Europa Park and Horror Nights adventures with BerryKiss

Starting veeeery early at about 6 am we got ready and picked up the first two girls of our dance group BerryKiss because we were heading to Europa Park in Germany. Next up we were grabbing something to eat and went ahead to pick up the last member at her house 😀 And so the road trip began!

Obviously listening to loads of K-Pop, J-Pop and Anime songs we made it to Rust pretty quickly but were stuck in traffic for about half an hour; There were so many people with the same destination like us. And it was so foggy that we couldn’t see the amusement park from far way as usual.

Finally parked somewhere outside the regular car parking space, we made sure everyone was wearing warm clothes and had enough to drink and eat inside.

After standing in traffic for way to long we headed to the bathroom first and took some cute pictures 😀

I’m not sure if we actually had a plan on where to go first at that point but we somehow landed at the Tiroler Log Flume and were ready to get our clothes wet! It wasn’t a crazy ride but still super fun.

While being on the Log Flume we saw another ride within the house with people wearing Virtual Reality glasses. Since no one of us already did this (I think that is rather new at the park) we definitely wanted to try this out but the lane was super long so we decided against it for now.

Somehow we landed at the Arthur and the Minimoys themed area and were ready to stand in line for that awesome looking ride. Just until we saw that the approximated waiting time was at 80 minutes: a big nope for us.

We figured since it was already lunch time we could get something to eat. Some of the group (looking at you Muryo ;D) really wanted to get some churros since they claimed they’re the best and cheapest churros you can get. I was already joking that they might not have churros today and oh boy was I right: They were really out of churros since the dough-machine was broke, nooooo!!

Disappointed we made our way to get something else to eat (waffles and pizza mhh) and to digest the food before going on another ride we spontaneously decided to watch a 4D-movie at the Europa Park cinema.

Ready for the 4D-movie at Europa Park!
Ready for the 4D-movie at Europa Park!

If you’ve never been or never heard of a 4D-movie, it’s basically 3D + they make you “feel” certain things e.g. wind, drops of water and even the smell.
The movie was pretty fun and not too long –> they even made a Swiss character named “Böckli” he was clumsy and a bit stupid but we still adored him because he was a hella cute goat with a terrible (but accurate) Swiss accent.

Next up we wanted to check out the ride with the VR glasses (afterwards I figured there were more than only one ride that were offering the so-called Coastiality experience). On the way there we walked past the Universe of Energy, which is basically a ride back in time when dinosaurs were still alive! Obviously we HAD to go there.
The dinosaurs and the whole ride are so well made I definitely recommend you to go there at least once if you haven’t already.

Continuing our way all across to the other side of the park (going from “France” back to “Austria”) we made a stop in “Greece” to go the Atlantis Adventure which is a interactive shooting ride.
If you do not know: I SUCK AT SHOOTING GAMES. Not only in virtual ones but also in real life. I can’t aim or shoot a (fake) gun 😥 So while my friends made over 40’000 points I only made about 350 haha

While we were on our way to “Austria” I figured we have to take a picture of the giant pumpkin that had the ride Eurosat inside.  I kinda failed but at least the others looked cute :p


We almost made it back to “Austria” but decided to go on the next water ride called Poseidon.
While standing in line we asked ourselves if it was somehow justified that a lot of other people were wearing their rain coat or some sort of rain protection, since we sure didn’t. After all it wasn’t too bad or cold and again super fun!

Had to grab some mini doughnuts in between mhhh
Had to grab some mini doughnuts in between mhhh, sorry Alex caught you eating :p

And then: We finally made it to “Austria” and the roller coaster Alpenexpress Coastiality … just to stand in line for 45 minutes (!!). Obviously we had to  kill time somehow and guess what we did: Take more silly pictures of course

The ride was pretty awesome since it actually felt like you were there where the glasses made you feel you are.
I was super scared when the simulated ride showed me that I was flying or that I’m going to fall off the ride (that’s probably because I am terribly afraid of heights, so you won’t see me going on the Silver Star roller coster although I would actually like to go there again >.<) but at the same time I was laughing my ass off because I saw “Böckli” (our old friend the Swiss goat) how he was almost fell off the waggon haha

Not necessary worth the wait of 45 minutes in my opinion but you definitely need to try this out! There are more rides other than the Alpenexpress Coastiality which you can find here.

After that we got quite hungry and cold so we wanted to grab something to eat to warm-up our hands and stomach. Back at the “Arthur and the Minimoys” themed area there’s also a huge indoor food place, so obviously we went there and were lucky enough to find a “big” empty table.

Noms at Arthur and the Minimoys
Noms at Arthur and the Minimoys

At that time it got darker outside and most of the visitors were going home. After finishing our meals we checked the line for the ride Arthur and thought that it looked better than before when the waiting time was at 80 minutes.
But we ended up waiting about 40 minutes (I think?) because we didn’t know there was a line starting inside, going outside and continuing inside again. The ride was pretty cool but again not worth the wait for more then 45 minutes, since it’s rather for younger children and it was super short 😮

There was only time for one or two rides before we headed to the entry f0r the Horror Nights. So we went on the Blue Fire roller coster which is super awesome but it’s over waaay to quick.
After that we split in two groups: Two of us went back to the car where we had to leave all of our drinks for the Horror Nights (drinks from outside aren’t allowed there, don’t ask me why)  and the other three were going onto another ride.

Since it was pretty late we had to hurry to get into the Horror Nights entry. A couple meters away from the entrance there were already zombies waiting to scare the visitors.
Basically the Horror Nights at Europa Park include:

  • 5 horror houses (every year they come up with new ones and they’re SUPER AWESOME and very well made!)
  • One “escape-house” called The Mansion where you have to do certain things to get into the next room
  • At least 2 scare zones, where you walk through and monsters are popping out to scare you
  • At least one random roller coaster that you can go on e.g. Pegasus and once the “Matterhorn Blitz”
  • Random dressed up actors that will follow you and scare the hell out of you!
  • A big area with a restaurant or food court, merch stand and other booths
  • They even have a Halloween on Ice Show, a stage were they were performing and also the after party called the “Vampire Club”

Good for us that we got the express ticket that allowed us to skip the 20-30 minute long waiting lines in front of the horror houses that made us go in before the ones standing in line.
If you ever go to the Horror Nights in my opinion the express ticket that costs extra is a MUST. It’s always sold out super quickly every year. I went there once without the express ticket and we only made it to two horror houses :-/

As I already mentioned we had to hurry because it got pretty late and we still had an about 2 hour-long ride home in the night plus it was super foggy. We made it to 3 horror houses, the mansion, both the scare zones and one ride on Pegasus. We will definitely return next year around this time because it was super fun!

Next time we hope to be able to go with as many people as possible from BerryKiss and also book a night in the Hotel or a Hostel because it’s so stressful doing all of the rides in one day and driving home by car in the middle of the night is super exhausting.

My room mate and me only got home at about 2 o’clock in the morning and only wanted to go to bed straight away. But it’s definitely worth the money to go there!

Have you ever been to the Horror Nights or in Europa Park in general? Or how have you spent your Halloween-Weekend? Let me know ;D

Creepy greetings


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