Lush Luckybag and Valentine’s Day Special Haul

I’ve been working on a Lush bath bomb favourites and demo video for almost a year now but I had some technical difficulties (such as not having enough storage space on my camera and then on my laptop plus noticing there was footage missing!) so I wasn’t able to finally finish it.
BUT I’m working on it, I swear!

So in the meantime let’s have another Lush haul, shall we?

The last Lush haul’s already a couple months ago, back when they had their Autumn/Halloween collection. Since they’re Christmas special has come to an end now and they need space for their Valentine’s Day products, they were temporarily handing out Luckybags depending on how much you spend on their (online) stores.

As always I wasn’t planning on getting too much (I was only in need of a new conditioner everything else was something that I just wanted :p) but here’s what I got in my first order including the content of my Luckybag:

American Cream Hair Conditioner (1) a repurchase from last time’s Lush Haul. So basically that says it all.

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip scrub (2) I have extremely dry lips especially around the winter time. So  before using a lip balm I put some lip scrub on my lips rub it in and get rid of the dead skin so I can properly prepare them for my beloved matte lipsticks (which aren’t just beautiful but also extremely drying!).

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar (3) is from Lush’s Christmas collection and unfortunately not available anymore. But it’s something that has come back every year!
If you didn’t get your hands on that cute, citrusy and orange scented bubble bar, try again next year ;D

Ceridwen´s Cauldron Bath melt  is a super luxurious bath melt which I already used (that’s why it’s not on the picture, sorry!). The bath melt itself is hidden inside a little muslin pouch which you can rub on your body without directly touching your skin or just let it melt in your bath.
It smells like creamy lavender: Absolutely delicious and relaxing too!

As I already mentioned above I was quick enough to get my hands on one Luckybag (you had to spend at least 65 Swiss francs online or in store to get a free Luckybag). So the big question is:

How lucky was I with my Luckybag?

Cynthia Silvia Stout Shampoo (4) At first I wasn’t as happy as I am now because I expected this shampoo to have an obnoxious beer scent to it.
But I was positively surprised after using it and combining it with the American Cream conditioner: It smelled absolutely lovely and left my hair shiny and soft!

Autumn Leaf Bath bomb as already known from my last Lush Haul.  It has a pretty cool effect as a bath bomb in your bath but unfortunately it’s not available in stores anymore. It would be cool if it returned next year though!

Here's the Mistletoe bath bomb in action :) It turned a beautiful purple colour!
Here’s the Mistletoe bath bomb in action 🙂 It turned a beautiful purple colour!

Mistletoe Bath bomb (5) not too sure about this one because I normally dislike the smell of Jasmine but this actually smells really nice! A friend of mine is so in love with Mistletoe that she even told me to buy a second one before it runs out. But nah, I’ll try it first before I buy another one ;D
Edit: I used it yesterday and it was absolutey lovely! Will buy it again next year! 😀

Santa’s Postbox Soap is unfortunately also not available in shops anymore.
Soaps are one of the Lush products I  hardly buy because it takes ages for me to use them up and it feels weird at least for me because they don’t latter up like “usual” soaps. But the smell of this one (similiar to the scent of the Christmas Penguin bubble ar) is very pleasant so to this will go to our bathroom soon!


My second order contained mostly Valentine’s Day products but also all year round goodies I never bought before! So let’s see what I got:

Magical Moringa Face Moisturiser (6) After receiving a tester back in October (as seen also on my last Lush Haul) I HAD to finally buy the full size. It needed a regular use and me getting used to the weak scent that it convinced me enough to buy the big pot! It works wonders on my dry skin, even my make up stay on better! Definitely something I can recommend you investing in!

Dirty Perfume 10 ml (7) My boyfriend and I really like the minty fresh smell of the Dirty shower gel which to me is kind of a unisex scent. I love Lush perfumes but unfortunately they are rather expensive and in my eyes most of the scents are too heavy to wear on a daily basis. But this is a really light one and actually reasonably priced!

Wash that Man right out of your Hair Shower Gel Tester (8) Seriously: Absolutely not my taste! I heard it’s similar to the Flying Fox shower gel (which isn’t available in stores anymore) but in my opinion the Jasmine scent is too strong. But this one (with the really long annoying name) is missing the honey smell of Flying Fox to it.

Lover Lamp Bath bomb (9) I tried Lover Lamp last year and I absolutely fell in love with it, that’s why I had to repurchase it again this year! It smells like orange and white chocolate and while having a basic white colour to it there are also red heart shaped bath melts to it! Absolutely beautiful *.*

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (10) Ever since the Unicorn Horn first came out I  had to buy it every year as soon as they got it in store! I love it because it looks beautiful and it’s basically the lavender scented all year available Lush bubble bar French Kiss but with rainbow colours and glitter to it! It’s also cute to use for pictures ;D

Ladybird Bubble Bar (11) I LOVE the scent of this new Valentine’s Day bubble bar! It reminds me of the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar from their Halloween collection (which I also included in my last haul)  I’m obsessed with the fresh fruity scent so I will try not to use it up too quickly!

Cupid Bath bomb (12) I was intrigued by the fact that it had a berry scent to it because it stood out next to all the citrusy, rosy, flowery and lavendery products Lush has right now. It smells extremely berry and sweet and the design looks adorable!

Lovestruck Bubble Bar (13)

That's my Lush "haul" exatcly two years ago where you can see "Love locket" in the background
That’s my Lush “haul” exatcly two years ago where you can see “Love Locket” in the background.

Uhm, hello? It’s a bubble bar shaped as a heart eyes emojis! One of the emojis I use a lot to express my love to something or someone ;D It has a very lemony scent to it, absolutely refreshing and you can use it up to at least two times I’d say 🙂

Rose Bombshell Bath bomb (14)

Two years ago there was a big heart shaped bath bomb called the “Love Locket” which contained a smaller heartshaped bath bomb inside of it. This time it’s this pretty pink rose scented bath bomb which contains rose petals inside of it! I’m so excited to use this one and I will definitely record it and share it on Snapchat and Instagram ;D

So since I’m not the only one in this household who is absolutely obsessed with Lush, let’s see what my roomie got in her last Lush order:

Rose Bombshell Bath bomb:

So here's Rose Bombshell in action used by my roomie :)
So here’s Rose Bombshell in action used by my roomie 🙂

I got the Rose Bombshell bath bomb because it’s Valentine’s Day soon and it smells very nice. I already used it and the water turned a pretty pink colour!

Cupid Bath bomb:
I ordered Cupid because it has a berry scent to it and it’s a rather fresh, spring-kinda smell. Also because it’s a Valentine’s Day special and because it looks nice!

Intergalactic Bath bomb:
This bath bomb turns your water into a beautiful colour and creates a nice atmosphere. It smells rather minty and has a fresh scent to it.  The water sparkles nicely in different colours so it’s also very good for taking pictures.


Unicorn Horn Bubble bar:

Ram from the Anime Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Ram from the Anime Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

I actually only bought the Unicorn Horn to take picture with it for Ram from the Anime Re: Zero but it’s also good to re-use.
You can use it up to at least three times. Just break it into thirds and hold one piece under the running water to take a bubble bath in it.
This amount of bubbles is enough for one bath, you don’t necessarily need the whole Unicorn Horn for one bubble bath.

Sugar Scrub Peeling:
The Sugar Scrub is very good for your skin because you get rid of a lot of dirt by just rubbing it in. It’s not as aggressive as the other peeling products from Lush and that’s perfect because I have very sensitive skin.

Melting Marshmallow Bath melt:
Oh, this one is very sweet but I like it and also these melts make your skin feel very nice.
At the end of the bath I won’t only rub my skin with the water that has the dissolved bath melt in it but I will take a quick shower without using shower gel or anything after this bath so I get super soft skin.

Razzle Dazzle Bath melt: Basically the same as Melting Marshmallow it just smells differently.

You’ve been mangoed Bath melt:
I’ve never tried this one before but I’ve heard that it doesn’t smell as strong as the other bath melts so if I don’t want anything too intense in my bath or if I just want to read this is really useful!

Two heart beating as one Bath melt:
Two hearts beating as one was gifted to me by a friend. I also wanted to buy this one because it’s something special, there are two different bath melts maybe I will use them separately because their quite big  and I don’t want this much oil in my bath.

They’re smaller than I expected since they looked bigger on the pictures on the Lush side *laughs* But they’re cool.

Jumping Juniper solid shampoo:
I bought the Jumping Juniper because I wanted to use a solid shampoo from Lush again I always used to have the one with Jasmine in it but this one has a way weaker scent to it. This was quite important to me because of my roomie *looksatme*  who dislikes the scent of Jasmine (V: *laughs*) It’s very good to clean your hair with but don’t use it on your roots because it really dries out your hair and you need to put conditioner on afterwards.

V: So is this rather for greasy hair?

P: Uhm for me actually all the solid shampoos are rather for greasy hair. I already used some that were especially for greasy hair but you could use them for all hair types but I didn’t experience that so I don’t know. Once it even really damaged my hair 

All in all I’m so glad that everything arrived as a whole since I was especially worried that Cupid would break apart. Plus the service was super quick and friendly as always!

I hope you enjoyed another Lush haul from me plus a little extra from my lushie bestie and roomie ;D

It’s so cold here right now that there’s nothing more soothing than taking a bath. I really hope you guys are able to take one too! And if so: Do you use any Lush products for your baths? Let me know! 😀

Btw I think any of these Lush Valentine’s Day product would make a perfect gift for that special someone ;P

Heart eyes greetings


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