What comes around goes around

It may sounds super random but the thought of this post came across my mind after I had my last nail salon appointment;
My nail designer, who still works part-time as a sales assistant, runs her business on her own and has no other employees. I was there on time and she just didn’t show up.  After almost an hour of waiting, not receiving an answer to my texts and calls going straight to her voice mail, I headed over to her sister’s shop asking if anyone knew if her phone broke or if she got sick or anything. She didn’t; she just mixed up my appointment and set it to an hour later (due to her new phone not transferring any appointments).

I know a lot of people who would have just left or flipped at her but seriously, what for? As I already mentioned in a previous blog post I haven’t always been the nicest person in the past and to be honest I’m pretty ashamed of that. After working at that support hotline for two years (the worst job I had so far in my opinion since it’s pretty exhausting and ungrateful) I learned a lot about me and people in general.

If you talk nice to them and give them time to think, maybe calm them down when they’re super stressed that will work wonders!
I was lucky enough that 90% of my costumers were friendly and mostly just confused people but the other 10% were either assholes, people who had absolutely no patience or the ones who almost had a breakdown on the phone (I’m not kidding, I had people crying over the fact that it was too much for them to restart a router, wtf).

Thanks to my experience at the hotline I became an even more understanding and patient costumer. Because for the person helping me or providing me their service, there’s nothing worst than a screaming, angry costumer. If I’d be in their position I’d be grateful too if the costumer who maybe is in the position of being angry and annoyed if they’re at least understanding and still friendly. Those are also always the people who get way more attention by the costumer care workers.

You want to be taken seriously but you act like an idiot? Spot the error.

For real: Don’t write an angry insulting mail USING ONLY CAPSLOCK!!! Because these are the clients who won’t be taken seriously even though they may have a major problem. If you always been the calm but insistent person you will most definitely get to your goal and still have your dignity.

In some cases you still won’t get to your goal then I would actually consider talking to the manager or even get a lawyer who could solve the problem if you’re feeling like the company won’t take you serious.

The same in your private life: Treating people the way you would like to be treated will be worth it. If you’re treating people like shit and will be treated equally that’s your own fault. If you’re being nice and still be treated like a piece of trash –> this person is an asshole, if possible just tell them.
You have no idea how startled these people get if finally someone speaks up and tells them how nasty they are! If they’re already bitter they won’t accept or understand but believe me these people are mostly lonely human beings who are just full of hate in my opinion.

Oh, if you wondered what happened at the salon after my nail designer finally showed up: Obviously she was so sorry, but I could see that she was probably overworked and super tired. She still did an amazing and fast job so I couldn’t be too annoyed at her. I even told her: “Sure, I could be pissed at you or could have left but honestly, you showed up and I’m as happy with my nails as always so whatever. I mean if that would happen to me I’d be glad if you’d react the same way.”

So here have a picture of what my nails looked like in the end:

And that's what I've been patiently waiting for: It was worth it!
And that’s what I’ve been patiently waiting for: It was worth it!

Be sure to treat people the way you want to be treated 🙂

Kind(-hearted) regards


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