My 2016 highlights

Let’s be real; 2016 kind of sucked.

Without stating the obvious, there has been and still is a lot of shit going on in the world. Obviously we shouldn’t close our eyes and act like nothing has changed this year but let’s focus on the positive things we came across. Which in my case have been quite a few  😀
I’m introducing to you:

My 2016 Highlights!

My Blog:

January was still pretty stressful for me especially after 2015 which was one hell of an exhausting year. My bestie and me were still moving in to our new place. Nothing really exciting happened except for the usual: Dying my hair, working and going to gigs.

In February my favourite pair of velvet creeper broke (rip), I went to pretty cool metal & rock gigs and after a random conversation I finally hit my first highlight of the year:

Starting my blog.


Although I had to change a couple of things I’m not regretting starting this blog so far.
I was able to work with pretty awesome photographers and met quite a couple cool people because of it.
I’m still enjoying writing posts, sharing memories and helping others by giving them tips and inspiring them. So I’m happy to finally found a hobby that keeps me motivated and actually doing something in my free time.

 Here are the highlights of the shootings I had this year, thank you so much  ❤


Meeting new people and making new friends in 2016

Talking of meeting new people: Around March I got to know some pretty cool individuals and I must say this has to be another highlight for me!

First I met Kai  who runs a blog called kaiily. I motivated her to start a blog as well and boy do I love reading her posts!
I also attended the Blogger Meet Up in April where I met all the lovely girls which you can see in the picture above and I finally got friends with my blogger-idol Tatjana from blooming.veins (she is fucking awesome!). Blogger Meet Up Part 2 is LOOONG OVERDUE giiirls!!

Also starting from April onwards I got to meet a lot of lovely people in person which I have only known from seeing before just like Natasha, Monika, Mirei, Vanessa and Lou. I’m glad that all of these guurls are the most nice, chill and funniest people and I got something different in common with every one of them ❤ ❤
Oh and I got to know a couple cool dudes (better) this year too like Adi and Oli. They’re not very active on Social Media pages except for Facebook and maybe Snapchat, so sorry I can’t link them!

If someone who I met personally for the first time this year, hung out and talked to a lot but still forgot to mention: Please let me know!!

Since joining the dance group  BerryKiss back in May, I’ve also met all the adorable people in (and around) the group.

My dance group BerryKiss

And because I’m already mentioning BerryKiss: Next to blogging this dance group has been something so close to my heart. It’s not only a hobby but it’s also a happy place with loads of awesome people who are just spending time together, dance and let everyone be a part of it through Social Media.

If there’s one word that could describe all the lovely people in BerryKiss it has to be: CUTE!

Not only BerryKiss but loads of pictures of my favourite people this year.

Adventure time!

April/May was about the time I started to take a couple road trips and days off. I’ve been able to go to
and Livigno
this year.

Pictures of Copenhagen, London, Livigno, Amsterdam and Munich 🙂

I can’t even tell you which of the places have been my favourite this year. But Copenhagen was quite a cool trip since I haven’t been there before and it was very interesting being there for the first time!

I have also been to a handful of bigger and smaller gigs (more than I can count), music festivals (Slam Dunk, Greenfield and Zurich Open Air) and events such as the Vegana in June, Fantasy Basel in May and in October I’ve been to Aki no Matsuri , the Horror Nights at Europa Park and the Star Wars Identity exhibition.

Events 2016: The Star Wars exhibition, Lana Del Rey in Locarno and Wellness with the bestie :3

2016 hair colours (srsly I’m gonna do this every year now)

Thanks to my photo album on my phone I can keep track of the hair colours I had this year. You could see me with everything from silver blonde, to blue, purple, green, pink, black and strawberry/honey blonde.
So, here have some pictures ;D

Make up highlights + 30 Day Make Up Challenge

I also embraced my love for make up even more this year and am pretty proud of myself for doing the 30 Day Make up Challenge 😀  without skipping a day. There have been quite a couple looks I captured to look back to, so here are my make up highlights 2016

No “drama” in 2016

Obviously there has been some arguments or unpleasant discussions I had this year but none of the over the top “drama-drama”.
Maybe it’s also because in 2016 I tried to be a much more chill person who likes to speak her mind but tries not to hurt anyone in the process. Also I try to clear up any possible misunderstandings because this year I learned: Assuming things will probably get a lot of unnecessary fights and awkward situations!

Apart from that it was super important to me to help or offer help wherever I could and keep all my promises I  made to others. Because if you act nice to others you should receive kindness in return. And if not, that person doesn’t deserve anything  more but your middle finger.

Everything is more fun with awesome friends in life ❤

And looking back to 2016 I had no (car) accidents plus I am finally FINALLY after almost 2 years of struggling, debts-free (wehooo!!). I learned my lesson and I’ve been waay more careful with spending money and driving around by car.

I know there are a lot of people trying to make New Year’s resolutions but I’m more of a “let’s do it now or never” – kind of person. Waiting for January 1st to do something is kind of unnecessary but you do you, buddy.

There are a couple things though I set as “goals” or look forward to in 2017 which are:

  • Less overthinking (e.g. planning everything ahead, always think of possible consequens etc.)
  • Spend less money on make up I don’t need (lol)
  • Do more YouTube videos
  • Maybe get more tattoos (?)
  • Do more Cosplays and watch more Anime
  • Continue running the blog and try to find my “niche” / my writing style
  • Try to enjoy the now more instead of thinking of the future all the time
  • Saving a good amount of money by the end of next year
  • Try to take care of my car more and do all the courses I need to do
  • Keep being excited for going to Japan next year (aww yeaah)
  • Singing my heart out when I finally see one of my fav bands of all time again
  • Try to study Japanese again or maybe Korean
  • Read or listen to more books
  • Watch more movies
  • Try not to be glued to my phone as often as I am now
  • Continue to make road trips, see friends, go to events (gigs, festivals, conventions etc.)

Last but not least OBVIOUSLY I have to thank YOU GUYS who are reading my blog. It doesn’t matter if I know you personally or not but I am so grateful for all the feedback I receive and mostly don’t even expect. Your support really means so much to me and I will try to continue writing posts even if only one person sees it!

So: A BIG THANK YOU for all of the people who have read one, two or almost every post I made this year ❤❤

What about you? How has your 2016 been? What are your goals for 2017? Let me know! 😀

Last hugs from 2016


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