Floating through summer

Phew long time no see guys! Sorry I’ve been absent on my blog for a couple of weeks I was literally just enjoying summer haha After a suuuper eventful May and June (Fantasy Basel, Vegana Streetfoodfestival, joined a dance and cosplay group, went on vacations twice; proof 1 and 2, went to the Greenfield Festival  and had loooads of photo shootings) July has been a pleasant month so far. Besides working I have only been relaxing at home, spending time with friends and going to my dance group every week!

But it’s nice knowing you don’t have to think of so many things and your weekends are almost always free. August on the other hand will be packed with things until about December, yeehaa! Oh and this week I will only work until Thursday to see Lana Del Rey live at the Moon & Stars Festival *__* my friends and me will be staying in a hotel near the festival and enjoy the weather there 😀 Besides that I’m pretty much busy with the dance group I’m in (we’re called BerryKiss, check it out ;D) because I’m doing all the social media stuff and I still need to learn a couple of dances by heart for an event in October uaagh.

If you wonder what I have been up to this weekend; We had to take advantage of the beautiful weather so I went to two different lakes with two different groups of friends, had a barbecue and even went into the lake having a quick dip into the water although I always try not to get wet or stay in the sun too long. Fun fact: I dislike the sun, because I tan really quick and I don’t like getting tanned hahaha #asianproblems #inkedpeopleproblems


The weekend before I spent most of my time at home chilling and sleeping haha

That’s pretty much it! Just a short life update there will be definitely be more posts up in the next couple of weeks. Alright I will probably go dye my hair (hair dye post will be up soon hinthint), watch some YouTube videos and maybe try to catch some Pokémon hahaha

Sunny kisses


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