Getting married and running around in disguise

It’s Monday again, wow! This week I only had to work two days thanks to a bank holiday in Switzerland. So what have I been doing these last few days? First off I did something.. with my hair. If you follow me on Snapchat you might have seen me having quite a different hair colour than usual. And this is how it looked like:

*drumrolls* My hair was a really nice pink! Due to my grey hair it got a bit metallic but I didn’t mind 😀

FullSizeRender 16
TADAA!! Of course with a Snapchat filter :p

The reason why I dyed my hair pink was for a very exciting shooting!
So guess what: I GOT MARRIED but the groom wasn’t my boyfriend 😮 dun dun dun

Nah just kidding, I was asked to be a model for a wedding shooting as a tattooed bride. My boyfriend (who is also heavily tattooed) didn’t want to pose in front of the camera and was ok with being replaced by a male professional model instead. There’s already a little sneak peak of this shooting but there will be more pictures coming soon that I will feature in a separate post as soon as I get all the photos 😀

Soo romantic :p Picture by Lia Manali Photography

So I spent my Thursday somewhere in the forest and got home in the evening pretty exhausted. But first I had to get rid of my pink hair already after not even 24 hours of having it. Why? Because the next day my friends and me were going to Basel for the Fantasy Basel Convention and I was going as an anime character with blonde hair 😀 If you guys out there ever heard of Attack on Titan, (if you like animes and you haven’t seen it yet CHECK IT OUT)  I was going as Krista 😀 After several washes with anti-dandruff shampoo and a bright yellow hair dye I was rocking blonde hair again 😀

On Friday morning before we left, I had to get up super early to do my laundry because obviously our laundry day had to be on one day were we weren’t at home. After arriving at my boyfriend’s house in Basel we made some finishing touches to our cosplays and of course one of my straps ripped, great. So we had to sew that back on before we could finally leave.
We got on the bus where people were already looking at us and after we walked the last couple of minutes to the convention we could already spot some people in costumes and cosplays. Fortunately we didn’t have to stand in line and got in pretty quick.
Fantasy Basel was great! It was cool seeing so many people in awesome cosplays,  checking out all these different booths and I would have loved to see the cosplay finale but due to the weather and constantly walking around we were too tired to stay until the end 😦
Maybe next time !

Impressions of Fantasy Basel 2016

After my friends left, me and my boyfriend changed into some more comfy clothes and went eating in the city. And since the weather was so lovely we had to sit at the Rhein for a couple of minutes and enjoy the sun shine 😀


IMG_8362 2
We kinda looked like tourists haha

On Saturday I went to the convention again for about an hour to say hi to some friends I have never seen or haven’t seen in a long time 😀 Since the weather was still bomb my boyfriend, his friends and me decided to go to the city grab something to eat and get some drinks for a party we were invited in the evening.


Yesterday on Mother’s Day I slept through the day and was hanging around in bed while my boyfriend went to his sister’s house early in the morning to have brunch with his family. Since I was too tired I stayed at his place and went home later. My mom was too tired to do something because apparently she was out partying the night before so we decided to go grab a coffee another time 😀 So in the evening my roommate, my boyfriend and me watched a movie called “Hush” on Netflix, which was a pretty decent horror movie  and then later we went to bed 🙂

So as you can see there was quite a bit of running around, changing hair colours and a couple events going on. This upcoming weekend will be rather chill and I’m going to a Vegan streetfood festival in Zurich which I am also looking forward to!

How bout you guys? Have you been enjoying the nice weather? 😀

Lots of love,



4 thoughts on “Getting married and running around in disguise

  1. Da haben wir uns glatt um einen Tag verpasst 😀 Ich war am Donnerstag auf der Fantasy Basel 🤗 Wir waren mit unserem Sohn auf der Convention und der hatte gegen Abend dann auch kein Bock mehr deswegen haben wir auch den Cosplay Contest verpasst, aber es waren schon einige Hammer Cosplays dabei! Die Rosa Haare stehen die mega 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh noo, ja am Donnerstag war noch das Shooting sonst wäre ich wohl auch eher dann gegangen :p Und da gab es für euren Kleinen sicher einen Haufen zu bestaunen haha Habt ihr euch denn auch verkleidet? ;D Auf jeden Fall und leider habe ich Hodor von Game of Thrones auch verpasst 😥 Oh und danke dir für das Kompliment :-*

      Ganz liebe Grüsse


      1. Ne ich hatte leider gar keine Zeit um irgendwas zu kaufen oder zu machen, wir hatten aber eigentlich vor als Goku-Familie zu gehen 😀 Ja war noch voll easy mit dem kleinen, es war so witzig als wir ein Foto mit einem Riesen SuperMario gemacht haben (er hat ja ein kleines Kuscheltier) und er konnte den Blick gar nicht abwenden und er nur so 😮 😀 und er hat sich in die Dame vom Perrückenstand mit ner Rosafarbenen Perücke verliebt, hat sich die ganze Zeit nach ihr gedreht und die Hand zu ihr ausgestreckt 😀


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