My favourite cruelty free brands

Hey guys!

Maybe you already noticed how obsessed I am with hair and make up, I mean I keep on changing my hair colours and I hardly leave my house without having make up on. It’s not that I’m feeling ugly without it it’s just that I feel more like me and this way I can hide imperfections and bring out my favourite features of my face more 🙂

Now to the title of this post: cruelty free. Have you ever heard of this term? I think it started a couple years ago when Lush and the Body Shop got pretty popular. It means that during the process and after manufacturing a product there was no animal testing or any other harm to animals involved.
Lush is famous for not testing on animals and also sells a lot of vegan products, also they recycle and make sure their products are being made in a ethical and fair trade way. I think that is great! The Body Shop also doesn’t test on animals and do a lot for the environment. A couple of  years ago the Body Shop has been bought by Estée Lauder or L’Oréal so their mother company isn’t cruelty free BUT if a cruelty-free brand they own is getting really successful it’ll make a difference for their mother company and eventually they will also start producing cruelty free. So if you want to buy anything from the Body Shop, Urban Decay, Tarte Cosmetics, NYX or any other cruelty free brand that is owned by a company that still test on animals or sell to China (where animal testing is still required by law..) that is your decision and absolutely ok, although if you’re vegan I wouldn’t support that. I personally try to avoid buying products by these brands although I’m “only” a vegetarian but that’s my personal choice and I don’t blame anyone for what they want to do even though sometimes people act a bit hypocritical but who isn’t in this day & age.

Long story short: I started buying only cruelty free brands about three years ago and I’m a vegetarian (again) for about one and a half years now. I’m ok with being surrounded by meat-eaters or vegan as long as they don’t try to get me into a stupid conversation about how their way of living is better than mine *rolling-eyes massively*

And to be honest it’s better to still eat animals every now and then and at least try to be cruelty free than not giving a shit at all! 😀 If you’re a vegan that truly lives a healthy vegan lifestyle for years I bow down to you!

Geeze what a hell of a long intro. And now I will introduce to you my favourite cruelty free brands:

FullSizeRender 26
My little Kat von D collection, still growing though!
FullSizeRender 29
The two best smelling eyeshadow palettes and my fave mascara EVER
Uhm yeah I’m a huge lushie sooooo
FullSizeRender 31
My most used and loved eye shadow palettes and favourite eyebrow pencil!
FullSizeRender 30
My go to powders 🙂
So far super content with the smell and quality def. recommend!
FullSizeRender 28
There’s a huge Colourpop order I’m awaiting so that just the beginning haha
FullSizeRender 32
My two Milani lipcreams

Guess you didn’t expect to see some cool brands and no “weird eco brands that only grandma buys and smell like grass” haha

These brands do also have a lot or some vegan products, if you’re vegan I would recommend you to check them out ;D Btw for checking if the brand you use is cruelty free besides the official PETA homepage I can totally recommend you Logical Harmony! The Girl who runs this page keeps on updating her list of cruelty free and/or vegan brands and contacts the brands directly so she can show us their respond, awesome, right? 😀

Okay and now to a small section I’ll call:

Cruelty-free brands I’d be careful to support

Alright there are a couple brands I used to love but have started to doubt if I still should support them or buy from them again although most of them have really good products and ethically seen there’s nothing wrong with them BUT there has been drama A LOT OF IT UGH.

Fortunately there are only three of them that I’m disappointed with:

  1. Lime Crime: In an older blog post of mine I have already mentioned this brand and how I don’t like it anymore since there have been issues concerning credit card informations and how apparently customers have lost a lot of money because of it. Plus the CEO Doe Deere had a lot of private controversy e.g. showing up to a Halloween Party in a Nazi-Outfit, calling her customer “stupid” and stealing ideas from other brands and also people have been offended by her “China Doll” range because asian culture has been exploited for the sake of her brand. You can google all of these stories.
    Of course a lot of people exaggerate and could be telling lies about her but in the end I personally wasn’t as content with the products as I have been in the beginning.
    In the meantime the formula of her lipsticks have apparently improved and there has been no new cases of frauds on her page plus she has been more in the background and apparently doesn’t try to get into more drama. Maybe I’ll give it a try maybeeeee seriously though the new shades are bomb and have received great reviews plus apparently the customer service has improved like craaazy
  2.  Jeffree Star Cosmetics: The second brand I have introduced in that other blog post. I literally bought all of my dupes for lime crime there. I still love his Velour Liquid Lipsticks in “Androgyny”, “Posh Spice” and “Celebrity Skin” BUT I’m not as content with the rest of his colours especially the darker ones :-/ And then a couple of weeks or months ago it started: First the Kylie Jenner drama you can also google that but basically he insulted Kylie Jenner when she or better said her brand Kylie Jenner Cosmetics sent out broken lipgloss applicators so he ranted about that on his snapchat and even throw her lipglosses away kind of like “omg that’s shit it’s going straight to the bin”.
    Second was the broken highlighter drama seriously just google Jeffree Star and Rocky Roadkill it’s ridiculous. It continued with him starting fights with smaller brands or beauty-gurus out of literally nowhere and how he started to make his followers attack these people, uhm wtf? He’s against bullying but he himself is a huge bully? Dude, not cool.. Plus I have seen some old footage of him being FUCKING RUDE to his fans, again, not cool, dude.
    And then the last and most recent drama Kat von D calls Jeffree Star out an does not want to be associated with him anymore because he hasn’t paid a friend of hers after he used his draft as his logo. After that a lot of people have taken side and seriously because Kat von D never had THAT kind of drama involving her and never been rude to fans I’m on her side, but yeah that whole drama is super childish.. And as I said I’m not as content with his products as I was in the beginning.
  3.  Kylie Jenner Cosmetics: Ugh, Kylie whyyyyyyyy? I have been so in love with her lipkits but there was always something bout the formula that felt familiar. When I saw a picture on her instagram or Twitter on how she was “working on some new things” in the Colourpop Labs it was already very suspicious and then it finally hit me that the mattes of the Kylie Lipkits had the exact same formula as the Colourpop Mattes the only different was the sweet scent that was missing. I kinda already felt bumped about that and it was always a struggle to get her products anyway. Then there was the drama with the broken lipgloss wands and the poor quality of one of her metallics (KyMaesty google reviews on that they’re NOT good) and to top that all of she came out with “new” shades that were identical to existing Colourpop colours..
    That was the time I finally decided not to buy any more products from her anymore, it’s a pity because I really loved her products but yeah they’re pretty much Colourpop products but since her name is on it they make it more than twice as expensive..

Soooo that’s it 😀 I could review every brand of my  favourites list but I guess that would make a waay to huge post as if this post wasn’t long enough already.  

If you want a review on some of the produtcs of these brands hit me up in the comments ;D There will be more exciting posts in the future because I’m going to Copenhagen on Sunday wohooo And yeeees I am looking forward to check the Sephora out there oh my god!

How bout you? Do you just buy random brands or is it also important to you that it’s cruelty free or even vegan? Let me know down below 😀

Cruelty free kisses

P.S. Guess who wrote this post without wearing any make up haha the irony!


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