Aki no Matsuri 2016: My first visit


So this weekend was kind of crazy but also super fun! BerryKiss (the dance group I’m part of) had its first big live on stage performance! It was super exciting and there are videos of our show if your interested ;D Everything took place at Aki no Matsuri, a convention for Anime, Manga and Japan interested people plus there were a lot of game booths, workshops, live show and a Cosplay contest!

There was quite a bit of preparation on the first of our two days performing there so let’s start with Saturday:

Starting really early in the morning with picking up our friend and group leader MischMisch with her boyfriend and packing my little car with all of her stuff because she also had a own workshop with the subject “J-Fashion and Lolita”. And believe me she had A LOT of dresses she took along haha

As soon as we arrived at the convention where everbody else of our group was already waiting for us I might or might not didn’t double check the address so we got a bit lost  we wanted to prepare the stage and have a last rehearsal before all the visitors were able to enter the convention. Unfortunately we couldn’t do everything we wanted and had to rush outside to hand the people outside our flyers.

During the day I visited the workshop I mentioned before, checked out all the booths especially the ones with Japanese food and drinks and the ones with really cool art and keychains 😀 Silly me forgot to get cash and  I couldn’t pay by card on most stands plus the next atm was about 20 mintues away somewhere in the city center, so I had to postpone the shopping for the next day and hoped that everything that I wanted was still there then.

That workshop was actually pretty cool and informative, can recommend it!

After the workshop we got some food and although there were only about 5 or 6 food stands outside there was everything you could wish for: Sushi, Soba-noodles, Okonomiyaki, Yaki-Tori, Nikuman, regular sandwiches and so on! There weren’t that many vegetarian options and a lot of things were sold out quickly but I was content with my noodles mhhh

Time literally just flew by on that day! After taking some cute pictures of our cosplays (pictures will be uploaded on the BerryKiss Facebook Page soon :D) we found a quiet spot on the campus where we could have a secret rehearsal. So we all changed into our performance group outfit and made one last run and were ready for the real deal! While running around in our “uniform” we figured that we HAVE TO take some cute group pictures, soo here you go ;D


At first we were afraid that not many people would show up since we had our performance quite late (only starting at 6 pm :-/) so we were even happier that so many people still showed up and the audience was great!

There were no major issues while performing but unfortunately the live stream wasn’t working properly. So the beginning and everything that came in the later half was cut off 😦 Still had a second chance the next day though!

We headed home pretty much right after our performance since we were SO exhausted! In my delirium I even missed the right exit for getting home on the highway so we landed in some random place in Zurich. Finally at home we ate something, watched ONE episode on Netflix and went straight to bed!

Because we’re gonna do the whole thing over again on Sunday.

Starting with some bad news: A couple of people of our group got really sick (or already were the day before) and had to stay at home. Luckily none of the people actually performing were missing, although a couple of us weren’t feeling great we were determined to get through this!

Right after the second day of the convention started I visited the second workshop of Muryo, another group member of BerryKiss. She’s a really cool artist and the subject was “How to create your own Original Character”. It was super fun, we were able to create our very own OC together with its looks, backstory and character 😀

Our own OC called “Robyn”. Mury0 will upload the finished result on her page soon!

Next up we wanted to see the play of the show group Shibai no Suji where (again) two people of our dance group are also members. It was pretty cool, they made a crossover of the two games Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts and the Disney movie Frozen 😀

The play of Shibai no Suji

After their show the highly anticipated Cosplay Contest started. The room got quite crowded and unfortunately I couldn’t see the cosplays on stage properly. But I saw them walking around at the convention and most of the outfits looked really awesome!

Again we grabbed some food and since I finally got some cash I spent my money on Japanese Candy, a really awesome poster and some keychains all created by some very talented artists.

Here’s my haul :p Candy, snacks, a poster, keychains Ramune and Mochi!

On Sunday our performance already startet at 3:30 pm so there were way more people coming to our show than the day before, which was pretty exciting! I must say though, the people that watched our show on Saturday were waaay more enthusiastic, oh welp! We had to cut one dance of our show due to time problems and already gave our encore when the group leaders boyfriend (who was also responsible for the music) made an announcement that we still had a bit of time left for the dance we cut out! So we all came back on stage and performed one last dance 😀

After that we were all sweating and super exhausted so we got a couple of pictures taken before we were finally able to peel ourselves out of the sweaty costumes. As I already mentioned above there were videos e.g. the live stream on our page, but we will upload a couple videos on YouTube and share all the videos other people uploaded 😀 If you’ve been there and took pictures or videos tag us in them!!

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth removed maybe you saw it on my Instagram 😉  I’m feeling alright and will be going back to work again this week. The left side of my face is still a bit sore, because I had two teeth on this side unlike the right side where I only had one. I can’t eat food that is too big or crispy and it hurts to talk, cough, sneeze and yawn but I think I’m doing better than most people I know after they got their wisdom teeth removed!

So this weekend will be a relaxing one and then next week we’re going to the Horror Nights at Europapark already, yeeaah!

Sore kisses


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