Lime Crime lip products vs Ali Express fakes – Who did it better?

A couple posts ago I already introduced Lime Crime as a cruelty free brand that had a lot of drama revolving around it. Since a lot is based on rumors, also from a lot of haters and I personally never had a negative experience I gave Lime Crime a second chance. Especially since I’ve seen how they improved their customer service and omg I’m weak for the new colours they have! I also have not found a brand yet that I’m a 100% content with the formula.

Before I wanted to commit on buying the real deal I heard a lot about the Ali Express Lime Crime fakes and saw many  YouTube Videos about them. The normal price for one Velvetine Liquid Lipstick is between 16-20 US Dollars. On Ali Express you can find them for the price of 1-4 US Dollars each. Sounds sketchy? It sure as hell is: You have no idea how and where these lipsticks have been manufactured and what the actual ingredients are.

Out of curiousity I decided to order fake Velvetines and Perlees that were worth around a total of 35$ and  I ended up getting about 15 different colours hahaha I wanted to know if they could keep up with the real Lime Crime Velvetines or if I should rather get the real products. So here’s my experience:


I ordered the fakes on July 17th and the parcel has been shipped out the next day. On August 12th I already received the products. Considering shipping was free that’s not too bad.
But you shouldn’t order there if you’re expecting it to arrive within the next week or two because it could also take up to 6 or 8 weeks.

–> Normal shipping from Lime Crime takes around a week max. two weeks.

First impression:

Obviously I didn’t receive a cute unicorn box full of pink wrapping paper but rather a plain brown cardboard box with bubble wraps and all of the separate Velvetines and Perlees in it.
On the first look the packaging could have totally been from Lime Crime BUT the font on the back of the boxes that had the shade written on it wasn’t the same:


Left: Fake                                                                                                                                                                             Right: Real

Taking them out of the packaging I noticed how lightweight the fakes felt in comparison to the real Velvetines. Also the rose on top of the bottle was missing.
The Perlees were actually really shitty haha You could already feel that the lipstick was “loose” inside so the tip of it was damaged on all four colours I ordered.
With both the Perlees and Velvetines I noticed a bit of a weird squeaky sound when opening and closing them and it felt like it’s going to get stuck while trying to screw the lid back on. Weeeird..


Here you can also see the difference of the quality: Left: real Right: fake
Pretty close match expect the colour of two of the colours.


Woah the first thing I noticed was the SMELL. Regular Velvetines smell very pleasant, it reminds me of vanilla or literally like cupcake icing mhhh. But the fakes smelled like straight up chemicals and I was super scared to put it on my lips fearing an infection or a burning sensation. So I applied some on my under arm first for about half a day. Washed it off and waited for the next day.
Since I didn’t get any rashes or an itchy feeling I dared to finally apply some on my lips because the colours looked amazing!

The application was alright and it dried pretty quickly but the chemical smell was soo distinctive that it caused me to sneeze a lot.. I had to wash the colour of after a couple of hours because I just couldn’t handle it (I have to say I have a very sensitive nose so maybe for someone else it isn’t too bad).
After wearing the colour “Shroom” again on an other occasion I finally decided to order the real products.

This way I was able to compare the colours and the formula. And there ARE differences. Check this out:

Left are the fakes right are the real ones. The one on the top does NOT look like the actual shade.


Here’s another pic after it dried: You can see that also the one colour on the bottom is NOT a match..


The Perlees are also not a match: the left swatch is the original and a bit lighter, right is the fake

So I already mentioned how the fakes felt super light, right? Check this out, WTF:



I swear these fakes must be half empty otherwise how could the applicator be soo dried out? That’s sooo scary :-/ If that would happen with the Lime Crime Velvetines the customers would lose their shit.

How long did it stay on?

On my lips (since I’m constantly eating and drinking) it stayed on for about 3-4 hours or so. The real Lime Crime ones last up to 8-10 hours and they don’t get crusty during the day anymore as far as I noticed (they used to in the past but they definitely stepped up their formula game).

So here you can check how well the swatches lasted:

Here it is after I WASHED it with normal hand soap and water


If I really want to get off my make up especially matte lipstick: I use a body scrub (used Rub Rub Rub by Lush here!)

To get rid of that annoying pink that was left AFTER I used the body scrub I had to finally use my make up eraser. Tbh if a lipstick is THAT smeary and won’t even get off by using a freakin body scrub that annoys the shit out of me.. But it could also be because I have really dry skin 😮

Last but not least: Lime Crime compared to other matte lipstick brands:

KylieLipkits: They’re pretty good, but hard to get and rather expensive especially for the fact that they’re literally Colourpop lippies with Kylies name on them.
Kat von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are also pretty nice especially smooth on the lips and not as drying BUT it comes off pretty easy on my lips and the darker colours are rather patchy 😦
Jeffree Star has only one colour I am super content with (Androgony) the darker colours are super smeary and just won’t dry on my lips 😦
Same with the Milani Liquid Lipsticks they’re super pretty and pigmented and they smell AMAZING but they’re suuuper smeary and don’t last long at all 😦 I had to re-apply every 1 or 2 hours -.-
Colourpop Cosmetics is also pretty good, but depending on the colour not as pigmented and suuuper drying. But it’s the cheapest brand from the “good” liquid lipsticks I know.  They’re pretty long lasting in my opinion and they even ship worldwide now (FINALLY)! 😀

My feedback:

I think I only have one picture of me wearing one of the fake shades on my lips since I was super scared something bad would happen haha The match is pretty close to the original but I would advise you to save up and just get the real deal.. If you don’t like Lime Crime or boycott them (what is totally ok, that’s your own choice) I would recommend you getting ColourPop liquid Lipsticks:) I have to admit tho the Lime Crime formula is one of the best if not THE BEST I have ever come across.

If you don’t like or support Lime Crime please accept my choice of purchasing and using their products. As I already mentioned it took me a time (about two years) to give them a second chance. If they disappoint me again I will not re-purchase from them again 🙂

One of my make up besties Kai has also uploaded a post about Lime Crime over on her blog. Go check it out, because it would mean a lot to me 😀

Lipstick Kisses 💋💄



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