Join my ride into the world of Cosplay

IMG_4690You might have noticed in a couple posts (here, here, here , here and the most recent one to list up a few) that I mentioned the term “Cosplay” every once in while.
For you guys who are rather unfamiliar with this subject let me try to give you a little introduction to what this is all about (from a newbie perspective because I am faaaar away from being a pro):

“Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character…”

.. and that’s how Wikipedia describes the word “Cosplay”. So basically it’s the hobby of dressing up as your favourite characters from movies, games, comics, Animes etc.
But it’s not just dressing up; In my opinion it’s much more than that and I finally decided to give it a go!

A litte story on how I got into Cosplay

I love dressing up for Halloween or themed parties but I always had huge respect for people who made their own outfit or wore their (bought) Cosplay so convincing that it looked accurate to the character. I mean, how cool is it to see a character you normally only know in 2D jump out into the “real world”?

So fast forward to 2015: I think I’ve never actually been to a convention before and thanks to a co-worker who has now become a close friend of mine (hiiiii Mana 😀 <3) I started watching Anime again, had a personal connection to Cosplay and even went to a new (and my very first) big convention called Fantasy Basel wearing my first Cosplay!

There you go: My first Cosplay I put together and wore in public!

Around the same time my bestie also got more into Anime and Cosplay thanks to a mutual friend who’s been in this community for a long time. So obviously we went there together and she dressed up as Raven from the DC Comics 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have a picture from her outfit but if she’ll wear it again maybe she’ll upload it over on her instagram ;D

In early 2015 two of my favourite YouTubers went to Japan and seeing what they experienced there really made me want go there too! Then in later 2015 my ex-co-worker and now dear friend who I mentioned before booked a flight to Japan for Spring 2016. I almost joined her but because it was all on waay to short notice I unfortunately couldn’t go there. Honestly, it was better that way!

2016: When it all started

Since I’m a determined person and my financial situation finally allowed me to:
My bestie and me decided to take Japanese lessons (I know how stereotypical, right? :p). I would have loved to continue the classes but at that time it would have been a risk to afford it.
So obviously there was already a blogpost (in German) about my fascination to Japan ;D Who would have fucking thought a year later I would actually go to Japan?!

Then, although being hesitant at first (because of all the pervs and creeps), I finally joined a couple Facebook groups for Geeks, Cosplayers and Otakus (“nerds” of the Anime world)  and introduced myself.
I have to admit there were a couple creeps writing and almost drooling over me but I also met a couple cool people thanks to the groups 🙂

Because of these groups my just-as-obsessed-bestie and me heard that a mutual friend of ours was planning an event  for the Swiss “Otaku” community to dress up fancy, in costume or Cosplay and meet like-minded people without being judged. We then ended up volunteering at this event and I even wrote a bit about it in this post (in German again :D)

Some of the guests there were also girls from BerryKiss who we were observing from a far but didn’t knew yet and would only get to meet about a month later!

A couple of weeks after this event Fantasy Basel Convention 2016 was just around the corner. My bestie and me obviously went there in full Cosplay again. This time even my boyfriend joined our little group:

Ironically there were also a couple of girls from BerryKiss at Fantasy Basel which brings us to how my bestie and me got into this cute rather unknown dance group called BerryKiss:

Exactly a day after I published this blog post about Fantasy Basel in May 2016 our then group leader made a post where she was looking for two new group members who would replace two existing members who weren’t able to join the Aki no Matsuri where they would have a live performance.

A mutual friend of ours was already in that group and asked us if we would like to join. So after peeking in to the training we decided to join them an about a month later we both became integral members of the group. Which for me opened all the doors to the world of Cosplay and Anime!

My bestie and me in full Cosplay for the photoshooting we had with our dance group.

Discrimination and negativity outside and inside the Cosplay/Otaku Community:

So since Cosplayers and all the “Otakus” are already rather special in their normal life for liking Animes, Mangas, Japan and dressing up in their free time you would expect them to be the most tolerant and open people, right?
Well I have noticed that somehow there’s kind of an unnecessary discussion about “Which anime is the best”, “Who wore their Cosplay better”, “Who’s the most popular in this scene” to where I as a newbie ask myself: Are these people out of their mind?

One good example of this nonsense I came across was an innocent post of a young male who introduced himself in one of the Cosplay groups.
Quick disclaimer: Normally the people in this community are really nice and even try to make friends with each other since it’s pretty awesome sharing the same interests. So this really shocked me!

So this guy introduces himself with his age, his hobbies and his favourite Anime.
A BIG MISTAKE: The Anime he mentioned used to be very popular a couple years ago but nowadays opinions divide into 50% who loved this anime and 50% who absolutely hated it. I myself didn’t like it so I dropped it. If someone likes it I don’t care, you do you.
But apparently not for the other “older” guys in this group:

There was one guy I immediately blocked after giving him a piece of my mind who told this poor new guy to KILL HIMSELF and adding a meme with a hanging man to it because he didn’t like this guys’ favourite Anime. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?
There were idiots who were actually supporting this douchebag but also a lot of people were attacking him for his absolute unnecessary childish bevahiour. He tried to justify his actions because he wanted to “help” this guy find better Animes?!
The best part about this whole discussion was that when confronted this older guy recommended  him another absolute rubbish Anime in my opinion but tells this guy to kill himself for liking another Anime HE doesn’t like? SERIOUSLY?

Another example of  a negative situation is the one with the “who did the better Cosplay” where either it’s: “OMG, did you see her she BOUGHT this cosplay how pathetic..” or than: “Eww, she made her Cosplay herself? It looks so shitty hahaha”.

What even is this kindergarten? This unnecessary negativity is what gets on my damn nerves. There will eventually be an own blog post around this subject also explaining certain terms who were harmless once but now have become insults such as Otakus or Weeaboos (weebs for short) since as you can tell this really bugs me!

Luckily the good still outweighs the bad:
I see so many amazing Cosplayers, groups or got compliments and even people who wanted to take pictures of me because of my outfits. People are encouraging or helping one another for future events or Cosplay plans and mostly they aren’t judging each other but rather feel confident since they’re surrounded by people who won’t judge them and that’s wonderful!

2017: What’s next?

I’ve got sooo many plans concerning Cosplays and conventions especially since joining my dance group and visiting the Final Fantasy Festival. I really feel like I want to dive in to this world of Cosplay and Anime more.

So the upcoming conventions I’m (pretty) certain I’ll attend are:

And maybe a couple smaller events which I will go to  🙂

All of this said I will probably have to cut back on my blog which means I won’t be posting every week but I will still try to publish something 2-3 times a month if possible.

There will probably be Cosplay related topics as I already mentioned above such as:
– Work in Progress of Cosplays I want to do myself
– How I prepare for a convention
– My make up and outfit for going to these events
– How I deal with hate or negativity etc.

I also thought of making a separate Instagram account for my Cosplay stuff but this will only happen if my “regular” Insta posts will drown in all of the Cosplay-related things which maybe won’t interest everyone who follows my blog.
If not you will just see a post every now and then because it’s still something out of my everyday life and my blog is still a diary for me 😉 But I will keep you updated on that.

To sum this all up I will be flying to Japan very soon and I’m soooo excited about that. There will definitely be at least one post about our adventure there so be excited for that ;D

So how about you? Are you in this community yourself? Or is that something you could never relate to because it’s just not your thing?

In disguise greetings,


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