Can you hear the wedding bells?

The weather is getting warmer the sun shows up earlier, people are generally in a better mood than usual: Sounds like the perfect condition for a romantic wedding.
Nah, I’m still here un-married in a happy relationship but we can still play pretend, can’t we? 😉

I finally present to you the beautiful pictures Natasha from Kvntergrau Photography took of me and my handsome groom Manuel I hope you like them because I certainly do!


Btw there might be a “real” couple shooting with my better half somewhen in June I’m really looking forward to that because as you can tell by the pictures above he’s nowhere to be seen! That’s because he’s actually a rather shy guy when it comes to getting his pictures taken.

Maybe these pictures made you want to have an outdoor wedding or you’re still looking for a photographer who will take some really nice pictures of your wedding? Check out Natasha’s homepage she does some pretty awesome work!

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3 thoughts on “Can you hear the wedding bells?

  1. Beautiful photos, you make such a stunning bride!! ❤ I had to laugh about the cow haha it was a bit unexpected, but a fun idea! And the cliff is amazing :)) have a lovely weekend!

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    1. Thank you my dear ❤ Haha I showed my mom these pictures and she asked me "if this cow is real" and obviously it was! Super random but that girl that literally went for a walk with her cow was so nice she even offered me to go on the cows back for the pictures but that was a little bit too much :p
      Have a lovely day :-*

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