Lost in Amsterdam

G’day you guys 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful weekend? I was spending the last three days in beautiful Amsterdam! I was there the 5th time but the first time with the group of friends I usually always hang out with. Besides the bad weather something tragic happened: After five years of having my beloved wallet that was super practical and was already missing a button after a couple of months I lost it with all my cards and my cash yesterday about 20 minutes before we had to catch our train to the Airport 😥 And what sucks a lot is that I have to replace all of my cards as soon as possible because I’m going to London this weekend, ugh!

But anyways it wasn’t all bad in Amsterdam 🙂 okay, the hotel was pretty shitty but we were super central and spend most of time outside anyways.


As always we spend most of our time strolling around the city look for some cool new coffeeshops but ended up in the good old common one: Abraxas.

It’s hidden in an alley at the beginning of the shopping street close to the Forever 21 and after years of re-visiting Amsterdam this is still one of my favourite shops. The staff is super friendly, they offer a wide variety of drinks and greens, the place is pretty big and comfy and the music isn’t too loud. I would have loved to go to the Dolphins Coffeeshop but it takes forever to get there because it’s almost out of central Amsterdam and oh my god that girl that works there is still the rudest person I have ever seen working with customers hahaha We were walking out backwards when she commanded us around and was pissed off that we were moving her chairs because there wasn’t enough space for 5 people, wtf?IMG_8600

Because most of us have already seen a lot of museums and events already there wasn’t too much to do for us, so half of us ended up visiting Bodyworlds and the other half went shopping.

Besides loosing my wallet and all the rain it was a pretty cool weekend in Amsterdam but next time we have to get a better hotel and make sure to look for good and healty restaurants in advance because I have to admit the choice of food there (especially for a vegetarian) was pretty limited :-/

IMG_8611Have you guys ever been to Amsterdam? If so have you been to any parks or museums there?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

So much love


3 thoughts on “Lost in Amsterdam

  1. I’ve been and it was so beautiful! I’m looking forward to going again, especially when we move to Europe. Sorry to hear about your wallet and cards, hope you managed that. x
    Love from your new reader in Ghana!
    PS. Love your hair.

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  2. Oh thank you very much for your lovely comment! 🙂 I’m happy to see how I’m able to reach people across the world since I started writing in English! And I already managed to get most of my cards renewed 😀


    P.S. I just checked out your blog and had to follow right away! Your children are absolutely adorable! *hearteyes*


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