Booze, Bruises and Bands: How to survive a festival

Hey guys!
I’m glad I don’t have to speak to you in person because right now my voice is still sounding a bit raspy haha

I’m back from the Greenfield Festival and had such a fun time! Instead of telling you what I did and how it was (well what do you expect me to do at a festival? I was basically  either seeing bands or hung around at the campsite with my friends 😀 ) I will list up a couple of things you absolutely need to pack or should do before going or while being at a festival. After 7 years and more than 15 attended festivals I think I got a bit of experience :p  So let me share my tips with you and thank me later ;D 

Be prepared for the weather

Unfortunately there’s a high chance that the weather at a festival can go from super hot to rain and mud pretty quick. So besides always checking the weather forecast make sure to pack the essentials:
– Sunglasses
– Sunscreen
– A hat
– Raincoat
– Clothes for warm weater (Shorts, tank tops etc.)
– Clothes for cold weather especially in the evening it can cool down, you will probably sleep in a tent so no heating there (Sweater, SOCKS, long pants etc.)
– You think you’re cool only wearing sneakers when it rains? Seriously get a pair of rainboots that go up to your calve or knee. You will feel like Jesus walking over puddles not getting your feet wet and dirty B-)
– Why not bring an umbrella 😀 The more protection the better

Don’t forget to eat and drink enough and always drink responsibly

Sure you want to have fun because you’re at a festival and there’s a loooot of alcohol. But please don’t forget to eat enough during the day and drink something non-alcoholic every now and then. You don’t want to find yourself hanging in a dixi toilet the whole day or puking your heart out somehere on the campsite. Oh and dehydration is a bitch the headache is the worst!

Charge your phone or make up a meeting point with your friends

Especially while bands are playing there’s a high chance you’ll lose your friends in the crowd. I have experienced this the hard way many times. If your lucky enough to have a charged phone with you, try to call them if you’re even luckier they might pick up and can tell you where they are. If their phone is off or has no battery it’s better to make up a meeting point before seeing a band. Or just meet up again at the camping site if you wanted to go back anyways.

Btw if you’re addicted to your phone don’t forget to take a powerbank with you so you can charge your phone at anytime 😀

FullSizeRender 25

Camping essentials

Besides the obvious which are a tent, a good MATTRESS, a warm sleepingbag and maybe a pillow, there are things you will be happy to bring along:

Pavillon, because where are you going to chill when it rains or you want to be in the shades?
Camping seat, it’ the best feeling knowing you ALWAYS have a place to sit B-)
– Earplugs! Besides using it when the music is too loud and you want to protect your ears, you will get a good night sleep not hearing your neighbours and random people screaming around the whole night
–  Portable Speakers: You’re at a festival it’s nice to have a bit of entertainment in form of some nice music while waiting for the bands to play 😀

If you’re in a bigger group someone might want to bring along a table, so you don’t have to put all of your things and food on the ground 🙂

Hygiene – Yeah, that’s a thing at festivals

I mean it used to be cool not showering or just neglect your personal hygiene during a festival, when I was 16. But since I got older I’m happy to  shower at least on one of the days I’m there. And always bring enough underwear and socks with you! Don’t Forget your towel and shower products, a toothbrush (it’s pretty gross not brushing your teeth for 4 days, seriously.) and maybe some wet wipes don’t hurt either 🙂
Oh and if you’re super fancy take a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you!

Don’t give thieves a chance!

Sad but true: There are always some stupid people that go into your tent while you’re away (or while you’re asleep) and steal everything they can. So make sure to keep your most precious belongings near you or locked away at any times! I mean would it be cool for you, if your wallet, your phone, your car/appartment keys get stolen?

Don’t miss your favourite bands with these tipps

There’s nothing more annoying then noticing that you missed your favourite bands because you totally forgot when they’re playing so always keep a up-to-date running order with you and have a watch or your phone with you OR download the festival app if there is one so you’ll be reminded shortly before the bands you wanted to see are playing. Oh and I always save the timetable as my screensaver so everytime I look on my phone I can check the time and the bands without even unlocking my screen or using the internet 😀 #protip

FullSizeRender 23

Avoid arguments with strangers or security

At festivals you will see  sooooooo many people, so many drunk people. Try not to get into arguments with random strangers and don’t be an asshole! Apologize if you bump into someone by accident and seriously number one rule: If you spill someones drink, I’m sorry but you have to pay for it!
Same with security: They want you to throw away your full PET bottle because it’s not allowed inside the festival area? Finish your drink and throw it away, don’t try to discuss it with the poor security guy. His job is already stressful enough so try to be decent.

Check your spendings

While having fun and buying drinks, food and maybe bandmerch don’t forget to check how much you already spent! Unless you have absolutely no problem in spending as much money as you want you’re glad you might check your bank balance every now and then haha It sucks being dependent on your friends because you spend everything you had on the first day!

In the end I can only recommend you to have fun, drink responsible and try to avoid fights, that’s all! 😀 Oh and if you have the luxury: Go by car it’s so much easier and you can take along a ton of stuff without carrying around your luggage and changing trains all the time hahaha


Due to my tight budget I will “only” attend one other festival in Switzerland this year, that is the Zurich Open Air in August 🙂

So how bout you, do you like music festivals? If so are you attending any this year? Let me know in the comments! 😀

Muddy hugs



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