First weekend look back in English? :o

Hey guys! šŸ™‚

This weekend was quite a lot of running around but in the end pretty chill. Sounds funny, huh?
Alright let’s rewind this weekend real quick:

Friday: After work I had to get ready for a birthday party by two friends who happen to share the same birthday date though one year apart. I already had a present for one of the two but had to get a second present within about half an hour while I was still in the city. I was super desperate because I couldn’t find anything cat-related to my cat-obsessed friend and on top of all Ā that my boyfriend cancelled on me last-minute, so I would have to go alone to the party (which I didn’t mind but I hate last-minute changes of plans!) . Due to my really tight budget this month I couldn’t splurge on anything big, so I got her some cute little things.
At home I had to eat something, get ready, had to pack clothes and my tax documents for seeing another friend the next day andĀ then a friend of mine had to come by and get something. Long story short: I made it on time and had a super fun night. I didn’t expect to stay very long but ended up in bed at 3 am!

No pictures here because I had too muchĀ fun and everything turned out rather blurry haha

Saturday: After waking up several times before 9 am to my super noisy neighbours oh, you know, the usual screaming children in the stairway, slamming doors, people talking super loud outside, our upstairs neighbour moving around furniture, ugh I got up to eat something and continued looking for all the documents I needed to do my taxes, because today I’ll head over to my friend’s house who will help me doing my taxes and then afterwards we will just have a really nice quiet evening.
But first I had to go to a meet up for all the volunteersĀ of the Vegana Street Food Festival in ZĆ¼rich. I’m not a vegan (yet) but I’ve been a vegetarian for the last one and a half years and support vegan for their lifestyle as long as they don’t try to shove it up anyone elses throat haha Anyways, the meet up went faster than expected so I still had time to get a little present for my friend whose birthday was in mid April while she was still staying in Japan for vacation. She’s obsessed with anything japanese or korean, gaming, animes, mangas and black clothing. Oh and she also loves cats! Yes, it seems like I as a dog person am surrounded by cat lovers, but that’s okay because at least my boyfriend and my best friend are rather dog peopleĀ šŸ˜€
So as I got to her house I gave her my gift and she handed me over aaall these things she got from Japan ooomg she’s so cute I can’t *__*

Look at the goodies she got me from Japan! OMG *___*

After doing the boring tax stuff we tried to play Ultra Smash Tennis on the WiiU but unfortunately the controller was low on battery so instead we decided to order a pizza and watch a movie. We ended up watching Hellraiser: Hellworld (which we thought was the first one but it actually is part 8 of the Hellraiser series) and right after that we watched Se7en with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman because I have never seen this movie completely. Both movies were ok, butĀ I’ve seen better ones.
Btw if you got any good film recommendations hit me up in the comments! I like everything Horror, Thriller, Action, Supernatural and Animes or really good animated movies šŸ˜€
It was already super late and due to the tiringĀ weird weather that kept on changing between sunny, cloudy and rainyĀ we went to bed.

Here’s the face that was lying next to me in the morning hahaha

Sunday: I woke up in the middle of the night twice due to my friend’sĀ fridge that made a really annoying buzzing noise so I got up after the third time it happened.

Today my friend wanted to visit the fish exchange market in Winterthur where you could get fish for your aquarium for a reeeeally good price. Ā So of course I had to inform my fish-enthusiastic boyfriend about that and he made the 2 hour drive from Basel to Winterthur just to be stuck in the train for almost 40 minutes.

At the fish market look at them fierce looking people haha

Since we couldn’t wait this long for my boyfriend to arrive we ended up being at the marketĀ super early with her mom together with so many people looking like they are going to elbow anyone out of the way haha
My friend got herself a new fish and some plants and after my boyfriend got there a lot of fish were already sold out since we didn’t have a car he couldn’t buy anything there anyways because the fish would end up being in that “fish bag” for too long. So next time he’ll definitely show up earlier and with a car although he owns way to many god damn fish already .

Pretty tired!

After that we grabbed a coffee at Starbucks, hopped on the train home and almost fell asleep. At home we did the usual: watched some series and ate something. But due to our exhaustion and the lack of sleep we bothĀ decided to take a nap; OUR BIGGEST MISTAKE. We ended up having a 3-hour nap only to wake up and had to make ourselves dinner at 9 pm. Oh welp!

And that’s pretty much it!
Actually I planned on doing a couple of shootings but obviously on the days I’d have time for a shooting the weather decides to get really shitty! But this week surely will be exciting! On Thursday I will shoot something very special and on Friday and Saturday I will be at the Fantasy Basel where I will be wearing a Cosplay šŸ˜€Ā Of course I will documentate that for you!

So now finally to the question: Why the hell is this blog post in English?
I have been thinking about what I want this blog to be and since I follow a lot of English-speaking blogs and YouTubers I thought why not share my posts in English? And trust me I tried translating my posts from GermanĀ to English or use aĀ translator-plugin but this just didnt’ work out for me. So I hopeĀ it’s okĀ for you šŸ™‚Ā Ā This way I can also improve my writing skills a bit šŸ˜›

Lots of love

P.S. There will be a lot of changes the next couple of months regarding the layout, the domain and the categories on this blog and also aĀ lot of new shootings and videos, so stay tuned! šŸ˜€


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