

Although the shopping street was extremely crowded we already liked this place way more than Akihabara. A lot of different stores, food and sweets  stands and so maaany fashionable cute people! We were sure that we will re-visit this place as soon as possible (and I wasn’t wrong!).

Needless to say a lot of damage was done in Harajuku:

Although this is already quite a lot we “only” managed to actually buy something from two (!!) stores haha

But thanks to me still suffering from Jetlag and lack of food and water my headache was getting really bad, so we decided to head back to our hotel and go to bed early.

Day 2 – Ikebukoro and Harajuku (again)

We actually wanted to go to Ikebukuro and Shibuya this day but we didn’t realise that the huge Pokemon Store was just next to the place I wanted to go to originally (which was Namja Town – an indoor theme park). I have to admit I thought the Megastore was even bigger but the choice of stuff was still overwhelming!

After we spend a good amount of time (and money) at the Pokemon Center we headed to the destination we actually wanted to go to: Namja Town.
As I already mentioned above it’s an indoor theme park but since this is rather aimed at a younger audience we decided to just take a look at the restaurants inside and the merch store. At the moment one of the themes there is the rather new and very popular Ice Skating-Anime “Yuri on Ice”.  Although being skeptical at first I ended up loving this show and joined the hype. So obviously I had to get my hands on as many things as I could grab and we decided to return here so we could get some Yuri on Ice-themed food!

Look at how much effort they put into the Yuri on Ice themed menu!

Since we still had some time left and didn’t even make it to the end of Takeshita Street at Harajuku the day before, we decided to go back there again!

After unpacking all our shopping goods we decided to finally watch Hachiko – one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen; It’s about probably the best dog in the world *crieswaterfalls*.

But obviously there was a plan behind watching Hachiko in the evening.

Which leads us to..

Day 3 – Shibuya and Harajuku (we love this place, okay?)

So the reason we watched Hachiko the night before was because we wanted to see the statue of him at the Shibuya train station! There were so many people surrounding the statue though (not only is it a popular tourist attraction but also a meeting point) that we didn’t want to pose for a picture in front of dozens of impatient strangers. So this picture will do!

After crossing the world-famous Shibuya crossing (which is as insane as it looks!) we were actually on the look for something to eat but were distracted by the huge Forever 21. So after almost starving we finally got some yummy pasta and walked into the cutest make up store which sold loads of Sailor Moon, Disney and all sorts of cute themed beauty products!

Because there are always so. many. people. at Harajuku we wanted to go there again to finally get our hands on some cute Lolita dresses (again not without purpose muahaha).

Exhausted again from a long day we decided to go to bed earlier since an exciting day was ahead of us. We went to TGI Fridays where we had some amazing Mozzarella sticks and some goood fooood (finally!). Absolutely full but content we headed back to our hotel and fell asleep almost immediately.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first part of our Tokyo adventures ;D And I really try to get these posts up as soon as possible but it takes a lot of time to write them while I’m actually still in Japan so please be patient ^.^

Arigatou gozaimasu!



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    1. We already checked out Daiso (I guess that’s what the 100 Yen Store there is called :o) on the first day of being in Harajuku and then again today on our last day ;D It was definitely a success both times!

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