Can I borrow your clothes?

Thanks to my cute dance group BerryKiss I can finally start wearing cosplays *hinthintfutureblogpostmaybe?*more often and wear our own selfmade outfits. Unfortunately it has already happened that my ordered cosplays have arrived in the wrong size: In my case two sizes too big. Funny enough, my friend’s cosplay came two sizes too small so it must have gotten mixed up. At least compared to receiving something too small you can still tighten and fix an outfit that is too big.

Back at home after realizing I received something in the wrong size my roomie and me got into a quick conversation about how weird it would be if we’d suddenly changed our clothes and also our styles: Although we’re into similar stuff we wear it differently because we pretty much have opposite body types, which both have their pros and cons:

My room mate (who is also my bestie who I have known since we’re 5 or 6 years old!) has more of an hourglass figure: She can shine with a nice cleavage, has a slim waist but wide hips and is about 5’8 (168 cm).

That’s something she would wear on a regular basis, cool socks are an essential!

Me on the other hand I’m super skinny and rather short with about 5’1 or 5’2 ( 155 -158 cm), I have a flat tummy, a rather flat chest but at least I’m blessed with a nice butt and I also got a slim waist and short legs.

And a everday look from me; my nails and accessories are a must for me.

So instead of crying over the things we don’t have we accept our bodies and dress the way it flatters our bodies the most.

I’m pretty sure you have seen people on the street where you thought: “Wow, I could NEVER pull this off but this outfit/style looks amazing!”
Most people think it wouldn’t suit them style-wise or they probably think they don’t have the perfect body for that outfit.
BUT FEAR NOT everyone has these problems: I would love to wear maxi-skirts or maxi-dresses or outfits where you need a nice cleavage but I’m literally too short and too flat-chested for that. And without surgery I can’t change that fact BUT I can make it work so it somehow fits my body for example by wearing midi instead of maxi skirts, wear shoes with heels and use push up bras if I want too.
I know a couple of people who think they’re too “fat” to wear similar clothes than me. But depending on how you wear it that shouldn’t be a problem I’ve seen girls with a very feminine figure who still rocked high waisted tight jeans and a crop top B-)

Back to me and my bestie; What would it looked like if we just switched clothes (in the wrong size of course):

Here an example with a second outfit

An example of our looks when we’re going out


So that’s what it would look like if be both swapped outfits with the exact same clothes:

That looks hella stupid man (I was crying of laughter when I tried her stuff on because seriously why would people want to wear the EXACT same clothes). BUT trying to get a similar look with the clothes we already own: Same style different clothes? That works!

So if we’d were to look for something similar out of our own wardrobe it looks waaay better:

Inspired by her look I put this lovely outfit together: close match, right?
Inspired by her look I put this lovely outfit together: close match, right?

And this is her outfit inspired by my look:

She added silver jewellery instead of gold and it also looks awesome!

Btw follow my lovely bestie over on her Instagram @lunaticsaria ❤

So see, not your body type is the problem but the way you handle it 😉 Unless it’s really not your style (which can be the other reason people say they could never wear it), believe me there’s always a way to make something similar if you really want to and then FLAUNT IT ;D

Stylish greetings
Vanessa *sunglassemoji*


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