Act your age!

“Nobody likes you when you’re 23 and you still act like you’re in freshmen year..” I know, that’s from a very famous Blink-182 song, but seriously this line just seems so accurate to me right now because I am 23 and believe me I don’t act 23.

But is it really that bad? I’ve asked myself several times: Geeze, will I turn into a serious adult as soon as I hit 30 or 40? Nah, I doubt it. Why shouldn’t I be liking silly memes and funny dog pictures when I’m older? And if I do, do I really have to act my age?

Uhm, aren’t you a little too old for still liking _put whatever doesn’t seem age-appropriate in here_?

Asked while using or collecting things like “kids” toys or playing video games.

Yeah, sure I bet you’ll hate it when you’re older!

Told by people after getting a tattoo at a younger age e.g. between 18 to 22. Because you will automatically hate everything you loved when you were younger, right?

So basically owning stuffed animals, making silly faces, playing video games, watching cartoons, eating tons of candy and fast food and “wasting” money on unnecessary things (anything of the things above) or something silly like still fangirling over your favourite teenage band is considered immature.

At least from what I experienced in the past and still see today with younger friends who are surrounded by “older”people who judge them for liking “childish” things.

But you know what? I’ve thought about it and in my opinion the following things are what I actually consider childish or immature behaviour:
– Not being able to argue without insulting the other person
– Not admitting that you’re wrong or made a mistake
– Being lazy and hope that someone else (e.g. your mom) does it for you
– Not willing to change or adapt to new situations
– Not standing up for yourself or others but let yourself getting peer-pressured into stupid things
– Not wanting to be serious in serious situations (e.g. when talking about finances, jobs and health subjects or other serious conversations)

What’s mature then?

For me, being mature is someone who makes their own decisions, who doesn’t have to rely on others because they’re independent; They can live on their own, work or study or even travel alone. It’s scary and not necessary age related, so you will find mature people of the age of 16 and others only with 25, it really depends on how you grew up.

Also something I find is a really grown up thing say to is: “I can’t do it sorry but I will try again!”

So basically knowing your limits but not immediately giving up. Being mature means to speak about your problems, be it about yourself or at work/with family or friends.

Someone is spreading rumors about you? 13-year old me would probably start talking shit about this person too, 17-year-old me would unfriend/block this person and “swears to god will punch this person in the face next time I see them” and 23-year old me (just happened recently tbh) first will get a bit irritated about the fact that I’m still in the rumors game oh heeey whatup and then laugh about it.

I will confront this person about it eventually but since I already know how fake and obviously stupid they are I can’t be bothered.

All pictures have been taken and edited by amazing Natasha from Kvntergrau Photography

My final answer: I guess everyone has their inner child in them and that’s okay it would actually be rather sad if the “child in you” died because you turned into an obnoxious unhappy adult.
So you try to act super mature before you’re even 20? Geeze, life is way too serious the older you get, so please enjoy your child and teenhood as much as possible!

To the people out there who have nothing better to do than to make fun of genuine people who don’t harm anyone and just seem to like things that apparently aren’t age-appropriate:
Why don’t you get a life and finally grow up? Don’t let your bitterness or insecurities out on people who are just enjoying themselves. It’s not cool nor mature of you.

And with this being said I’ll probably go make silly faces on Snapchat, watch some Anime and play some Pokémon on my Gameboy.

Cool greetings B-)


5 thoughts on “Act your age!

  1. Hello Vanessa, I believe that is your name, if i am wrong i am sure you will correct me.

    I just wished to leave you a reply, because i found this to be an interesting read, going by this post you seem to have a pretty balanced and sensible view of things in life.

    I think you hit the nail on the head, so to speak, when you said “it depends on how you grew up”. Personally i had a fairly strict upbringing and believe me it can take a lot of the fun out of a childhood. And i do believe it is how you were brought up an your childhood that determines many of your character traits as an adult.

    Everyone can be “childish” no matter what age they are in someones eyes, particularly these days. It seems to me there are far to many people out there who will judge, criticise and condemn others for the smallest of things that are pretty meaningless when you consider what is going on in the world, simply because they have nothing better to do. And yet these things are not really harming any one in any way, certainly not physically.

    Your last/last but one paragraph says it all, these are the people who do need to get a life grow up and gain some maturity.

    Oh and you are right, just because you get older it does not automatically mean you will dislike or hate the things you liked as a child, you may grow out of them at some point but i doubt you will ever hate them, you will just remember them, smile and possibly think “why don’t i do that anymore.

    Take care, and have fun with your stuffed animals, making silly faces, playing video games and watching cartoons.


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    1. Hi John,

      Wow, first of all thank you so much for reading my post and taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment, I didn’t expect that at all!

      That is so true! For example my mother (who is a saint) had three jobs so that she could afford two little children and their desires on her own. Therefore I had to “grow up” quite early at the age of 8.
      But although being exhausted and tired after work my mom always kept a smile on her face and was just happy that my older sister and me were doing well.

      She’s also a rather bubbly an positive person so I probably got that from her 🙂 I’ve always bin a silly kid and I just grew up to be a silly adult who knows when to keep it serious.

      Obviously not everyone had a fun childhood and some had to grow up sooner than others but still that doesn’t give these people the right to spoil it for them who aren’t doing anyone any harm.

      But I think you got my message and again I’m very thankful for your feedback!

      Take care and I will, thank you! ;D


  2. I’m 37 and still love all the things I loved when I was 18, the main way I’ve matured is by learning the consequences of my actions and trying to be nicer to people, that’s the important thing. I love still feeling like a teenager

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    1. Phew, I’m glad you confirmed what I hoped for myself in the future! 🙂
      I really appreciate the happy bubbly people (no matter what age) since apparently it’s easier to moan about everything and everyone and bring others down instead of trying to keep a positive mind and a smile on your face.
      So if the things you loved when you were a teenager still make you happy when you’re older, no matter how silly they are, who cares, right? 😀

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Hugs and kisses


      1. Who cares indeed! Your reply has come on a day when I’m actually feeling a bit fed up and was in danger of being a moaner, so thank you for reminding me of what’s important! xx


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