Granny Hair – my story and tips

If you haven’t heard of the granny hair “trend” that is slowly fading into a “everyone did it so it’s not cool anymore”-thing you must have been living somewhere faaar faaar away haha No seriously, I guess it started about last year or two years ago where literally everyone wanted grey or silver hair. And to be honest it IS something special because it’s super hard to achieve!

So here’s my story:

Before it was “cool” I already tried to rock the grey/silver look by mixing black hair dye with conditioner (that is veeeeery tricky because too much of black hair dye and you can say goodbye to your bleach light or white blonde hair!).

Here are some pictures of my attempt in 2012 I believe:

After obviously trying to get my hair grey/silver by using Directions in Silver, mixing my own lilacy colour to get it super white (mix purple dye with loooads of conditioner put it on bleached hair and you should achieve white hair, but sometimes it just gets lilac) or the good old silver shampoo trick I realisied that I will probably not achieve the perfect base shade on my own (which at best is a puuure white blonde). After giving up on blonde for a while (I had blue, purple, red, lilac and more as a hair colour) I decided to give my hair a break and finally get a professional to do it.

Alright you guys so unfortunately I don’t have a better before picture but I used to have red dyed hair and let it wash and grow out for about 6 months before I went to the hairdresser, but CHECK THIS OUT:

I was sooo happy and although I bleached it and the whole process wasn’t cheap I was so content with it omg my hair finally felt healthy again haha

I used silver shampoo everytime I washed my hair so it got really white and I retouched my almost black roots every two months. And seriously I got the PERFECT white! I kid you not *hearteyes* (ugh if it wasn’t such a pain to maintain this colour I would bleach my hair again right away!)

And look at how much it grew! That’s why I recommend you to do it professionally first and then take really good care of your hair  (e.g. don’t use too much heat, don’t brush it wet, give it a cut every 6-8 weeks, use conditioner, use a hair mask at least once a week and somehow wearing it up in a ponytail all the time with a scrunchie makes it grow like crazy, believe me just do it haha)

Okay now I finally go into the transformation to grey/silver hair: At that time grey or silver hair dye was hard to get and only some professional hair styling brands like Goldwell or Wella offered hair dyes but you had to use a weak bleach developper with that.
I didn’t want to use extra bleach with a dye sooo I tried to get my hands on Pravana Silver because according to a lot of reviews and the Internet that shit will get you immediate perfect results and it’s even cruelty free! While looking for the perfect grey tone and already ordering Pravana I discovered my personal holy grail: Nirvel in the shade “Gray” from Art X, the results are AMAZING!

The best way to maintain this colour is to obviously not wash it too often (maybe 1-2 times a week) and if you do, at best with cold water and some good silver shampoo!

Now for demonstration; This is how the Nirvel Art X in Grey looks like fresh out of the tube:

Okay, first off: It’s basically a mask and not really a hair dye. It looks black or brown but even if you’re bleach blonde: It will NOT stay this colour. If you put it on dry blonde hair it may occur black, but it will fade to a beautiful grey after a couple washes!

And it stays in your hair for quite a long time. This is how it looked like after about a month or two:

Even after I dyed my hair black for a really short time because I’m an idiot,  tried to  bleach it (with not enough bleach) and slammed that grey hair dye on it, it didn’t look too bad 😮

Oh and I finally tested the Pravana Silver and I must admit I wasn’t as content as with the Nirvel one :-/

As I already mentioned, a couple of years ago before the hype went over the roof there wasn’t as much choice of products as today.
Here are a couple products I want to test in the future, they’re all cruelty free! (obviously I will report the results on this post!):

Check out Helen Anderson’s Video, this actually really impressed me! And Helen’s a babe hehehe

But if you follow me on instagram and even saw it here on my blog you know I keeeep on changing my hair colour. This year alone I already had white, silver, pink, yellow, purple and at the moment blue hair. This is how my hair looks now (photo was taken last Saturday):

Look how much my friends love me hahaha

I hope this post helped you! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave me a comment ;D

So what do you think? Is the granny hair already out of trend or do you still think it’s cool / do you still not like it? haha

I really don’t care what’s trendy at the moment I think you should wear and dye your hair whatever colour you want!

Grey kisses

P.S. White hair is the perfect base for pastell colours which you may know, I was or still am totally obsessed with! Lilac would be my everyday hair colour hahaha


3 thoughts on “Granny Hair – my story and tips

  1. daaaamn weshalb konntest du das nicht einige jahre zuvor posten? Weisst du wie gern ich damals diese haarfarbe gehabt hätte? Haha, btw. Die fotos auf denen du weisse haare hast sind wunderschön<3

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