First anniversary of my blog!

It’s  already been a year since I started this blog (originally in German and under the URL and so far I’m pretty content with how regularly I posted and that I didn’t just drop the idea of running a blog!

So let’s see what my milestones were on this blog during its first year:

Starting with my content I had quite the struggle of finding my niche. I wanted to run a lifestyle and fashion blog but it kind of turned into a beauty, lifestyle and random thoughts blog and I won’t even complain about that 🙂

I also reduced the post count from two a week to about one every week. Plus I try not to ramble too much since shorter blog posts seem to obviously keep the attention of my readers.
But since I love to read some long posts every now and then myself, I kept my diary-writing-style in most posts.

What I’ve been thinking about a lot a long time already (after about 3 months or so) is if I want to buy my “own” URL and host my blog.
Since there have been a couple technical and financial difficulties for me in the past I didn’t have time to properly overthink this until now. BUT I’m still planning on moving this blog to a new page preferably without all the annoying ads that pop up under my posts.
That’s definitely a big goal I set myself for my blog this year so let’s see how this goes 😉

Since running my blog I was able to work with a lot of awesome photographers! I can’t promise you that this will be a regular thing on my blog since I kind of just go with the flow.
Sometimes I get asked if I’m interested in a shooting and sometimes I take the opportunity to sign up for a shooting depending on my mood and motivation. But next to my low-quality content pictures (which are totally okay in my opinion) I’m more than happy to feature a couple high quality photos on my blog every now and then.

Here are some pictures of shootings I was able to do until now,  I’m still so thankful for all of them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to my blog I wasn’t only able to work with all these awesome photographers but I also met a lot of cool new people and made new friends. Some of them are bloggers (or became blogger) as well and some are just people I met or started talking again because they read some of my posts!

I started writing down all my thoughts and documented what I’ve been up to so this blog stays what its purpose was actually for: a diary.

So if all of a sudden I can’t or wont do anymore shoots or meet up with people this blog will probably turn into more of a diary again.

Because of blogging I discovered a lot of other cool blogs and although I was a bit worried writing in English  will put my German-speaking readers off or my friends that read some posts will lose interest, I actually got more international readers which I think is soooo coool!! Thanks you guys from over the German speaking border for tuning in every now and then ;D

OBVIOUSLY a biiiiig thank you goes to all my loyal readers and friends who keep checking my blog out every now and then. Seriously, it means so much to me! I wasn’t expecting anyone I know to read it nor that more than 10 people would actually subscribe to my blog, so I’m so happy some of you people care *almostfuckingcrieshappytears*.

I know my blog isn’t perfect and my writing skillz aren’t phenomenal but I’m happy to share my experience, tips&tricks and thoughts with you guys and be able to look back of what I achieved so far.

If any of you had the idea of starting an own blog for a long time or maybe got inspired by me please,  JUST DO IT!
Be it for showing awesome pictures, recipes, poems, hauls, deep thoughts or as your personal (public) diary, why not start today? 😀 I’d be your first reader if you link me to your blog! Or if you already run a blog comment down below (or hit me up on Facebook/Insta) I will definitly check it out 🙂
I’m a newbie myself but I’m more than happy to help and support you guys too!

Thankful happy greetings,


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