A wild ride through London

Since Europe is so tiny and Switzerland is literally in the middle of it it’s easy to travel to other countries. So after Munich and Amsterdam I visited England again and was staying in London, because heck I love that place! We were super lucky with the weather although we were expecting rain for all four days the rain only showed up on the last day when we headed home. But let me talk about my highlights during our stay in London:


The only downside of my trip was definitely that I didn’t brought enough money to go crazy shopping. Because let’s be honest: London isn’t cheap and the high exchange rate from Swiss Francs to Pounds doesn’t make this fact any better.  But the only place I had to go spent my Money on no matter what had to be the huge Lush Store in Oxford Street. The Lush headquartes are based in England so the products are waaaay cheaper there than buying them back home in Switzerland. I tried to restrain myself so I “only” bought a couple bath bombs and bath melts for me and my best friend (who is also a mad lushie just like me!), a body scrub and a moisturiser.

Other than that I only bought a new wallet and some cool socks from Monki, that’s it! My boyfriend on the other hand bought some shirts, essentials he forgot at home (classic) and a brand new pair of trainers.


Although you would think someone like me who likes the alternative style and some good live music would love Camden Town I do rather dislike this place. Too many drunk people and markets (I hate bargaining with prices I suck at it and I always have the feeling that I’m being ripped off) and some people were kinda rude to us. Every time I go there I feel unsafe, is that weird?

The place I absolutely love to go shopping at and having a drink must be Carnaby Street! It’s absolutely lovely there and it has the coolest stores! 😀


After being pretty disappointed of the little choice I had for food in Amsterdam and some of my friends literally got sick of it I was absolutely looking forward to all the veggie options London had to offer and OMG I definitely didn’t starve there!
First stop was Nando’s Restaurant at King’s Cross which is actually known for their chicken and spicy food. Since I’m kind of a baby when it comes to spicy food I ordered the Veggie Beanie Burger with absolutely no spice. My boyfriend almost couldn’t finish his food because apparently his mouth was burning, although he loves that kind of food!

Omnomnom! Cheeky Nando’s!

The next day we went to Ping Pong which is close to Carnaby street. It was almost too much food but soo yummy! On the third day we wanted to eat something light before we went to the Slam Dunk Festival. So I was looking for a crêpe place I knew from last time somewhere in Liverpool Street. I was kind of disappointed to see that this crêpe place doesn’t exist anymore instead there was a huuge place where you could have brunch. After reading the menu we decided to go in and were positively surprised! The brunch and the smoothie were super delicious everything was fresh and the food came pretty fast after ordering! The place is called Giraffe and it was so good that we went there again the other day.


Slam Dunk

The main reason we went to London wasn’t (only) for the huge Lush store but rather because the Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfields (about 25 minutes away from London with the train). There were a lot of really awesome bands we wanted to see and we were excited what it’ll be like since the festival was on a campus and not on a usual empty field which I’m used to from festivals here in Switzerland.

We got there around 1 pm waiting for the shuttle bus together with a bunch of other people. When we arrived we first got confused on where to go but found it after a couple of minutes just to see WHERE we had to stand in line: I kid you not that was the looongest line I have EVER seen! I couldn’t believe we had to stand in line at least one or even two kilometres away from the entrance haha
After 45 minutes of walking in line (yeah we weren’t standing; the line was constantly moving and actually that’s better than standing on the same place for 15 minutes) we got in and where overwhelmed of how many people were there.

First we had to get a drink after standing in line for so long and after that we started exploring the area. There were 8 (!!) stages for bands to perform three inside and five outside. There were also a lot of merch and food stands. We happened to only see bands that were playing at the Key Club Stage inside and the Atlas Stage outside.

The Line Up was awesome but this made the decision even harder

Actually  I was super excited to see either Panic! at the Disco or Of Mice &  Men who would have ended the festival but were playing at the same time. In the end we were absolutely tired and exhausted of walking around and seeing all the awesome bands so we decided to leave about half an hour before the last bands were playing, oh welp!

Oh if you were interested in what bands I ended up seeing there were Hit the Lights, As it is, Northlane, Memphis May Fire and a bit of Issues and Four Years Strong. Bands we missed due to standing in line or leaving earlier were Trash Boat, Roam, Panic! at the Disco and Of Mice & Men.

I will definitely go there next year with some more friends, geeze the line up was incredible!

Seeing some artsy stuff

Obviously we weren’t just walking around in London without admiring the buildings and the breathtaking decorations in the streets and alleys. Apart from Camden Town, Oxford Street and Carnaby Street I wanted to show my boyfriend the more “artsy” regions, so we went to Liverpool Street. Unfortunately we only went there on the last day so we had to walk around with our suitcase and of course I didn’t have any more money to spend. Which was a shame because there is a really cool Vinyl & CD Store and a lot of Vintage Shops.
And look at this awesome Art on the walls:

I will definitely look for an accommodation here next time.

A little highlight for my tourist’s heart

I’m normally a big fan of the public transport in London especially the tube. But sitting in the tube all day you won’t get to see much of the city.
So after having a drink in a bar in Carnaby Street we decided to take the bus home to our hotel. And not just a regular bus no: We took one of the red double-decker bus that are just as famous as the red telephone booth from England! It took forever because of the traffic and both of us really had to pee but hell it was worth it 😀


This was my 4th time visiting London and I have definitely not seen everything yet. I still need to visit beautiful Brighton one day, ugh so much to see so little time! So if you haven’t been there yet and have enough money to splurge (don’t forget you have to pay for food and transportation too!) go visit London there’s something to do for everyone 🙂

Next week I’ll be at the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken so there will be no post up but I will definitely come back the week after with a special post about festivals ;D

Thank you so much for reading!

Love and hugs



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