Vegan Food, Gaming day and dancing to asian music

Hey y’all!
How was your weekend? Mine was surprisingly productive! Starting with getting up super early on Saturday for the Vegana Streetfoodfestival in Zürich. At 8 AM  I was already at my stand waiting for the people to come to the food festival. Due to the weird weather it only started getting a bit busy at around 9 or 10 o’clock. I was not selling vegan food but drinks such as a vegan matcha soda, water and beer.

“Seicha” the vegan matcha soda

Of course I had to try the soda because I wanted to know what the hell I’m trying to sell to the people.
I never had matcha in a soda form, but the taste of it was quite refreshing although the look is a bit odd haha Seicha was sold exclusively at this festival but will be in bigger convenient stores in Switzerland soon.

In the afternoon my friends came by and I was allowed to leave earlier. In return of me volunteering I received a goodie bag full of vegan and cruelty free products (I even got something from Lush whoop!).

Obviously I had to check out all the food stands and get something to eat because the choice was huge!

Look at the amount of anime figures OMG

After we ate something we went to an Anime&Mange store in Zurich and before I knew I spend all the money I didn’t have on things I actually didn’t need oh Welp!

Before we headed home we got some ramune and japanese snacks from a japanese convenient store in Zurich.

Finally arriving at home my bed was already waiting for me and I ended up accidentally taking a 5-hour nap hahaha

On Sunday a bunch of friends came over for a “Gaming day”. Which included playing cardboard and  Group games  but also video games on the WiiU. We even made some pizza mhh
The day went by so quick before we knew it was dark outside and time for my friends to go home already.

On Monday my roommate and I were going to a dance class for the music Anime Love Live! I have no idea what a group of people is called that re-enacts Dance routines from animes but there are a bunch of people that do this!

It was a lot of  fun and I was surprised how quickly this training was making me sweat oh did I mention I didn’t do any serious sports for 7 years? 😂. I’m definitely looking forward to  the next training and I’m super motivated to learn all the dance routines because there’s already an event where we are going to perform as a group! I will keep you guys updated on that 😉

As you can see I was super busy this weekend and even had a very spontaneous shooting yesterday after work! Speaking of shootings I will finally reveal more pictures of the wedding shooting this week on my blog 😀

Sorry that I didn’t post earlier, but the draft of this post got deleted because apparently I’m an idiot *hidesface*

What did you do on this (extended) weekend? 🙂

Many hugs and kisses




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