30 days of Make Up Challenge

As I already mentioned on Instagram a couple of weeks ago I will try to challenge myself  and take a picture of my make up every day in the month of September.
I’m not trying to show off or anything but I want to know if I’m able to come up with something new every day and remember to take a picture of it and post it!

I'll try to make the pictures as focused as possible
I’ll try to make the pictures as focused as possible (I don’t have a great camera to make pictures with yet)

I think I started wearing make up in public at the age of 12 or 13 yaa know the good old black eyeliner that you would ONLY put on your waterline because it kinda made you look more “grown up” hahaha

It continued with me getting into my emo-phase I wanted to look as cool as all the scene girls and boys. So I started wearing black eye shadow LOADS of it, eyeliner (again TONS of it) and mascara. After I saw a young shop assistant in an emo- clothing store wearing a hint of RED eye shadow in the corner of her eyelid (covered in black eyeshadow of course) I started experimentig and also tried some red and even purple eyeshadow; this shit was my special eyelook!

That's probably one of my everyday looks
That’s probably one of my everyday looks

After my emo phase I discovered my very first beauty guru on YouTube (back in 2008 where YouTube was acutally full of random videos, beauty gurus weren’t that big then) and tried to achieve the same looks as her. So I bought myself that huge Claire’s eyeshadow palette that literally had every colour you can think off! (Looked like this one but mine was black obviously.) And I went craaaazy with it. I have to admit though it looked pretty cool, I uploaded all the pictures on some social media page called “Netlog” but since I deleted  my account ages ago all of these precious pictures of fetus-me are hidden on the tiny laptop I used to own hahaha

Another rather everyday look
Another rather everyday look

Well long story short thanks to the media and YouTube I discovered so many make up idols (such as Kat von D, Claire Marshall, bloggers, random people I got inspired by) that made me try so many brands, products, different looks and techniques, so that now I got all these make up skillz and knowledge I can use 😀
Since make up and beauty is something I love, invest a lot of time/money/power in and even dedicated my whole right sleeve I decided to make it a challenge for me to at least try to do something different every day AND take a picture of it. Depending on how unique or good I think it is I’ll either post everday or bundle the pictures and share them at the latest after four days.

But I tend to go bold with my lipsticks every now and then :D
But I tend to go bold with my lipsticks every now and then 😀

I hope you’ll enjoy this little experiment with me and I’m curious to see if I’ll be able to do it or not haha

Btw all the make up I’m using is cruelty-free and I’ll try to link the products in the description of the post! So don’t forget to follow my Instagram @misleadingmaps ;D

See yaa soon


5 thoughts on “30 days of Make Up Challenge

    1. Dankeschöön 😘💜 Die sind aber bereits wieder Geschichte hahaha Brauche etwas Pause vom wöchentlichen nachfärben bääh
      Haha finde ich ziemlich lustig, irgendwie haben alle nur mit nem schwarzen Kohlestift angefangen 😂👍🏼

      Ganz liebe Grüsse

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