How to make an awesome self-made advent calendar

img_2361When I was younger I was always super excited for Christmas time. Not only Christmas Eve itself with all the presents, food and time off but also the whole atmosphere and the chocolate advent calendar my mom always gave me on December 1st!

I never received a self-made advent calendar by anyone (tbh I reckon that’s rather difficult since I’m a very picky person and if I like something chances are high I already purchased it) but about three years ago I started making one for my boyfriend 😀
Since I stopped buying christmas presents for all my friends a couple years ago he’s the only one getting presents from me. But hey at least that’s 24 presents! He always looks forward to that and a lot of his friends are kind of jealous of him for that haha
But believe me: It takes quite a lot of preparation, time, wrapping paper and money to create your personal advent calendar 😮

If you want to make your own calendar for someone you really love (can also be your bestie, your mom/dad or your significant other) here’s how I do it:

Preparation: During the year I will try to write down or remember things my boyfriend’s really into or said something like “Wow, that’s sooo cool” when talking about something he’s seen e.g. merch of his favourite series/bands, things involving his hobbies (in his case skating, fishing, his aquarium and going to gigs), songs or bands he likes and even the most random things.

So firstly you want to create a list:
– Start as early as possible by writing down at least 24 things
– Please make sure you can afford all 24 presents before setting them as definitely (would be a pity if you need to change everything because of money issues)
– Also bring in diverse presents so that the person doesn’t receive a shirt every second day and actual useful stuff that won’t just lay around
– If you got 24 presents you’re sure you want to buy, organise them on your list from 1 to 24, starting from the least to the most exciting present!
– Save all the links if you want to order some presents online
– Try to hide your plans so the person won’t find out (e.g. don’t leave your list on your bed like idiot-me did)

And this is how it should look like after you nummerized and arranged them (obvs. had to blurr my notes out haha)
And this is how it should look like after you nummerized and arranged them (obvs. had to blurr my notes out haha)


Buying the presents ON TIME: If there are presents you can only get online, make sure to order them as soon possible so that you have everything in the last week of november! Obviously if some presents are delayed or you simply forgot just try to sneak them into the calender as soon as possible and maybe look for a alternative present in the mean time!

Believe me this has happened to me before and it kinda sucks but if you’re creative enough the person you’re giving the calender won’t even notice.

Wrapping the presents:

  • Buy enough wrapping paper, tape and ribbons (if you like that)
  • Maybe go out and be creative: Draw something on the wrapping paper or put some cute stickers on it
  • IMPORTANT Before packing all you presents: Make sure to put the number on them BEFORE everything is packed. You don’t want to switch number 18 with number 3.
  • You can either stick some selfmade numbers on the presents (or use a sharpie and just write the number directly on the presents) or if you wanna be extra fancy buy some already pre-made advent calendar numbers like me this year
Here an example of the already made numbers: Don't they look super professionel? B-)
Here an example of the already made numbers: Don’t they look super professionel? B-)

Handing over the calendar: If you’re lucky enough to get ALL the presents on time,  I would recommend you to hand over the presents ALL TOGETHER on November 30th so the person sees all the presents and gets more and more excited for the higher numbers ;D

And also: How dope does that look receveing a huge bag of 24 presents? If you see the person everyday you could obviously also give them a present a day.
In my opinion that’s not as exciting as getting all the gifts at once; Knowing you are only allowed to open one present a day and that you need to dig into the pile and look for the right number sounds way more fun to me!

Don’t forget to capture the reactions 😀

Don’t forget to capture the reactions of the gifted ones.  I have a couple cute videos that I unfortunately can’t find of my boyfriend being excited last year. BUT at least I found this:

(He seriously tried to do a cool face on this picture although he was flipping out inside)

Yup door number 23 was a legit Sons of Anarchy Leather West hahaha
Yup door number 23 was a legit Sons of Anarchy Leather West hahaha

I hope this also made you think of a special way to surprise someone who you want to say thank you or just make them happy – because (unless it’s all unuseful trash) who isn’t happy to receive 24 awesome presents? 😀

What do you think about that idea? And have you already done this for someone?

Happy greetings


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