Black Friday Make up Haul + New YouTube Video (finally)

So as a lot of you guys probably know (also from older posts) you would know that I couldn’t really splurge on shopping for a long time.
Luckily things have finally lightened up for me and then Black Friday was already near: I tried to restrain myself as good as possible but I guess a bit of damage has been done. That’s why now you can enjoy my little Black Friday / Halloween / Christmas Make up Haul ;D

Btw I finally got all  my filming “equipment” that I needed so I made this haul into a YouTube video where I also *shocking* talk in English *cringe*.  I think I did well but I need to speak up, sorry for that in advance!!

Back to my haul let’s see what I got: 

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Moonchild Glowkit

Yes, I finally got my hands on this freakin Glowkit by Anastasia Beverly Hills! My lovely bestie got this for me as a birthday present! I already used it a couple times and I must say I’m absolutely in love!

I mean look at that highlight on this picture I posted on Instagram


Matte and Ultra Shock eye shadows in Tang, Coconut, Lace and Donna

So far I’ve been using Tang a lot which is more of a mauve, faint lilac colour. I used it as a base for purple, pink or red eye shadows or as its own when I’m going for a more “natural” look. Next to Tang I also already used Coconut which is a very pigmented beautiful green shimmery colour. I love ColourPop’s eyeshadow-formula so I’m definitely looking forward to use Lace and Donna!

Brow Pot in Black N’ Brown and the Brow Pencil in Jet Set Black

To be honest I’m still not so fond of using a brow pomade since I’m more of a (wax) pencil or powder kind of person and in my opinion it’s easier to mess up and make it worse with a pomade than with a pencil/powder but I will definitely give it another go.

The brow pencil is amazing tho! It comes with a spooly and for me it’s on the level of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz which I used to love but dang that’s expensive and only lasts about a month or two for  me.

ColourPop’s shipping is quite expensive for me though so I’ll wait for another sale or free shipping code and then I will definitely stock up on that eye brow pencil *hearteyes*

Ultra Matte Lipsticks in Airplane Mode, Speed Dial and Toolips and Ultra Satin Lip in Wink

Not sure if it’s Speed Dial or Airplane Mode but for my skin tone the darker one of the two is a perfect dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Lipkit in Dirty Peach. And that’s exactly the colour that I’ve been looking for in the orange section.
Not too keen about Wink because it’s not a matte but a Ultra Satin Lip from ColourPop –> so it’s basically like a lipstick. When it comes to lipstick/lipgloss for me it only lasts about an hour or two after it smeared off or I’ve “eaten” my lipstick but I gave it a try to see if I’d still like it.
TooLips is also a beautiful colour and apparently a dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Love Bite. I’d need a side to side comparison tho and will check it as soon as I get the chance to let you know if it’s an exact dupe or not 🙂

Lime Crime

Venus Palette 2

Since the Venus 2 palette came out which is basically the super grunge version of the first Venus palette (which I also absolutely adore) I was eyeing it but wasn’t a 100% sure about it. But Black Friday made me change my mind after the price dropped. So obviously I finally  had to get my hands on the palette!

I use Mustard (yellow/orange colour) on a regular basis. Jam (bright orange) and Mud (dark redbrown) are also such beautiful colours no matter on what skin colour!
I’m still a bit hesitant on Filter (the bright blue colour) and Marsh (the bright green colour) but I’m working on it haha

Velvetine in Moonstone and Bloodmoon Bundle, Black Velvet, Cement and Teddy Bear

I bought the Moonstone&Bloodmoon bundle together with Black Velvet and Cement while Lime Crime was having their Halloween special and was so happy to finally own a proper black lipstick and also that beautiful blood red lip colour of Bloodmoon.
But boy, was I disappointed by the formula of Bloodmoon! Seeing all the comments under pictures of Bloodmoon confirmed what I was worried about: Loads of people complained about it not completely drying, smearing after it should be dry (a def. NO GO for a matte lipstick), needing several layers so it won’t come off patchy and it drying their lips out way more than with other Velvetines.
2 out of 10 points for me which is an absolutely pitty.

I also noticed I bought a dupe of ColourPop’s Ultra Satin Lip in Petit Four with Cement but oh welp now this one is going to a friend! And Black Velvet is as bomb as I expected it to be!

On a brighter note I can’t get my hands off Teddy Bear which I was afraid was a dupe for Jeffree Star’s Androgyny but apart from the formula the colours aren’t EXACT dupe.

(Go check out the video below to see swatches of the lip colours and “the dupes” I own)

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Lipkit in Merry, Exposed and Dolce K and Gloss in Poppin

Quickly throwing this in here before I start telling you about my finds over on Kylies.
I got SCAMMED! Please read my Insta-Post below to hear more of the scam-story cause it’s basically just stupid and sad 😦

So after I received the gross smelling almost empty fake products I threw them straight to the trash and since I was so upset I thought why not just comfort myself by buying the real deal B-)

I finally bought Dolce K and Exposed because they seem to work perfectly with my skin tone and I like the formula of Kylies more than the ones from ColourPop (yes, I know they’re being produced in the same place and no, it’s not only the scent which separates them from each other and I own quite a lot of both products so I think I know what I talk of hahaha).
Colourwise there are a lot of Colourpop lippies that are an EXACT dupe for the Kylies and other big popular brands but most of these dupes are only close and not exact and the formula is not identical at all.

So I also got the Christmas Special Lipkit in Merry which is probably the most perfect red for the holiday season or a night out. In her 12 days of Kylie Christmas special I also got a free full sized gloss in Poppin which I thought is perfect as a tester before I get my hands on one of her other glosses.

You probably heard the rumors about the fucked up lipgloss wands and guys: I don’t think I will buy her lipgloss or any lipgloss at all again.
I’m still not a gloss kind of person and that gloss tho —> Watch my video to see what my wand and gloss look like!

(Sorry for the audio you guys, you might want to turn up the volume for my hesitant speaking ass, thanks!)

I hope you enjoyed this make up haul, there will be hauls every now and then on my blog if there is anything to show and I really try to do more videos!

Lots of hugs


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