Going up North!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had more than a week off from work (at least more than two years I think?) and in my opinion people who work should really enjoy some time off every now and then because we don’t live to work, right? ;D I know unfortunately not everyone has the luck/time/money to go on vacation that’s why I always appreciate what I’m able to do!

So in my first week of  my vacation I went to Copenhagen with my boyfriend woohoo! 😀 Not the cheapest or warmest place I could choose but why the heck not!  In fact the plan was to go to Norway first to check out  some viking museums because the bf and me are a bit obsessed with the series “Vikings”. Since Norway is huge and we didn’t only want to go to the capital city Oslo we would have needed a rental car and all of this would have been on too short notice to arrange for us.

Next plan was Iceland because DUDE, HAVE YOU SEEN PICTURES? IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL! Unfortunately there weren’t that many flights to Iceland at the time we wanted to go so they got all waaay too expensive (but I want to go there as sooon as possible!) So I thought Denmark is technically still a part of Scandinavia and the closest country we could go to, it’s by the sea and it has Sephora stores that sell Kat von D products!!  My boyfriend agreed due to the short duration of the flight and visiting the sea was appealing to him.

Due to only booking everything in June and us wanting to stay 5 nights most of the decent priced hotels were either booked out or waaay too far away from the city so we ended up staying in an Airbnb for the first time 😮

Sunday/Day 0: Arriving in Copenhagen, checking in to the Airbnb and looking for food

After arriving to the Copenhagen Airport we got on the train and surprisingly found our Airbnb pretty quick since we only had to walk a really long street right behind the central station. We walked past looads of restaurants, bars, churches and stripclubs  and found the apartment in a huuuge building. The apartment was small, simple and clean so totally fine with us! It didn’t had a (big) TV but that’s why I brought my macbook with me to watch some series in the evening 😀
We made ourselves a home and were looking for something to eat. Unfortunately there were almost only places that served meat with maybe one vegi option. For the most part I didn’t feel like eating the vegi menues because sometimes it had ingredients in it I didn’t like. So we ended up in a place that served vegan sandwiches BUT GUESS WHAT when we went in to order they were already out of the sandwiches -.- so I was only having some french fries. Still was okay though!

At least the fries were good! Oh and the beer haha

Monday/Day 1: Looking for food part 2, Shopping and running into someone “famous”

The next day I was determined to find the Sephora store in Copenhagen to snatch on some Kat von D goodies. I was sucessfull but unfortunately they didn’t have everything I was looking for but at least most of it! 😀

Then we checked out the Urban Outfitters and after that went strolling around the city. I was trying to get away from a dude that looked like he was trying to sell something on the street so we kind of made a detour but that was our destiny: All of a sudden my boyfriend was getting all nervous because apparently we just walked passed a well-known pro-skater. When I asked him if he wanted to get a picture he kept on saying no but I’ve seen the struggle in his eyes because he’s not comfortable with speaking with strangers especially in a language he’s not a 100% confident.
After minutes of talking him into to just do it and even calling his twin brother I grabbed his arm and we walked aaaall the way back to look for the pro-skater that was still sitting outside a hotel apparently waiting for someone. Obviously me, the one who has absolutely no idea who that guy is, had to go up to him and ask him for a picture. But hey my boyfriend was the happiest person on earth so it was worth it :p

Look at him soo happy hahaha

Aaand again the search for a veggie meal  went on eventually we found a decent looking pizza place  wehoo 😀

The damage that had been done in Sephora and a new phone case!

Tuesday/Day 2: Grabbing some Nicecream, visiting  Tivoli Park and running into Gaypride

On Tuesday the plan was to go to the Tivoli Park, an amusement park that you’ll find just in front of the central station. On the way there we got some vegan coffee, popsicles and ice cream sandwich from the Nicecream store close to our apartment. If you’re in copenhagen and are lactose intolerant or vegan go check it out! 😀

At the Tivoli Park we went on some crazy and less ridiculous rides, strolled around, visited the aquarium in the park to watch the fish feeding and bought some fancy popcorn.

One of the many entrances of Tivoli
There were sooo many fish in this tank

As we walked towards the city to grab something to eat we walked into the Gaypride Openair in Copenhagen. So we got ourselves some beer and watched some of the performances. It was quite entertaining 😀


Unfortunately all the other pictures and videos I took from Pride are shaky, sorry!!

After that we bought something eat,  took it to our apartment and watched some series on my laptop.

Wednesday/Day 3: Going to the Beach,  Freetown Christiania and Streetfood Copenhagen

On our third full day in Copenhagen we probably had the most perfect weather of the week. So obviously we had to take advantage and go to the beach that was only about 20 minutes away.


It was beautiful! Unfortunately the water was too cold for my taste but my boyfriend didn’t mind and jumped right in haha I on the other hand almost fell asleep at the beach because it was so comfy and warm. But it was so windy I kept on getting sand in my face great facepeeling am I right


After a couple of hours we started getting  hungry and wanted to head to the Streetfood in Copenhagen since Christiania (the free city “without laws” in Copenhagen) was on our way we wanted to stop there first.

Precious isn’t he?

Google Maps got us to the “wrong” Freetown Christiania where all the hippies lived in their houses and boats so since we kind of felt like we’re walking into someone’s garden (though surrounded by the beautiful forest and some rivers) we went looking for the “real” Christiania (the tourist attraction one) and we were not disappointed!

The little entrance in front of Christiania



After looking around and taking some pictures we finally made our way to Nyhavn where you’ll also find Streetfood Copenhagen except you take the wrong bridge didn’t happen to us of course or did it

There were so many options and people but we eventually found something and enjoyed our stay there.


Our feet were killing us so we went home grabbed something to drink later in the evening and then we finally called it a day.

Thursday/ Day 4: Boats tour and Museum’s shenanigans

Thursday was quite the opposite of Wednesday: It was our last full day in Copenhagen and the weather was nasty and cold. The perfect day for a boats tour! If you don’t mind a lot of people taking picture of literally EVERYTHING every 30 seconds and you want so see as much of the area as possible I’d suggest you going on a tour! It takes about an hour and I thought it was pretty cool especially because our guide started singing “Amazing Grace” to demonstrate us how good the acoustic in one of the new bridges is haha

Forgot what kind of building this was (could be the court)
the little Mermaid – yup the original one not the disney version :p
That’s poseidon in the middle! On the other side of the bridge he’s poking his tongue out :p

After that we decided to check out one of the many museums in Copenhagen so we checked out the huuuge Glyptotek (basically an art and historic museum) because it was already late afternoon and this was the only place that was still open passed 6 pm. It took us 2 (!!) hours to walk through the museum and the extra exhibitions, our feet were killing us (again). We were so exhausted that we grabbed something to eat in a store and took it home. We gave our feet a rest and didn’t really move much anymore haha

Anubis says hi 😀
I know it’s blurry but this is the collection of all the noses that they found hahaha
Found a dog friend 🙂

Friday/Day 5: Heading back home one last look back

On our last day we wanted to go back to the beach for an hour or two but the weather was acting weird and we didn’t want to rush to the airport. So we got there 4 hours before our flight but somehow time flew and it was already boarding time. Right before boarding we checked out some of the massage chairs because my  boyfriend is super scared of flying and I wanted to calm him down haha

Last look back to his favourite skatepark

Arriving back home we ate diner and hung out with some friends who just happened to be close to the restaurant we were.

That’s it! 😀 It was really nice there but next time I would love to visit an actual viking museum and go even further north to Sweden, Norway or Iceland!

Have you ever been to Scandinavia or are you more the kind of person who likes to have beach-vacations somewhere hot?

Let me know 😀

Relaxed hugs and kisses


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