Halloween/Christmas Lush special haul YAY!

My favourite Lush season has finally started! As soon as the Halloween and Christmas specials went online I had to go through everything and order immediately. So now I want to present to you my very own lush madness muhahaha that’s supposed to be an evil laughter, sorry guys.

Starting with the Halloween Lush Special which I already mentioned in a previous blog post is my favourite time for the Lush specials!

So here’s what I got:

American Cream Conditioner is a conditioner I LOVE! I must say it does almost NOTHING to already bleached and damaged hair for me but it will leave an absolutly lovely light vanilla and strawberry scent on your hair. I always get loads of compliments when I use it  and swing my hair in people’s faces :p

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream smells like fall and christmas to me! They made this shower cream based on the already existing bath bomb Lord of Misrule. Rather herb and heavy but still very pleasant. And yes it’s a shower cream and not a shower gel, which in it’s consistency it’s different from a shower gel (rather liquidy I’d say) and you will be covered in the colour that will go away under the shower immediately but the scent stays!

Comforter Shower Cream Sample I already got the 500g bottle almost empty in the shower and  I didn’t order this sample as far as I know but OH WELP won’t complain about that :p

Like Lord of Misrule the Comforter shower cream was created based on the very popular bubble bath bar the Comforter. I do love the scent and obviously the bubbles of the bubble bar but unfortunately I’m not quite the fan of the shower cream. It’s too sweet for my taste and quite messy in the shower 😦
Ironically it’s the other way round with Lord of Misrule: I’m rather a fan of the shower cream instead of the bath bomb although the two are basically the same product haha

Magical Moringa Facial Moisturiser Sample Oh my god guys, where have I been? This moisturiser feels like absolute heaven to me *__* I have rather dry skin with some redness and a few pimples every now and then. Actually I really need to moisturize my whole body since I do have a weak form of neurodermities (a skin disease that can leave really dry patches on your skin and it itches like hell), especially on my hips, elbows and knee pits but have dry skin over all, meh.
Anyways back to Magical Moringa: putting this on your face after washing it, maybe use a face peel and toner and then putting this mosturiser on feels amazing. The smell is rather subtle (I can’t tell if the smell is good or bad since it’s so faint) but it feels like velvet on your skin. Def. gonna buy the big pod of this and mooore lush face masks ;D

Now to the Hallowwen Bath goodies I got:

f.l.t.r.: Sparkly Pumpkin, Boo, Pumpkin, Autumn Leaf, Monster’s Ball and Goth Fairy
Close up of Goth Fairy – it’s soo cuute

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar This is one of my all time favourite bubble bars! It has a rather sweet fruity smell with a punch of cinnamon. There are even sweeter lush bubble bars but almost too sweet for my taste. But THIS ONE IS PERFECT! It screams trick or treat to me like you just got a bunch of candy haha

Pumpkin Bath Bomb I have never used this bath bomb before but I’m excited to try it out. The scent reminds of another bath bomb and a bit of Pumpkin (?) but maybe that’s only because I want to smell it since the name of it is “Pumpkin”? Anyways, the design of a carved creepy pumpkin is pretty cool!

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb Ok, this bath “bomb” looks really awesome! I’m not too keen about the scent since it’s a bit too herb and spicy for me but I’m curious to find out how it smells in the bath and especially what colours come out of it.

Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb This bath bomb is HUGE but I’m afraid that’s also the reason why it’s hella crumbly! I’ve seen it also with a couple YouTubers that this bath bomb always arrived broken :-/ The scent is rather faint in my opinion but it’s still pleasant. I’m also excited to find out how this looks and smells in the bath tub!

Boo Luxury Bath Oils At first I thought this would also be a bubble bar but oh boy was I wrong! Bath Oils are awesome especially if you tend to have dry skin just like me. The warm water together with the scent and the silky smooth feeling makes it easy to relax. If you haven’t already, I suggest you to at least try a bath oil once 🙂

Goth Fairy Solid Body Tint Ok here on the other hand I thought I got a bath oil but – wrong again 😂  I never had or seen something similar like this at Lush so I’m curious to find out how it works! I’m afraid tho it will be like one of the tinted massage bars which I HATE because I end up being covered in glitter! And yes I’m a Lushie but I DETEST THE GLITTER because they tend to overdo it in their products.

And now continuing with the Christmas goodies:

This is how my order arrived: In a recycled cardboard box 😀
The beauties *___*

Rose Jam Shower Gel 1 KG!! So there are shower gels from Lush that are nice or okay but none of the all-year-round available ones really overwhelm me. And since they are quite expensive it’s a pity to splurge on something you’re only 75% content with. There are only two Lush shower gels I could probably imagine bathing in: Twilight and Rose Jam
Unfortunately Twilight hasn’t been available in regular stores for over 3 years (hello darkness my old friend plays in the background) and Rose Jam only comes out around this time of the year. So I figured: Why the hell not buy enough so that it will last me at least a year?

So yup, I bought the 1Kg bottle – please don’t ask haha

Bubbly Shower Gel I thought I give this one a try since I guess it’s new and never been sold in stores? Anyways, it smells very citrusy and like a orange lemonade, mhhhh yummy!

Beautiful Shower Gel Sample I’m not sure if I ordered this or not but I’m not quite sure what I should think of the smell. The first time I sniffed at this I literally went “huh?” and couldn’t tell if I  like it or not. So I actually had to look it up and apparently there’s Peache Juice in it, interesting..

Sleepy Body Lotion After watching Emma Blackery’s Lush Haul I KNEW I had to buy this one as soon as it was available in Switzerland. Why? Because it’s Twilight, my absolute all time favourite shower gel and scent in general, in form of a BODYLOTION. Do I need to say more? Ah ok, for everyone who is unfamiliar with the scent of Twilight: It’s basically Lavender Oil mixed with all of the Lush goodness.

Mr. Sandman Body Powder Same as with Sleepy; Mr. Sandman is Twilight in form of a body powder. I just want to smell good, okay? Btw if there will EVER be a Sparkly Pumpkin shower gel I would also buy the 1 KG version hahaha Oh and Twilight is sometimes available in the Lush Kitchen and apparently now being sold in the huge Lush Oxford Store in London (obviously this happens AFTER I’ve been to London this year, WHY??)

Look at that 1 kg Rose Jam bottle compared to my head!
f.l.t.r.: Shoot for the Stars, Santasaurus, Northern Lights and Butterbear

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb This one is a classic that comes out around Christmas time. But this year it does look different than in the years before, they even included golden mini bath oils! So you’ll have the scent (btw it has a very pleasant smell a faint sweet scent I’d say), the awesome effect of the bath bomb AND the water will feel like silk on your skin thanks to the oils – that makes three in one ;D

Northern Lights Bath Bomb Another Christmas classic re-designed! Normally Northern lights was available as a stick (that would mostly break during delivery) that would spin around in a circle as soon as you put it in your bath tub. This time they kind of made a chunkier version, I have no idea why. I just know that the effect of this bath bomb is super awesome and I do like the scent although it contains Jasmine which I normally rather dislike.

Butterbear Bath Bomb And the next classic this time NOT re-designed. I don’t know anyone who dislikes Butterbear. It’s not the most special bath bomb or my absolute favourite but I tend to at least buy one of it every year because I love the smell. Although AGAIN it contains an ingredient I normally absolutely detest: Ylang Ylang but it’s so faint I can’t even smell it.

Santasaurus Bubble Bar This bubble bar on of those that you need so swirl in your bath tub but seriously that way I hardly get any bubbles. I’d suggest you to just break it apart and hold it under the running water to get some awesome bubbles! Santasaurus doesn’t only look super cute but the faint citrusy smell is also very pleasant!

So what are you waiting for? I know the Lush stores are always very overwhelming especially if it’s your first time or you’ve never been in there and it’s also not the cheapest store BUT it’ll be worth it to splurge there AT LEAST ONCE.

As you can tell I LOVE taking baths 😀

I hope you enjoyed this little haul and unboxing 😀 If you have any questions or suggestions which Lush products I NEED to try let me know ;D

Hugs and kisses



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